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Data cleansing, also better known as data scrubbing or data cleaning mainly involves identifying and removing errors and inconsistent data in order to improve the quality of the data. Data inconsistencies exist in single data collections, such as files and databases. The main reasons for bad quality of data can be incorrect spellings during data entry, invalid data, missing information, etc.

Data cleansing is an important task for every organization. It is important that the right data is used, cleaned and analyzed to make the best possible business decisions. Undoubtedly, during the data scrubbing process, one is bound to experience several problems and one has to find a way to tackle all these shortcomings. In this article we have to list some of the modern day problems encountered during data cleansing and how these problems can be solved.

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Data Cleansing: Problems and Solutions

It is more important for any organization to have the right data as compared to a large data set. Data cleansing solutions can have several problems during the process of data scrubbing. The company needs to understand the various problems and figure out how to tackle them. Some of the key data cleaning problems and solutions include -

  • Data is never static

    It is important that the data cleansing process arranges the data so that it is easily accessible to everyone who needs it. The warehouse should contain unified data and not in a scattered manner. The data warehouse must have a documented system which is helpful for the employees to easily access the data from different sources. Data cleaning also further helps to improve the data quality by removing inaccurate data as well as corrupt and duplicate entries.

  • Incorrect data may lead to bad decisions

    While operating your business you rely on certain source of data, based on which you make most of your business decisions. If the data has a lot of errors, the decisions you take may be incorrect and prove to be hazardous for your business. The way you collect data and how your data warehouse functions can easily have an impact on your productivity.

  • Incorrect data can affect client records

    Complete client records are only possible when the names and addresses match. Names and addresses of the client can be poor sources of data. To avoid these mistakes, companies should provide external references which are capable of verifying the data, supplementing data points and correcting any inconsistencies.

  • Develop a data cleansing framework in advance

    Data cleansing can be a time consuming and expensive job for your company. Once the data is cleaned it needs to be stored in a secure location. The staff should keep a complete log of the entire process so as to ascertain which data went through which process. If a data scrubbing framework is not created in advance, the entire process can become repetitive.

  • Big data can bring in bigger problems

    Big data needs regular cleansing to maintain its effectiveness. It requires complex computer data analysis of semi-structured or structured and voluminous data. Data cleansing helps in extracting information from such a big set of data and come up with some data which can be used to make certain key business decisions.

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