Outsource Healthcare Data Mining Services

Healthcare Data Mining Services

Make the most of your healthcare data while delivering enhanced service quality and organizational performance with comprehensive data mining services, starting at $6 per hour

Data mining has become increasingly popular in the field of healthcare, and many even consider it essential. Data mining has considerable applications which can benefit the healthcare industry, allowing insurers to detect fraud and abuse, make customer-sensitive decisions, identify path-breaking treatments and best practices, while ensuring patients receive affordable and world-class care.

At FWS, we offer cutting-edge healthcare data mining services which promise extremely high level of accuracy, on-time deliveries, enhanced confidentiality and cost-effective business processes for healthcare providers as well as insurers. We employ a crack team of data scientists who leverage tried-and-tested data extraction techniques which ensure you get the best quality healthcare data mining services for all your requirements.

Our Healthcare Data Mining Services

Flatworld is one of the leading healthcare data mining service providers in the world and has 20 years of industry experience when it comes to providing quality healthcare services. Our healthcare data mining solutions are designed from the ground up to support healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, R&D organizations, while enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs at the same time. Our services include -

  1. Web Data Extraction Services

    Web Data Extraction Services

    Our healthcare data mining solutions include specialized data extraction techniques performed by skilled data engineers. This allows us to compile relevant data from multiple sources while preserving the quality and accuracy of the data.

  2. Document Processing Services

    Document Processing Services

    Our team can analyse your patients' online and offline healthcare reports, in-patient profiles, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), imaging databases, examination reports, doctor diagnosis, immunization history, etc., and create secure databases which allow you to crunch the data and check progress immediately and on a real-time basis.

  3. Healthcare Data Annotation Services

    Healthcare Data Annotation Services

    Our healthcare data annotation services are extremely vital for organizations looking to automate their processes and improve their legacy processes. By utilizing techniques such as semantic segmentation, polygons, bound boxes, etc., we conduct a thorough contextual analysis of your raw data, including records and biomedical images, to ensure diagnosis can be automated.

  4. Data Aggregation Services

    Data Aggregation Services

    Medical data, when cleaned and processed thoroughly, can be exceptionally useful for your business purposes. We collect and synthesize the latest updates from across the healthcare industry and other data points as requested by you to analyse, collate, and summarize the data and organize them in a centralized database. This database then serves as a knowledge center for cohesive, organized, and shareable information on biomedical data.

  5. Data Mining Support for AI/ML

    Data Mining Support for AI/ML

    Our data mining experts can study all forms of collected data and establish patterns which can easily identify data errors such as outliers, deviations, and unusual data points. This allows you to clean up your data and leverage the same for predictive models which can in turn train your healthcare-related AI and ML algorithms.

  6. Data Relationship And Link Analysis

    Data Relationship And Link Analysis

    Our team of data analysts leverage intelligent link analysis tools to evaluate data connections. This allows us to trace and draw relationships for healthcare entities while revealing transactional relationships on a daily basis. This allows you to understand extremely fraudulent behaviour and create flags for the same.

Based upon your needs, we customize our services allowing you to benefit from several applications of our healthcare data mining services. These include -

  • Optimizing bed allocations in hospitals
  • Managing operation theaters and their efficient utilization
  • Enhancements in emergency-response system throughout the hospital
  • Streamline human and material resources involvement and usage
  • Respond to staff and in-patient experience in the hospital environment
  • Detect outbreaks and take precautions before they go out of hand
  • Predict admissions, oversee patient recovery curves, and curb mortality rates
  • Maintain security and confidentiality of patients and personnel information
  • Verify insurance claims for medical procedures
  • Enhance your R&D department through smarter predictive models
  • Uncover medical insurance fraud before it hurts your bottom line

Flatworld's Data Mining Techniques

We use the following core data mining techniques to solve the issues being faced by our healthcare clients -

  • Data Relation

    We make it our priority to figure out correlations between two or more sets of data which allow our data scientists to identify patterns. This is useful for cases where you want to perform predictive analytics, figure out patient purchase patterns, and create better in-patient experiences.

  • Data Clustering

    We help group solitary information which in themselves are of no use, and mark them with larger attributes. This is called clustering the data, and it allows you to perform better diagnosis for your patients. Patients can now be grouped into data sets based upon symptoms, allowing you to closely analyse and suggest remedial action.

