Book Conversion Services

Book conversion services involves the conversion of printed books into e-books i.e. conversion of data from physical pages into electronic files. Tons of documents and books which occupy lots of space can be stored and distributed easily, methodically, concurrently and effectively. Furthermore e-publishing is far more cost-effective than its ink and paper counterpart.

Make your books readable on various mediums such as desktop computers, laptop computers or palmtop computers!

Why should you outsource book conversion services to Flatworld Solutions?

For those of you who own a library or a publishing house and are looking to cater to the demands of your ever-growing readers, Flatworld Solutions offers to convert your valuable books, magazines, journals, research papers and articles into an esteemed e-library or an e-publishing store. At nominal prices and within petite timelines we offer to digitize books in your existing offline book store and transform it into an online book store. At Flatworld thorough professionalism, we guarantee the precise replication of substances including text and graphics.

Outsource book Conversion services to Flatworld Solutions to get listed amongst one of the biggest digitized book stores and feel the difference!

Flatworld's array of book conversion services

At Flatworld Solutions, we handle electronic book conversions from various formats like MS Word, Quark, Frame Maker etc. A trained and talented group of professionals are willing to provide the following services -

  • E-publishing conversion services
  • E-book conversion services
  • E-journal conversion services
  • E-zine conversion services
  • E-research paper conversion services
  • E-brochure conversion services

Flatworld's conversion methodology

At Flatworld, we follow a methodic process in digitizing books from any hard copy source. The book conversion process includes the following phases -

  • Scanning
  • Image Deskew
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Mainline text cleaning
  • Styling and Proofing
  • Electronic file conversion
  • Editing and Completion

The final converted files can be delivered in formats like PDF, HTML and XML.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Advantages of using Flatworld's book conversion services

  • Experience an all new, complete and thorough digitization of your books
  • Decrease the amount of time and capital spent on maintaining your existing hard copy material
  • Increase the chances of book circulation through simultaneous readability access to your readers via an e-library
  • Boost the longevity of your valuable books by digitizing them rapidly and effectively
  • Get full value for money through assurance for precise conversion of text and images whilst maintaining the quality of both
  • Experience our reliability, punctuality and professionalism and feel the difference in an all new plane of customer satisfaction

In case you are looking to spend less time and money maintaining your library, increase your book-circulation revenue or condense your hardcopy material, Flatworld would be your ideal outsourcing partner.

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