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Leading UK-based Venture Capital Firm Gets Data Categorization Services from Flatworld Solutions

Case Study on Data Categorization for Venture Capital Firm

Client Profile - A Leading Venture Capital Firm

The client is based in the United Kingdom and helps their customers create new business opportunities and enhance enterprise value.

Client Requirements and Challenges - Support for Categorizing Data

The client wanted data management outsourcing support to categorize in excess of 100,000 international brands. This required identifying URLs on social media platforms and completing data categorization tasks via the client's online tool. The client planned to use the data research to locate new venture capital investment opportunities. Flatworld Solutions (FWS) offered to perform a free quality test prior to finalizing project details.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • Data research tasks were time-consuming.
  • Project complexity was impacted by potential content duplication and multiple URLs for some brands.

The Solution by Flatworld Solutions

The Flatworld Solutions data management specialists developed this solution -

  • After FWS successfully performed a free trial involving 20 brands, the client outsourced 20,000 brands daily to the Flatworld Solutions team that included an account manager and 10 data research specialists.
  • Prior to FWS data categorization, the client provided brand names and associated URLs. The FWS team then completed online data research and identified the official website for each brand.
  • The final task was data entry into a customized spreadsheet.

Final Results - Client Saved 40% by Outsourcing Time - Consuming Data Research

This project illustrates the value of outsourcing complex data management tasks - allowing clients to save both money and time while increasing data entry accuracy. With millions of websites and other data sources to analyze, these assignments often require multiple data categorization experts to complete projects with quick turnarounds.

FWS has a skilled team of more than 150 data research specialists. We have a multilingual team that works with ease in multiple languages - data management projects can be processed in any preferred language. Our high-quality services are ISO-certified, adhere to international guidelines and are EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Flatworld Solutions is a one-stop outsourcing provider. In addition to specialized data management services like data categorization, our international team of experts can help with diverse operational needs such as graphic design, rapid prototyping, invoice factoring and document conversion. With two decades of specialized experience, the FWS team operates on a 24/6 basis that facilitates fast turnarounds when needed. Contact Flatworld Solutions today to discuss our customized data categorization strategies.

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