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As more businesses switch to digitized data entry, many documents continue to be available only in a non-digital form such as manual invoices, insurance claims, and other paper records. Whenever data needs to be compiled from non-digital sources that do not involve the Internet, offline data entry is required. Whether the data management process involves offline or online data entry, a fast turnaround is usually desirable because the next step cannot be taken without the initial data entry

Timely completion of business operations like the invoicing process depends on how quickly data entry requirements are fulfilled. To meet these challenges, you can streamline the process by shifting offline data entry tasks to offline data conversion services specialists at FWS. Organizations of all sizes can fulfill their data research and management requirements by outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions - our teams work 24/6 on offline and online data entry assignments.

Customized Offline Data Entry Services We Offer

Outsource offline data entry services to FWS because we help businesses to manage critical and time-consuming data entry tasks, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) provides seven cost-effective offline data entry services which includes -


Offline Data Capture and Data Collection: Our data specialists capture and enter offline data in a format designated by the client


Offline Entry from Mailing Lists and Image Data: We record image-related, mailing list data


Offline Entry and Processing of Forms, Receipts, and Invoices: FWS expedites offline data entry of e-books, offline data entry of catalogs, and invoices by entering and processing data without the internet


Offline Content Conversion: Our team converts information from and to desired document formats


Offline Entry for Insurance Claims and Legal Document: We undertake specialized offline data entry of database for legal, insurance and other requirements


Offline Entry for Catalogs, Labels, Business Cards, URL Lists and E-books: We compile and update product catalogs with data, description, and image. Our team also processes offline data entry from any other sources required by the client


Offline Data Entry Involving Multiple Foreign Languages: Flatworld Solutions offer multilingual offline data entry services that can help you expedite preparation of documents involving multiple languages

Offline Data Entry Process Flow We Follow

Our process flow involves the most efficient and well-structured method that ensures great satisfaction in terms of cost and quality. It is our USP to keep clients returning for repeat business.

Here are the steps we take to streamline the process from initial to final stages -

FWS Accepts Variety of Input Data 1

FWS accepts input data from a variety of available sources that includes hard copies, handwritten documents and scanned images

Data Entered in Client Requested Format 2

Data is then entered into a client-requested format such as database programs, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents

Multiple Quality Checks 3

Multiple quality checks are performed and any errors are corrected

Data Delivered to Client 4

After final versions of files are saved into an editable format, data is delivered to the client

Benefits of Choosing Flatworld's Offline Data Entry Services

You can save big on expenses when you outsource tasks to FWS because otherwise establishing a dedicated in-house team and infrastructure for carrying out offline data entry can result in significant overhead cost.

Top reasons why our clients choose us are as follows -


Flatworld Solutions offer offline data processing services that go beyond typical offline data entry service offerings - examples include data verification and indexing records


At Flatworld Solutions, we structure data using multiple sources whenever required by combining data mining with records, forms, payrolls, lists, and images


Flatworld Solutions is ISO-certified and has 20 years of outsourcing experience working with 11,000+ clients which includes many Fortune 1000 companies - we always combine high-quality data entry services with cost-effective rates


Flatworld Solutions ensures security and confidentiality of data - we adhere to non-disclosure agreements and meticulous security protocols that are in accordance with international and industry best practices


Flatworld Solutions has multilingual data entry specialists who can complete offline data entry for documents such as invoices that involve one or more foreign languages


Flatworld Solutions has a team of data management experts that provide data entry services on a 24/6 schedule - enabling fast turnarounds

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Outsource Offline Data Entry to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of offline data entry services in India with many global offices to cater to larger client base. Our 20 years of industry experience in data management solutions have been the reason behind several client's success stories. The Flatworld Solutions data management team can handle offline and online data entry projects of all sizes from our delivery centers or as an extension of your team - our offline data entry team handles millions of documents annually. When you partner with us, we assure faster turnaround, cost-effective pricing and high-quality outsourcing services for all aspects of the data management process. Read the case study to learn how Flatworld Solutions Provided Offline Data Entry Services to a Health & Care Quality Improvement Company.

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