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Due to the time consuming nature of the drug discovery process, many research teams and pharmaceutical companies are forced to either rush through their experiments or expand their budgets to accommodate large volumes of data and images that must be processed.

Smaller firms or those on strict budges looking to scale their efforts rapidly, process their research data somehow, but have to ignore image annotation (assigning metadata in the form of captions or keywords to the images taken during research) due to constraints. This creates problems in the later phases of drug discovery, as they are not able to utilize x-ray or crystallography images to their full potential.

Image annotation services provided by Flatworld Solutions can greatly increase your abilities to get the work done quickly and improve the efficiency of your experimentation process. If you are interested in learning more about manual image annotation for your robotic crystallization experiments, talk to one of our pharmaceutical research experts.

Our Manual Image Annotation Services

Flatworld Solutions has developed a reputation for excellence over the years by building a team of pharmaceutical research experts and medical professionals, which is highly experienced in their individual fields. In the case of image annotation, our staff consists of knowledgeable individuals with years of experience in medical research and drug discovery using image annotation.

We keep our staff updated with latest industry trends and best practices, and make them familiar with top-tier technology being used in the R&D industry. To ensure your research is supported as effectively as possible, we use a VPN connection for all data transfers. This protects all incoming and outgoing data transfers and ensures that you have access to all results as soon as they are available, including annotated images and lab reports.

Once we receive your images, our staff begins image annotation process, using a series of manual processes and high-end technology software. Using the following criteria, each image will be scored and annotated to show the possible options for future experiments.

  • Big Crystal(s)
  • Small Crystal(s)
  • Micro Crystal(s)
  • Actionable Precipitate
  • Heavy Precipitate
  • Light Precipitate
  • Phase Separation
  • Skin Formation
  • Bad Drop
  • Bad Image
  • Dirt (Unknown Object)

After the annotation process for the image is completed, we perform a detailed secondary review of all images and compile each result into a single report, which is then provided to you for immediate review.

Choose Flatworld for Your Image Annotation Requirements

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide exceptional manual image annotation services to research teams and pharmaceutical companies around the globe. By outsourcing your image annotation needs to us, you can expedite the process and ensure that your experiments are accurately designed and carried within your budget and predefined time for drug discovery.

Contact Flatworld Solutions today to learn more about our comprehensive crystallography and image annotation services, and its benefits to you.



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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