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Are you able to gather insights from the responses of your audiences? How can the target audience response data be quantified? How can it be retained for future references? A popular market research technique, verbatim coding can help companies in quantitatively analyzing and obtaining meaningful insights of words, phrases, voices, images, and ideas by assigning logical numeric codes to each one of them.

Flatworld Solutions has trained coders and specialists that are competent in analyzing, translating, and compiling verbatim responses in over 30 languages. Their sound knowledge of the languages and a deep understanding of the varied cultures involved enables them to interpret the customer response most authentically and reliably possible. Our specialists are capable of converting customer data into valuable insights from any given means of information like social media platforms, IVR systems, survey forms, CRM software, customer feedback platforms, websites, or any other customer records, helping companies make better strategic decisions.

Our team has expertise in creating customized code frames, including nets and subnets, and is proficient in multiple verbatim coding software available in the market to assure high-quality coding services to our global clientele.

Verbatim Coding Services We Offer

As a leading verbatim coding service provider, Flatworld offers end-to-end solutions for effective market research outcomes -

  1. Customer Response Analysis and Coding Services

    Customer Response Analysis and Coding Services

    The highly qualified and extensively trained team of Flatworld sifts through a huge amount of consumer response data from various sources and uses advanced technological capabilities to sort and assign numeric codes. These codes help in deciphering crucial information on customer behavior, purchase patterns, etc. Our team can use the standardized codes or can develop personalized code languages for the companies as per their specific requirements.

  2. Deriving Insights from Customer Response

    Deriving Insights from Customer Response

    Our team compiles valuable insights and critical findings from the research data to help the companies make suitable marketing decisions. Drawing such insights also help the clients understand the key focus areas of the research and their success in extracting the needed information from the customers.

  3. Multi-lingual Coding Services

    Multi-lingual Coding Services

    We have over 80 verbatim coders with varied specializations, who provide verbatim coding services in more than 30 different languages. We offer coding services in English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and many other languages. With our offices present in multiple countries, we leverage the coding services through offices in the respective countries whenever possible as it not only saves time and money but also ensures greater accuracy of the coding.

  4. Translation Memory

    Translation Memory

    Our team enables translation memory software to speed up the translation process and ensure greater consistency and cost-effectiveness of the verbatim services.

  5. Proofreading


    Every document needs to be checked multiple times to eliminate any grammatical mistakes, structural errors, or any other discrepancies. Our team undertakes document proofreading stringently to ensure that there are no gaps in the translated or coded documents, and they are clear, concise, and relevant. In verbatim services, proofreading becomes more essential as it verifies the content against localized style and relevant meaning in a particular language. We comply with approved proofreading quality measures assuring our clients of the highest standards of coding and translating services.

  6. Online Validation of Coded Documents

    Online Validation of Coded Documents

    In many cases, the companies use survey platforms and other channels to publish the verbatim coded documents. To make sure that the final format of the documents appears as intended on the screens, our team runs through online tests. Every aspect of the Q/A form or any other developed forms are checked multiple times for accuracy, the layout, the form structure, the fonts, and their sizes, etc., are all checked minutely to validate its overall look on the screen.

  7. Transcription Services

    Transcription Services

    Another sub-specialized verbatim service that we provide is the transcription service of customer response data. Our team facilitates the conversion and transcription of audio-recorded customer responses into valuable information. Our supremely qualified transcribers carry out fast and effective transcription services in multiple languages and can efficiently work with all types of audio file formats.

  8. The Key Application Areas for Verbatim Coding

    The Key Application Areas for Verbatim Coding

    Flatworld offers verbatim coding for all types of open-ended responses collected from all sorts of mediums, including -

    • Social media feedback and comments
    • Website messages and comments
    • Data from CRM systems
    • Online surveys
    • Voice recordings in the form of customer service calls, podcasts, etc.
    • Telephone surveys/ computer-assisted telephone interviewing
    • Customized answers for survey forms, paper surveys, comment cards, etc.
    • Customer feedback systems' data

Our Verbatim Coding Process

We follow a standard 6-step process for each project. Our process is flexible and can be tweaked as per the client's requirements. The steps include -


01. Gathering project information

Through effective client communication, the project head understands the needs of the client while outsourcing verbatim coding services


02. Retrieving data from the client

The data, be it in the form of text, audio, messages, etc., is collected from the client through secured online channels or offline


03. Building codeframe

The coders begin creating a list called codebook/codeframe that attaches numeric codes to the data


04. Coding

With the help of the codeframe, all the open-ended answers are coded


05. Quality-checked

After rigorous proofreading and other quality checks the files are sent to the client for verification


06. Project delivery

The finalized code documents are submitted to the client reflecting on the value of the data

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Major Advantages of Hiring Flatworld As Your Verbatim Coding Service Provider

  • Dedication towards quality services

    The quality of our services is paramount to us and our team strives to achieve nothing less than the highest quality standards of our services to all our clients.

  • Specialized and trained team

    We have a team of highly qualified, experienced, and fully trained linguistics, coders, analysts, and other market research specialists to offer error-free and efficient verbatim coding services. With each team member holding an average industry experience of 6 years, we also have a mandatory 6 months of training upon hiring to ensure that they deliver only the best-in-class services to our clients.

  • Fastest turnarounds

    We are strict in adhering to the deadlines and ensure faster results for the clients by offering quick turnarounds for our top-quality verbatim coding services.

  • 24-hour support service

    Flatworld has offices in multiple locations across many countries giving us the time zone advantage and enabling us to be present for customer support 24/7/365.

  • Flexible prices

    Our competitive prices for our high-quality services make us one of the most sought-after verbatim coding services providing company.

  • Data Security

    We take client data safety very strictly and comply with ISO 27001 safety standards to ensure complete confidentiality and protection of data.

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As a leading and ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified verbatim coding service provider, we process over 31 million verbatim response translations in 30+ languages per year. We have a rich market research industry experience of more than 20 years and deal in varied sectors like healthcare, finance, consumer marketing, etc.

Our open-ended verbatim coding services entails brand coding and all the other customer data responses for improved business decisions. Are you thinking of outsourcing verbatim coding services to an expert? Get in touch with us.

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Verbatim Coding Services FAQs

  • What is Verbatim coding?

    In verbatim coding in marketing research is where numeric codes are assigned to phrases, words, images, and audio to extract and quantitatively analyze the pieces of information.

  • How Does Verbatim Coding Benefit Your Survey Data Analysis?

    Any free-form answers in verbatim coding are assigned a number for analysts to interpret and make predictions. The codes with comments also indicate themes critical for examination.