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Are you finding it difficult to measure the effectiveness of your company's brand? Is your organization failing to create a revenue-generating and sustainable business strategy? Then the right step to take for your organization is to outsource syndicated research reports services to an experienced service provider. Syndicated research reports will help you build competitive intelligence and successfully measure the effectiveness of your brand.

Flatworld Solutions is one such service provider who could help you with all your syndicated research reports requirements. Our team comprises some of the most qualified, skilled, and experienced syndicated research analysts who can cater to all your needs within a quick time. Outsourcing syndicated research report services to us can give you access to a series of benefits.

Syndicated Research Report Services We Offer

Having been in the research and analysis domain for over 20 years now, we understand each client's unique requirements and provide them with customized solutions which will suit their business objectives perfectly. Some of the key syndicated research report services we offer include -

  1. Data Collection

    This is one of the main steps in the syndicated research report creation process. We help clients to collect various forms of data from different sources using some of the most effective research methodologies.

  2. Information Analysis

    We have the required skills and capabilities to further analyze the collected information and provide you with relevant insight. We can help the client with the required intelligence which will help in creating a revenue-generating business strategy.

  3. Syndicated Report Design

    Our team of research analysts has the required skills and expertise to provide our clients with attractive report designs which will match the client's business identity and aesthetics.

  4. Syndicated Report Writing

    We provide our clients with the best-syndicated report writing services. Our reports are created by qualified and experienced individuals and are structured around the data collected from the right sources.

Ready to Purchase Syndicated Research Reports

Here are some of our reports available for purchase -

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market $3,350

Report Title

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare-By Solution (Hardware, Software, and others), Technology (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and others), Application(Medical Imaging, Virtual Nursing Assistants, Precision Medicine, and others) and Geography -Current Outlook and Forecast to 2023

Number of Pages


Report Description

In the year 2017, the artificial intelligence business broke through USD $900 million. The healthcare sector requires a solution that can make meaningful medical decisions in a short time. This is among the critical key factors in the development of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Moreover, the development of Big Data analytics, the inception of artificial intelligence (AI) in research, clinical data management, the surge in demand for precision medicine, and mounting demand for healthcare expenditure cuts will drive further drive the market's growth.

The upward demand for decision making & data mining has made AI-related healthcare solutions a forerunner in the revolution in the healthcare domain. AI facilitates easy access to health information exchange, availability, actionability, and accuracy. Thus, there is a growing patient outcome by more than 50% and at the same time, the medical costs have reduced by half. The use of AI in drug breakthroughs is expected to drive the further development of artificial intelligence in the healthcare field.

Due to the growing usage of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector, several cross-industry partnerships are taking place, e.g., in May 2017, Partners HealthCare partnered with GE Healthcare partnered up to develop and assimilate deep learning technologies for the healthcare industry. Thus, the partnership amid principal AI providers, life sciences, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology must aid the direct introduction of AI into drug development.

Also, in 2017, the unearthing of pharmaceutical products reckoned over 25% of AI healthcare market. The diagnostic technologies and medical imaging exhibited great growth possibility. AI can efficiently and quickly detect drug targets while backing up molecular screening and drug discovery. The amplified prevalence of cancer creates a prerequisite for the initial diagnosis of the tumor, and the use of deep learning methods enhances tumor diagnosis because of its pattern recognition abilities.

In 2017, the United States oversaw the healthcare artificial intelligence market, mainly due to the increasing use of Big Data analytics. However, in the coming years, China will make available profitable growth opportunities for AI. The fast aging populace of the country will also raise the demand for improved medical services and put pressure on the healthcare system. Therefore, you can successfully use the AI tool to solve this problem.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is a comprehensive report encasing the existing scenarios of AI and forthcoming growth forecasts. This report also provides key insights into market drivers, constraints, opportunities, new trends, and strategies pursued by vital players.

This report is split into four key areas, including, North America, Europe, MEA & Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. AI in the North American healthcare market is segmented into the United States and Canada. Europe encompasses Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Spain. The APAC region includes China, South Korea, Japan, and India. The report conceals the company's profiles, market conditions, and size and projections for key players in the AI healthcare marketplace.

This report also contains a complete investigation and impression of key participants. Some of the major players in the AI market are iCarbonX, CloudMex Inc., Microsoft Corporation, DeepMind Technologies Limited, Philips NV, IBM Corporation, Pathway Genomics, Atomwise Inc., Flatiron and Recursion Pharmaceuticals. INC, Next IT Corp., General Electric, Careskore, Welltok, Bay Labs, Aicure, Sentrian, Butterfly Network, Apixio, and the like.

