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The Customer

One of our customers wanted us to help them achieve their goals within a short turnaround time. We helped this customer by providing efficient database integration services.

The Challenge

Vital information related to the products, properties and attributes, processes, inventions and discoveries, industries, as well as library-related data were to be maintained in the form of cards in these databases. The method of implementing a solution and development approach both played equally important roles in the success of the solution.

The project was to cover 250,000 companies across industries. However the complete information about each of these companies was unavailable. The existence of duplicate records was also a major concern. Regular refreshing of the database had to be done to maintain accuracy to the highest degree. This gave rise to the need of a sizable value addition to the existing taxonomy.

The Project

The project dealt with the need to integrate 250,000 raw XML files with the existing applications. The strategic objectives covered several aspects such as:

  • Quality level of the product data needed to be enhanced from 30% to 90%
  • Product input per company was to be increased from 2.5 to 10 on an average
  • The validity of the existing company information was to be checked and updated if necessary
  • Products were to be generated from the company's websites
  • Products were to be matched with customer database
  • Augmented taxonomy was to be created

The Solution

Immediately, Flatworld Solutions put its qualified team consisting of domain experts, qualified domain specific engineers and technical editors to work with regard to this project. With the help of Flatworld Solutions' excellent training regarding quality norms, our implementation team was able to work with a 90% quality level which was maintained throughout the course of the project.

A more effective and informative website was provided to the customer. The number of products was raised from 2.5 to 10 on an average. About 40 products for more than 1000 companies were collected. Customized software was also developed by the development team to simplify the processes. 70 newly recruited people were trained in 15 days to improve the outcome of the project.

The Results

The improvised website was more user-friendly and had a simplified approach to it. Flatworld Solutions gave a quality of over 95% as against the customer's requirement of 90%. The customer received excellent benefits from the customized software with regards to the project. The overall quality and quantity aspects of the project was enhanced. Within the scheduled one week Flatworld Solutions was successfully able to complete the assignment.

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