SGML Conversion Services

SGML Conversion Services

Today information is one of man's most valuable assets. Information is revenue and repurposing data becomes critical to revenue flow. If you are looking for a system and machine independent method of storing large volumes of information then SGML conversion is the way to go. The ease of use and comprehension has contributed to its increasing popularity.

At Flatworld solutions we provide cost-effective data archiving and SGML conversion services with no compromise on quality. Our highly skilled professionals are trained to provide quality outputs according to your requirements. Our objective is to improve the ease and speed of your database by suggesting improvements in design and identifying simple solutions to provide you with quality and functionality.

What is SGML?

SGML stands for Standard Generalized Markup Language. It is an ISO Standard Meta Language which enables one to define markup languages for documents. SGML is widely used to manage large volumes of information that are most likely to be frequently revised and are to be printed in different formats. It was originally designed to enable the sharing of machine-readable documents in large projects. It facilitates text to remain readable after many decades. SGML can be distinguished from other markup languages by the following characteristics:

  • Emphasis on descriptive rather than procedural markup
  • Document type concept
  • Independence from any one system for representing the script in which a text is written

What are the SGML conversion services that Flatworld provides?

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide an entire range of SGML conversion services which include:

  • Text to SGML
  • SGML to HTML
  • SGML to DTD
  • SGML to CD-ROM Publishing
  • SGML to Pagination and Conversions
  • SGML to Storage Media publishing
  • SGML to Storage Media Publishing
  • Implementing software for SGML processing
  • SGML to Excel conversion services
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Why outsource SGML services to Flatworld Solutions?

  • Our SGML conversion services are cost effective
  • We provide SGML conversion services with 98% client compliance and 98% content integrity
  • Outsource SGML conversion to Flatworld Solutions as we guarantee accuracy, quality and quick turnaround time
  • We at Flatworld Solutions perform an analysis of the data provided to ensure no loss of data during the conversion process
  • Our Quality Assurance processes includes random sample checking, proof reading, and computer based consistency checks to ensure the quality of the completed file
  • We at Flatworld Solutions work with authoring styles that are mapped to SGML elements and structures
  • We at Flatworld Solutions use the latest technology and proven methodology to provide expert services. We also consistently upgrade our software, in our efforts to satisfy our clients
  • We respect the confidentiality of your data. Once the project is complete we destroy the original files in its entirety
  • We can provide your organization with customized SGML solutions

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