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Are you looking for an outsourcing partner that can help you realize your vision for your business? You may be looking at outsourcing as a strategy to maximize customer satisfaction. Or you may want to leverage specialized expertise to help fuel your growth. Whatever your objective, Flatworld Solutions can provide customized services that fits your exact requirements.

Flatworld Solutions leverages sophisticated technology to provide indexing services to global clients. We provide exceptional services at minimized costs. With us taking care of the non-core areas, you can turn your attention towards building core competencies. This can be a powerful way to gain a competitive edge in the market.

The need to outsource indexing services

To enhance usability, information needs to be organized and categorized. One way to do this is by ensuring that all your documents are indexed. Indexing helps create a guide for the document. A user-friendly index not just includes the words used in the document, but also cross references to terms that the reader usually looks for.

Different businesses may need to outsource indexing services for different kinds of documents. These can include instruction manuals, journals, permanent records, legal case files, catalogs, parts lists, and databases. When you leverage Flatworld Solutions' specialized expertise, you are assured of best in class service and quick turn around times.

In addition to data indexing services, we also offer solutions for the archival of past documentation. Our archiving services help convert existing paper documents into a digital format. This enables users to quickly search for relevant information.

Flatworld Solutions offers a range of indexing/archiving services:

  • Full profile and text indexing
  • Cataloging and publishing of CD-ROMs
  • Data backup and duplication
  • Document conversion

When you outsource book indexing services to us, you can divert your own precious resources to more value creating tasks. This can help you increase your responsiveness to changing market conditions. It can also help maximize customer satisfaction.

Benefits of outsourcing indexing services to Flatworld Solutions

Outsourcing indexing services to Flatworld Solutions has many advantages. We can help you:

  • Leverage trained personnel and sophisticated technology: Outsourcing book indexing services to Flatworld Solutions gives you access to trained personnel that you may not have in-house. In addition, when you outsource document indexing services to us, you can leverage our cutting-edge equipment without having to make any additional investments. This optimum mix of people and technology helps you get great results at minimized costs
  • Get quality results: When you outsource data indexing services to Flatworld Solutions, you can leverage our specialized capabilities to turn around projects within short deadlines. Our end-to-end solution comprises of a rigorous Quality Control (QC) check. This ensures that the final output meets all quality criteria
  • Get customized solutions: When you outsource document indexing services to Flatworld Solutions, you get access to tailor-made solutions. We focus on learning about your target audience before beginning any work. In addition, we take your requirements regarding page size and format as well as the number of index entries needed per page into consideration. The final output can be delivered to you in a format of your choice. You can also choose between a tabular or illustrated index. Our focus on customizing our solution to fit your exact needs. This assures you of a great service experience

Indexing Services in Philippines

We provide quality indexing services to global clients at Philippines by leveraging sophisticated technology. We take care of your non-core areas and enable you to focus on your core deliverables. We help you to enhance the usability of your existing data by appropriately organizing and categorizing it.

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Flatworld Solutions - Your ideal indexing services partner

Flatworld Solutions believes in working as a partner for its customers. We begin every relationship by getting an understanding of our customers' end-to-end business. This helps us perform our role better. It also helps us do significant value add in terms of providing suggestions for improvement. Our emphasis is on providing extraordinary service that helps you realize your goals for your business.

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If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that strives to be the best, then your search ends with Flatworld Solutions!

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