Global Industrial Robotics Market $3,350

Report Title

Global Industrial Robotics Market (2017-2023)

Number of Pages


Report Description

The industrial robot market is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years as robots are increasingly used in non-automotive applications, increasingly used in emerging markets. The market segmentation of industrial robots focuses on four vital market metrics, including, functions, products, geography, and applications. The market for a product consists of various robots, such as industrial robots, cylindrical robots, Cartesian robots (or gantry robots), SCARA robots, etc. The marketplace has been separated into chemicals, rubber and other industrial applications such as electrical and electronic products, automobiles and Plastics, metals, heavy machinery, food, beverage, precision, and optics.

This report quantitatively and qualitatively evaluates the market for industrial robotic applications and provides thorough insights to each application's abilities. The purpose of this report is to capture market timelines based on size, value chains, sales forecasts, landscapes, leading companies, etc. The market is segmented into five key regions, i.e., the United States, Europe, APAC and ROW for geographic analysis. The Industrial Robot Market survey examines the existing state of the universal industrial robot market and measures the market prospects of emerging opportunities.

GDPR Market Trends in Hotel Travel and Leisure Industry $3,350

Report Title

GDPR Market Trends in Hotel, Travel, and Leisure Industry

Number of Pages


Report Description

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were executed on April 14, 2016, and were effective from May 25, 2018. This standardizes the data protection rules in the 28 European nations and establishes stringent rules for the control and processing of personal data. It also mandates the polices on how the companies use, manages and shares personal data. This method is beneficial to customers as establishments need to be transparent in collecting, sharing, or storing their personal information. Failing to fulfill the GDPR norms may result in a severe fine of approximately 20 million euros, or 4% of annual income, whichever is higher. It applies to personal information of all EU citizens and companies who provide goods and services to the European Union, e.g., if there is personal data about EU residents in hotels in India, GDPR is applicable regardless of the location of the hotel. So, if European guests stay in their hotel, Indian hotels must fulfill the standards of GDPR.

Blockchain Technology Market $3,350

Report Title

Blockchain Technology, Global Market Overview, 2016-2024

Number of Pages


Report Description

Blockchain technology is an open distributed ledger with a peer-to-peer network usage where it serves as a public ledger for all transactions making the network both secure and not requiring a trusted administrator. It also has a programming language that allows users to write more sophisticated smart contracts creating invoices that are self-generated throughout the transaction period. Blockchain by design inherently resistant to modification of data- once any data is recorded it cannot be altered retroactively form the block with the added benefit of time stamps and a link to a previous block. It has also addressed major failure models to rectifying them with proper implementation techniques.

The market of blockchain technology is still at a very nascent stage with a billion-dollar investment on research and development of applications throughout various industry verticals resulting in massive growth during the forecast period. The blockchain market is expected to have a CAGR of 51.8% from 2016 to 2024 resulting in a massive expansion of the technology with a wide range of applications and implementation throughout the industry verticals. Major applications of blockchain technology are payments, exchanges, smart contacts, documentation and digital identity covering various sectors as banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), government and public sectors, health care and life sciences, retail and e-commerce, automotive, media and entertainment which will have a massive impact on current market structure eventually revolutionizing the economic platform into a transparent and accountable system. World Economic Forum predicted 10% of the global GDP to be stored in blockchain by the year 2027.

Custom Research Report on Digital Therapeutics Market $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Report on Digital Therapeutics Market

Number of Pages


Report Description

Digital therapy has made great strides over the past decade and has used technology to complement or possibly replace traditional clinical treatment. A few devices complement traditional therapies by helping patients handle their condition, including the time and amount of medication. Some offer alternative therapies for drugs, such as sensory stimuli conveyed through tablets to treat depression or insomnia. Prominently, digital therapy is often directed at diseases that are poorly managed by today's medical systems, such as chronic or neurological diseases. Moreover, they can usually be treated more favorably than traditional therapies by reducing the time spent on the doctor. Also, there is growing evidence to prove its clinical value.

Health Safety Service Market for Single Person Household $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Report on Health Safety Service Market for Single- Person Household

Number of Pages


Report Description

Changes in lifestyle and perceptions of marriage affect not only the size of the family but also the nature of the family. A single person's household can have a greater influence on the economy. Linked with other peers, single families usually spend more money at home. These families can choose to rent a house instead of buying a house. Even if decide to buy, they prefer multi-family homes rather than single-family homes. This may undermine the structure of the real estate market, which is still recovering from the effects of a severe economic downturn and the fresh real estate financial changes. The surge in one-person households can endorse the mobility of the labor market. These people may be more willing to move to the city to find a job because there are fewer attachments and no burden of marriage. This can make the job market more fluid or flexible.

