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Many companies use multiple databases, some of which are based on legacy designs and formats that are not fully compatible with current best practices and technology. The lack of coordination among all databases can quickly result in errors and confusion for users who cannot easily access the most current information regarding patients, customers, employees, suppliers, and prospects.

To meet these challenges, our team of directory experts at Flatworld Solutions can help you streamline the data management process. Our international data research and management team makes it practical and cost-effective for you to obtain high-quality directory services. By outsourcing directory services to a reliable third-party service provider like us you can avail significant benefits time and cost wise.

Customized Directory Services We Offer

In a business world that is increasingly data-driven, the way in which data is organized and stored can have an immediate impact on operations throughout a business enterprise. To help businesses manage all tasks involving database and directory management, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) provides six customized directory services by following a lightweight directory access protocol which includes -

  1. Create Databases and Directories - We establish well-structured directories that organize your information. Our team can enable your capability to document data about network users and manage user access to database resources
  2. Update Directories and Databases - We perform all steps required to keep databases and directories compatible with current technology and best practices
  3. Convert Databases and Directories from Legacy Formats - Flatworld eliminates incompatibilities between databases with a complete conversion from legacy formats and designs to state-of-the-art directories and databases
  4. Data Cleaning and Management of Existing Data - We enable better data management with multi-step data cleaning process that identifies inconsistencies, duplicate records, and errors
  5. Data Research for Directory Services - We conduct data mining and research to compile information needed to create and update databases
  6. Merge Data in Multiple Directories and Databases - FWS merges multiple databases and directories to streamline data management and reduce errors while accessing data. Our team creates customized database directory services by incorporating open-source tools

Directory Services Process Flow We Follow

A highly disciplined approach towards problem assessment and solution development has brought us the reputation that is unmatched. We follow a straightforward process along with Novell directory services to enable our clients to easily understand every stage of the process without ambiguity.

The process steps we follow includes -

Obtaining Database

Obtaining the database or directory

Data Transcription

Transcription of data into the preferred client format

Comprehensive Quality Checks Performed

A comprehensive quality check is performed to capture and rectify the errors

Save Final Directory in Desired Format

Saving final directory in a format that can be edited and delivered to the client

Section Editing

Editing the sections that require change and finalizing the change

Benefits of Choosing Flatworld's Directory Services

When you are exploring how to outsource directory services, please keep these seven FWS benefits in mind -

  1. Flatworld Solutions is a one-stop global outsourcing company that can handle all your data management needs in one place - including data entry, directory services, data processing, and research services
  2. We have multilingual data management specialists who can handle all directory and database tasks involving information in foreign languages. Our team can meet translingual requirements for translating documents such as invoices from one language to another
  3. We are an ISO-certified IT digitization support services provider who ensures that directories, databases, and data management processes meet international quality standards
  4. We have a skilled team of data management experts with two decades of experience in handling specialized database and directory services projects
  5. We offer cost-effective directory services rates that will help you improve your bottom line while improving how your data is organized
  6. Flatworld Solutions employs secure web servers and FTP uploads, Microsoft active directory, virtual private networks and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements. Our team adheres to strict data security protocols during all phases of directory and database services
  7. Flatworld Solutions has a client list that includes Fortune 1000 companies. We provide high-quality directory services with 24/6 operations and quick turnarounds
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Outsource Accurate Directory Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions can help organizations of all sizes when you need specialized data entry services. We can help you create new business leads, focus on core business processes, improve data search results and eliminate data storage bottlenecks. Ours is a 12-year old enterprise offering directory services in India with global offices around the world. Our team is well-experienced and adept at latest technology housed at our delivery centers. Partnering with us can help you obtain promising results.

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