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Flatworld Data Entry Services Case Studies

Flatworld Solutions has a highly experienced Data Entry team that delivers high quality and timely work to customers worldwide. Many customers have benefitted from our services by minimizing expenses and maximizing revenue. We have helped customers reach reduced error rates and fewer mistakes. Experience Flatworld Solutions' data entry services and see ensured growth in business value. Read some case studies of data entry services that we have provided our customers and find out how we can help you with your data management tasks.

Case Study on Database Development for Analytics & Optimization Company

Simplified Work for an Analytics and Optimization Services Company

Flatworld Solutions helped an Analytics and Optimization Services Company collect critical data, review ad clicks and associated costs, and make smarter business decisions.

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Case Study on Job Recruiter Engagement with Flatworld

Job Recruiter Engages with Flatworld for Data Entry

Flatworld Solutions helped a company shortlist right candidates and shorten and streamline their recruitment process time which reduced the burden on the client's recruitment team.

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Built Database for Startups Online Portal

Flatworld Helped a European Startup Build Database for Their Online Portal

Flatworld Solutions created an online portal for a European client which helped them process more requests with fewer operators, in turn improving the user experience and lowering their overheads.

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Case Study on Barcode Data Entry

Barcode Data Entry for a UAE-based Client

Read this case study to know how Flatworld Solutions helped a leading UAE-based company enter 12,000 barcodes per day and successfully host its contest.

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Data Enrichment & Cleansing for US Consulting Firm

Data Cleansing and Enrichment for US-based Consulting Firm

Read on to find out how Flatworld Solutions helped to cleanse and enrich a massive Salesforce database for a US-based consulting firm.

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Case Study on Loan Repayment Data Entry

Migration of Loan Repayment Data Entry for US-based Company

Read on to know more about how Flatworld Solutions helped a US-based lending agency clear its massive backlog of loan repayments by performing accurate data entry and migrating it into Salesforce.

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Case Study on Data Entry for Online Job Portal

Data Entry for Online Job Portal with 98% Accuracy

Read on to find out how FWS helped a client upload more than 2000 user details and profiles to an online job portal with more than 98% accuracy.

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Case Study on Database Creation & Extraction

Database Creation and Data Extraction from 20,000 Documents for a US-based Client

The data entry team at FWS extracted data from more than 20,000 documents and created an expansive database for the same in less than 45 days with 99.5% accuracy.

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Success Story on Bounding Box & Annotation Services

Bounding Box and Annotation Services for 1 Million Images

Data entry team at Flatworld Solutions tagged 1 Million images as a part of Bounding Box and Annotation Services in just 30 days with 100% accuracy exceeding client's expectations.

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Success Story on ePUB MOBI & Conversion Books

ePUB and MOBI Conversion of Books for a European Publishing Company

Data entry team at Flatworld Solutions converted 1,2000 pages of three books about Libya and the Middle East into ePUB and MOBI format with 95% accuracy within just 20 days.

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Data Entry of Geotagged Properties Success Story

Data Entry of Geo Tagged Properties in the US

Data entry team at Flatworld Solutions tagged every US-based commercial property for the digital map application with 90% accuracy, exceeding client's expectations.

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MSDS Data Entry from PDF to MS Excel Success Story

MSDS Data Entry from PDF to Microsoft Excel

Flatworld Solutions helped a Texas-based environmental consulting firm in their analysis by entering large lists of material and safety data sheets from PDF to Microsoft Excel in just 2 weeks!

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Business Needs

Case Study for Order Processing Project

Learn how Flatworld Solutions provided a cost-effective solution through a comprehensive cost analysis to a provider of flooring solutions. Our solution helped identify cost centers and its implications on profits to enable implementation of cost control measures.

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Order Processing Services for a Large BPO

Image Based Order Processing

A large IT & BPO services company was looking for an image based order processing system that could handle on-site, off-site and offshore processing. Our team provided the customer with an automated platform that enabled the customer to improve the quality of orders and reduce costs.

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Data Processing Services

Catalog Data Processing

Flatworld Solutions helped one of the oldest and largest furnishing firms in the US to save 50% cost by outsourcing its catalog data processing to us.

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Outsource Business Journal Indexing

Business Journal Indexing

A U.S. based company wanted to outsource indexing and building catalogs of their existing journal archives. The Flatworld Solutions Data Entry team used a simple process and used our automated software to provide accurate services within a fast turnaround time.

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Outsource Forms Processing Services

Forms Processing

Flatworld Solutions' Data Entry team helped a large timeshare company in the US to achieve reduced error rates, superior quality and cost savings of over 40% through our forms processing solutions.

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E-commerce  Order Processing Services

Order Processing Services

A leading online e-commerce provider needed efficient customer services like order processing, refunds and order tracking. The order processing team at Flatworld Solutions successfully handled their order processing operations and increased the order volumes by 300%.

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Domain Experts

Database Integration Services

Our customer wanted to integrate 250,000 raw XML files into the existing application. The Data Entry team at Flatworld worked with domain experts, qualified domain specific engineers and technical editors. We provided our customer with a revamped website, an increase in the average number of products, customized software and high-quality services.

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Reliable Offshore Partner

Magento e-Commerce Website Update

We updated a Finnish e-commerce website that used the Magento content management system, helping our client improve their site and increase their sales, while saving money in the process.

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Data Mining and Extraction Solutions

Data Mining: Online Ticket Vending Portal

Flatworld successfully performs data mining and data extraction for an Israeli ticket vending portal, helping them save time, money and trouble, leading to a long-term outsourcing relationship.

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Data Management

Contact Information Data Mining

We helped a Swiss client rapidly expand their business by performing exhaustive data mining of the LinkedIn directory for contact information of top level management executives. Not only were we able to provide more than a million valid contacts to the client, but also saved them close to 50% in costs.

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Case Study on Data Mining for Meeting Venues

Data Mining of Meeting Venues for a Finnish Client

Flatworld Solutions helped a Finnish company launch its website before the expected date by providing efficient data mining services with an accuracy level of over 95 percent.

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All-round Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Learn how Flatworld Solutions helped a USA based property dealer expand his business by providing effective property management services for 110 different properties.

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