  • Data Classification

    We help to create a story where none exists by describing multiple attributes in a logical order, thereby allowing to better classify your entire medical management systems and their efficiency.

  • Data Prediction

    This is one of our hallmarks and is extremely powerful if used well. Data prediction allows you to understand where your medical business is heading, help avoid fraud before it happens, and vastly adds to your bottom line.

Our Healthcare Data Mining Process

For FWS, delivering exceptional data mining services for healthcare clients has always been about focusing on the basics - better data consistency, enhanced accuracy, and coherency. Our 4-step process is designed from the ground up keeping the needs of our clients in mind.


01. Data Selection

Once a client approaches us with a project, we begin by identifying the particular problem or goal so that our processes remain aligned with the client objectives. We create an aggregate target data set from the available standard ones before starting with the discovery process. Performing this step so early in the project ensures the data and the information available in the target set now is verified, making the next steps much more easier


02. Dataset Pre-processing

Our team of data experts work on strategies to fix missing sets of information in the target data, clean it up and remove noise, inconsistencies, and time-sequence issues. This ensures the data is readily available for transformation as per our client requirements


03. Data Transformation/Mining

We begin by transforming the data points into forms which can then be mined through smoothening, aggregation, normalization, etc. We then begin to figure out valid information, exclude data that seems impertinent to the questions on hand, ignore values that fall outside our created boundaries, and eliminate every bit of redundancy so as to finally extract the required information


04. Data Reporting

Once we have generated all the requested data and processed it as per the client requirements, we lay down the result of the data models in an easy to comprehend and qualifiable format. We make sure to highlight every pattern, correlation, and relationship, and inspect the same using a variety of parameters. This ensures at the end we are left with qualified, crucial, and only relevant information. The final knowledge base is then complied together and presented to the client

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Healthcare Data Mining Services to Flatworld Solutions?

The 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was crucial as it pushed a lot of healthcare and insurance providers to adopt EMRs. With 80% of hospitals and physicians using EMRs in the USA, there is a wealth of data available at hand which can be mined for valuable information. This is where Flatworld steps in with its expertise and its team of eminent data scientists.

Some of the key benefits of partnering with us for healthcare data mining services include -

  • Improved Patient Care

    Proper data mining can speed up the medical diagnosis process for your patients and help in developing an instantaneous response system. This, in turn, helps you conduct a detailed investigation of all healthcare symptoms, causes, suggested treatments, likely outcomes, and patient behavior, among others.

  • Streamlined Hospital Management

    Data mining allows you to identify high-priority and at-risk patients, allowing you to create reactive treatment plans, approximate for mortality rates, and ensure your hospital management system can allocate resources in a better manner after predicting overall need, usage, and urgency.

  • Prevent Misuse

    In addition to creating value for your patient care, our healthcare data mining services allow you to reduce prescription drug misuse. This is done by finding patterns and noticing trends in patient behaviour, tracking patient treatment progress, and analysing transactions in your pharmacy.

  • Predicting Patient Behaviour

    Our healthcare data mining services facilitate the recognition of anonymized datasets and their interpretation. This aids your team in performing hidden pattern investigation, providing you with an in-depth idea about how patients interact with your on-ground team to improve the service level quality at a granular level.

  • Automating Healthcare Services

    We help to bring in significant automation-based improvements by leveraging machine learning model which receive your healthcare data. This allows you to forecast accurately, enhance capabilities of your medical IoT, speed up lab results, prioritise health tracking in patients, etc.

  • Detecting Unlawful Activities

    We perform deep dataset analysis to identify patterns that can help detect unlawful activities such as fake referrals, fraud claims for insurance, forged prescriptions, counterfeit purchase history, etc.

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As the healthcare industry becomes segmented and providers start gravitating towards value-based care, healthcare organizations must leverage advanced strategies which can improve the transparency of their processes and ensure better customer satisfaction. At FWS, we firmly believe we are poised to disrupt the industry on your behalf, allowing you to successfully leverage data mining techniques which can improve your data quality, pricing, and provide outcomes to significantly gain an edge over your competition.

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