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Due to the increased use of images in business operations, the process of annotating images has become virtually mandatory. The metadata information supplied by properly annotated images becomes the foundation of many data analysis procedures. However, current employees are often too busy to keep up with image annotation requirements. To help businesses manage all tasks involving this time-consuming process, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) provides customized image annotation services.

Achieving the ability to organize and retrieve images is a key step in effective data and image management solutions. But organizations of all sizes are often too overwhelmed by the volume of both data and images to institute a practical and workable image organization system. To meet these challenges, our data management and image annotation experts can help you streamline the entire process.

Customized Image Annotation Services Offered by Us

Having been in the industry for over a decade now, we understand each and every requirement of the client with ease. We are capable of providing highly customized offsite image annotation services to our global clientele. The key services we offer include -

  1. Image Tagging and Annotation

    Flatworld Solutions annotates images with relevant captions and keywords for easy classification and organization. We help you customize the entire process to include specifying tagging terminology to be used.

  2. Bounding Box and Annotation

    FWS ensures that objects, features, and other elements are easily detected and recognized. We create a pictorial database that enables image analysis and data management.

  3. Tagging Images Captured by Autonomous Vehicles

    Flatworld Solutions implements a tagging algorithm to support images generated from remote sources such as self-driving cars.

  4. Semantic Image Annotation

    FWS tags images using multiple vocabularies specified by the client. This enhances image retrieval for businesses with operations involving different countries and languages.

  5. Image Tagging of Aerial Imagery

    Flatworld Solutions fully supports image annotation encompassing aerial imagery of all kinds. This allows clients to maximize the organization and analysis of aerial images in diverse industries such as real estate and agriculture.

Our Client Success Stories

We have worked with several clients from around the globe and our services have helped all of them to stay ahead of their competitors. Read the following success stories to know how our quality services helped clients meet their business goals -

Created Tags and Bounding Boxes for a Spanish e-com Web Developer

The client was looking for a service provider who could create more than 1,000,000 bounding boxes within 5 months.

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Bounding Boxes & annotation Services for a Client

The client, a leading provider of image recognition technology, wanted us to provide bounding boxes and annotation services for over 1 million images in just 30 days.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Image Annotation Services to FWS

Outsourcing image annotation services to Flatworld Solutions can help you avail the following benefits -

  • Flatworld Solutions has a multilingual image annotation process involving multiple languages so images can be annotated with ease in one or more preferred languages.
  • Flatworld Solutions satisfies advanced and specialized needs involving image annotation and is an ISO certified IT digitization support services provider. This helps to ensure that data management and image annotation processes meet international quality standards.
  • Flatworld Solutions customizes our offsite image annotation services so that image tagging data reflects specific client and industry requirements.
  • Flatworld Solutions offers cost-effective image annotation rates that will help you reduce business expenses.
  • Flatworld Solutions has image annotation and data management experts and over a decade of experience in handling specialized image management projects.
  • Flatworld Solutions provides image annotation expertise across a broad international spectrum of industries. Our client list includes Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Flatworld Solutions enables fast turnaround times for data management and image annotation services by operating on a 24/6 schedule.
  • Flatworld Services is a one-stop solution provider that can handle all outsourcing needs - including data entry, data analysis, data cleaning, and image editing.
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Outsource Image Annotation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions can help you with cost-effective, customized image annotation services and a plethora of other data management services. We have the required expertise to provide automatic as well as manual image annotation services. Our team comprises of the most talented and skilled image annotation experts who are trained to work on the latest tools and technologies.

If you are considering ways to improve how you organize, manage, and analyze images and data, get in touch with us, tell us your requirement and get a FREE quote in 24 hours.

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