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Both large and small organizations have to deal with a certain volume of data transmission on a daily basis. Since organizations have to constantly modify and update data while business applications networks connect customers, vendors, employees, and others involved in the business chain, companies require quality directory services. Outsource directory services to Flatworld Solutions and we will help your organization deal with the constant changes occurring in your business and work environment.

A directory is a set of applications that stores and organizes information about network users and resources. It also enables network administrators to manage users' access to the resources. Outsource to Flatworld Solutions and get access to professional directory management services.

Why Outsource Directory Services to Flatworld Solutions

  1. Flatworld Solutions directory services will impeccably integrate functions and share information between organizations
  2. The networking directory standards have evolved to comprise of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Microsoft's Active Directory and the Novell Directory Services (NDS). Flatworld Solutions can cater to any of these platforms in any industry
  3. Your directory service interface will act as a central authority that can securely authenticate the system resources managing the directory data
  4. The directory service will be highly optimized by Flatworld Solutions for reads and will provide advanced search possibilities on many different criteria for any number of items in the database
  5. You will also be offered a range of open-source tools to create customized directory services for your company
  6. Additionally, Flatworld Solutions offers Meta directories. Meta directories help to compile information and offer it from other directories
  7. You can also opt for an integrated LAPD directory to access information from both within and outside the company

With Flatworld Solutions' expertise and experience there will be a constant, smooth flow of communication between millions of network users.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions

  • Flatworld Solutions will work with you closely to understand your business profile and your requirements
  • With a dedicated and professional team, the work will be executed within the confines of your format
  • Online directories can be created by converting any application format as and when required
  • A 90-days backup service will be taken care of by a responsible and professional operator
  • Security measures are strict to ensure a secure working environment for your networking
  • High-quality with no errors at a low-cost will ensure the profitable success of your business
  • Flatworld Solutions has worked with a diverse range of clients and our experience enables us to handle these services for any industry with any range of requirements

With a reputation to maintain, in the outsourcing business, Flatworld Solutions will take your organization to a higher level of productivity and success. All you need to do is outsource to us.

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