Outsource Bounding Box Annotation Services

Bounding Box Annotation Services

Train your autonomous vehicles and other computer-aided technologies with our high-quality bounding box annotation services. We make object localization seamlessly easy at prices starting at $6/hour

Computer vision applications are the face of new technology, and bounding box annotation is the best and the most reliable way to ensure precise object detection and recognition. It allows companies to train AI and machine learning models to detect and localize objects using visual search technology. At Flatworld Solutions (FWS), we offer comprehensive bounding box annotation services to help a wide range of machine learning and AI-oriented companies annotate all types and sizes of images and formats, making it seamlessly easy for computers to detect and recognize varied objects just like humans.

Leveraging leading-edge software and best-in-class tools and technologies, our bounding box annotation experts proficiently draw and label 2D bounding boxes around all necessary objects in your images and videos to ensure easy recognition and categorization. While doing so, they assure the highest quality services with maximum accuracy and excellent image annotations - ones that pass through multiple stages of auditing and quality checks.

Our Bounding Box Annotation Services

Flatworld Solutions is a premium bounding box annotation services providing company offering global quality image annotations to both its national and international clients. With over 20 years of rich industrial experience, we have established a benchmark in providing expert and result-oriented services that ensure quality, speed, and accuracy. Powered by a team of highly experienced and rigorously trained image annotation experts, we use industry-best tools and technologies to annotate images of all types and shapes, making them easily recognizable for machines and computer vision.

Our expert bounding box annotation services include -

  1. Geo-Tagging Services

    Geo-Tagging Services

    We can help you identify and add precise global positioning to your website, videos, and photos, allowing your images to synchronize with geotagging applications like Google Maps and Google Earth. Our geo-tagging services also help you to expertly depict the place and location of when and where a particular image was captured to facilitate quick image browsing.

  2. Multi-label Classification Services

    Multi-label Classification Services

    We can help you to impart multi-label annotations to images and pictures to ensure the seamless labeling of objects into their specific categories. This allows computer vision to recognize different objects when they are present together in one single image.

  3. Object Localization Services

    Object Localization Services

    We can tag vehicles, pedestrians, signals, and other objects on the road to help autonomous vehicles identify, classify, and localize them to steer clear of crashes and accidents while moving on busy streets.

  4. Image Detailing Services

    Image Detailing Services

    Our expert annotators also provide comprehensive assistance to display images through multiple angles and views to help computer vision understand the object's height, width, shape, depth, rotation, and relative positioning.

  5. Text Translation Services

    Text Translation Services

    By enabling image-based text translations for search engines, we simplify the machine learning process during multiple language scenarios.

  6. Image Retrieval Services

    Image Retrieval Services

    Our experts can also help you retrieve images by matching queries with their corresponding annotations.

Benefits Of Bounding Box Annotations

Touted as one of the most popular and recognizable image annotation methods, the bounding box technique allows the successful and easy classification of objects for computer vision. Some of the far-reaching benefits of bounding box annotations include -

 Seamless object localization for autonomous vehicle driving
 Easy detection of products and services bought by other customers during e-commerce or online retail
 Detection of vehicle damage during accidents for hassle-free insurance claims
 Identification of indoor objects to learn about items in a room, their dimensions, and position
 Quick and accurate detection of objects from robots and drones point of view

Our Bounding Box Annotation Process

As a premium bounding box annotation service provider, we at Flatworld Solutions provide customized image labeling, annotation, and tagging services to help companies of all sizes successfully label, organize, and retrieve a large volume of data and images easily and effectively. Our customized terminology and robust data and image management procedures can help you simplify and streamline your entire image annotation process for superior machine learning.

Our step-by-step approach includes -


Team Meet

Our bounding box annotation process starts only after thoroughly understanding your requirements, evaluating your needs and goals, discussing the action plan, and establishing the timelines for successful project completion

Creating a Strategy

We then set up our team and get down to creating a fool-proof strategy for the quick, effective, and timely completion of the project. We customize our codes, terminologies, and image management procedures to suit your needs

Project Execution

Based on your requirements, our expert bounding box annotators then filter, sort, and analyze your data and group them into different categories. They then draw bounding boxes on your images to classify and localize them to help the computer detect and understand different objects within the image

Quality Analysis

Every annotated image undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure the accuracy of the imparted codes


The images are then finally delivered to the client through our secure portals

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Bounding Box Annotation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of bounding box annotation services in India and abroad. We have years of experience in providing holistic, result-oriented solutions and services to our clients across the world. Our premium, high-quality image annotation services expertly fit the needs and requirements of industries of all types and sizes and can help them resolve all their image annotation challenges almost instantly. Our expert annotators use precise image capturing tools and technologies to provide best-in-class services that meet even the most stringent quality standards.

Outsourcing bounding box annotation services to us can help you enjoy -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    Our expert services are available at extremely affordable prices. Our cost-effective prices help our clients minimize their overall data labeling costs.

  • Complete Data Safety and Security

    Our encrypted servers and secure protocols ensure the utmost protection of your business data. Nothing is ever shared with anyone without your prior consent.

  • Hassle-Free Access to Certified Experts

    With us, you get to work with the best talent in the industry. Having years of experience and deep domain knowledge, our seasoned data annotators offer the best-quality services and result-oriented image annotations for excellent results.

  • Fully Scalable Solutions

    We tailor our services as per your specific needs and requirements. Our customized solutions allow you to scale our services to meet your company's growing needs and demands.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Our dedicated project managers act as your single point of contact. With complete knowledge about your project, its timelines, and delivery status, they help you create a seamless connection with our team.

  • 24/7 Support and Service

    Our customer service executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our round-the-clock working professionals ensure instant availability and timely resolution of all queries and concerns.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    With us, you never have to worry about your data annotation tasks. Through expert solutions and services, we take expert care of your bounding box annotation process, so that you can focus on things important for the success of your business.

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Outsource Bounding Box Annotation Services to Flatworld Solutions

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