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Image Search Services

Get access to professional image search services like computer vision, image recognition, and reverse image locating that make your images searchable at prices starting at just $6 an hour

Flatworld Solutions offers a flexible image locating service that ensures your business receives accurate image results. We provide a fast, cost-effective solution for companies seeking image locating services. We enable companies to use photos for scientific, medical, or academic research, maintain image registries, and link to image materials, catalogue images, and more.

We are experts in extensive research on a large number of photos and can find any number of images based on various suggestions from our clients.

Image Search Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is an image search service providing company that takes a unique approach to image locating. Our services include -

  1. Image Locating

    Image Locating

    As a leading image search service provider, we use individual and targeted keywords, as well as other filters and search tools to search for photos and images on the Internet.

  2. Reverse Image Locating

    Reverse Image Locating

    We are a top image search company and use unique images and photographs provided by customers to perform reverse image searches to find images with clear similarities.

  3. Automatic Image Tracking on the Internet

    Automatic Image Tracking on the Internet

    Keep track of where your company's own images appear on the Internet. With our expertise in web crawling and the ability to target specific websites, we provide exceptional image tracking in industries such as automotive, e-commerce, real estate, standards and certifications, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.

  4. Identify and Search by Color

    Identify and Search by Color

    Add color search to your application with our MulticolorEngine, arguably the best color search tool in the world. Use our MulticolorEngine to extract colors from your images, smart tag colors, and enable color searches, all without manual color coding.

  5. Image Verification

    Image Verification

    Verify profile images on social platforms for duplicate and previously tagged images, even if they have been edited.

  6. Viewing and Moderating Images

    Viewing and Moderating Images

    Improve user experience in the travel market and simplify site maintenance by automatically matching affiliate images, removing duplicate photos, and replacing low-resolution images.

  7. Visual Inspection

    Visual Inspection

    Uses image recognition to automate visual inspection, reducing the need for manual intervention in factory settings (such as sorting and identifying large books).

  8. Fraud Detection

    Fraud Detection

    Build your own fraud detection and prevention solutions by identifying images that have been submitted previously, even if they have been modified.

  9. Other Services

    FWS provides a range of services, including image encoding and indexing, image conversion, image data processing, and more.

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Image Search Services to FWS?

Some key reasons to choose our services include -

  • Competitive Prices

    Your business will get the highest-level of templates that our search solution has to offer at a competitive price.

  • Relevant Images

    FWS can collect much more varied, accurate and relevant images than a simple standard search can offer. Our knowledge of the use of keywords, filters, and other modifiers ensures that we can provide photographs and images that exactly match your company's requirements.

  • High-Quality Images

    FWS can further narrow and filter searches to ensure that your business never has to compromise on image standards, ensuring we compare similar photos and always select the best quality option.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Data Extraction for a Management Consulting Firm

Data Extraction Services for a Management Consulting Firm

A well-known management consulting firm was looking for a data extractions service provider. Our team at FWS provided the client with the services within a quick time.

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FWS Provided Data Entry & Tagging Services to a Sports Analytics Firm

Data Entry & Tagging Services to a Sports Analytics Firm

A leading sports analytics company was on the lookout for a reliable data tagging service providing company. Our team helped them with cost-effective services.

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Over the last year, we have found Flatworld Solutions to be a good partner to work with as we grow and continue to execute this successful business strategy.

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Outsource Image Locating Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions offers a range of APIs and solutions for computer vision, image recognition, and reverse image locating to make your images searchable.

Contact us today to learn more about our many images locating options.

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