Generic Pharmaceuticals for HPV, HSV, HBV & Drugs $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Project on Patented Generic Pharmaceuticals for HPV, HSV, & HBV Drugs

Number of Pages


Report Description

China is one of the major pharmaceutical markets. Financial and demographic trends, government encouragements and public health awareness, improved research, market integration, and development capabilities can help a country become a successful market in the coming decade. In the year 2017, Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers received 38 generic drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. These are cheaper versions of patent expiration than the previous year (22). Lately, the Chinese administration has prolonged the permit period for pharmaceutical patents from 20 to 25 years. The government acknowledges that in the long run, only overseas brands can profit, as many generic drugs produced by Chinese pharmaceutical companies will withdraw from the market. Also, waiting for the introduction of generic drugs means that consumer prices will surge. China's generics market is being conquered by many low-priced internal manufacturers. This fragmented industry includes approximately 5,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers, with the top 100 accounting for 33% of the market.

Custom Research Report on new Contents Market $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Report on new Contents (VR, AR, MR AI) Market in 6 Countries

Number of Pages


Report Description

Emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been receiving attention for many years. They have been involved in mainstream discussions, and sometimes insisting on these terms can be daunting. Even though these technologies come from different locations and have different functions, they still use comparable concepts. Today's technology has come far from thin cardboard discs to VR and AR. In reality, AR and VR are gradually becoming popular due to the huge investments from Google, Facebook, Samsung, and many other giants.

Wearable Medical Devices Market $3,350

Report Title

Wearable Medical Devices Market -By Device Type (Diagnostic, Therapeutic), Application (Sport, Fitness, Home Healthcare, RPM), Type (Activity Monitors, Smart Watches, Smart Clothing, Patches), &Geography -Current Outlook and Forecast to 2023

Number of Pages


Report Description

Wearable medical devices are used to diagnose or monitor the disease, present digital health information, and are worn by people. These stores and monitor basic health data such as blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, daily activities, and more. As medical technology advances, portable medical devices such as watches, clothing, glasses, and even contact lenses are getting accessible. It helps in cutting down the doctor visits as the patient can determine the root cause of the symptoms using the device. As the number of diabetes cases worldwide increases, the demand for these devices is likely to increase. However, the high price of fitness trackers can slow down market growth.

As health consciousness upsurges, lifestyle changes and the prevalence of obesity and diabetes increase, the wearable medical device market will endure and continue to grow. The mounting demand for early detection & preventive drug, self-monitoring gear, and user-friendly equipment, as well as increased health awareness, are some of the major drivers of growth in the wearable medical device market. According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2016 around 420 million adults worldwide have diabetes. It means a yearly growth rate of 8.4% and is expected to reach 625 million by 2040. Wearable devices also support various platforms and tools, including Microsoft CRM and Salesforce, allowing, products, services, and information to collaborate in numerous ways.

Fingerprint Scanner Market $3,350

Report Title

Fingerprint Scanner Market (2017 - 2022), By Sensor Type (Capacitive, Optical, and Others), Application & Geography

Number of Pages


Report Description

Biometrics is a technique (automated) for identifying individuals based on their behavior and physiological traits. These include some key anthropometric fingerprints, vein, iris, face, sound, and hand geometry. In all biometrics, fingerprint modality will survive in the biometric industry due to its high precision and less cost. The fingerprint scanners are extensively used in several applications, for example, in healthcare, construction, defense, consumer electronics, and other fields. The industry is finding its usability in many important applications, such as smartphones, cloud computing, online payment applications, border security, global security issues, etc. As fingerprint sensors are increasingly used in a variety of electronic devices, such as smartphones, notebook computers, computers, tablets, etc., the market for the consumer electronics industry is growing rapidly.

Principal IT corporations are driving the growth of the fingerprint scanner industry. These companies are dedicated to refining the prevailing technologies and presenting innovative and novel products to provide users with cost-effective and accurate fingerprint scanner options. Another emerging trend in the market is a single sign-on. Users only need to log in to the system with their fingerprints without having to enter a login ID or password. The two-factor credentials, fingerprint matching systems, and non-contact fingerprint scanners are also major trends. It provides the exact security solutions for eliminating passwords, PINs, patterns. It also reduces the threat of hacking, theft, and ill use of user information.

However, due to cultural barriers, the implementation of fingerprint scanners in some countries is limited, thus, it is a major reason for the weakening growth of the fingerprint scanner business. The biggest obstacle to its growth, however, is the lack of standardization of implementation and development. Some of the key players in the fingerprint scanner market are Synaptics, 3M, DERMALOG, CROSSMATCH, BioEnable, BIO-Key, SAFRAN, HID Global, SecuGen, AB-Fingerprint Cards, and others.

Rehabilitation Robotic Market $3,350

Report Title

Rehabilitation Robotics Market, By Types (Assistive Robots, Prosthetics, Orthotics, Therapeutic Robots, Exoskeleton Robotic Systems), (Stroke, Orthopedics, Sports, Cognitive & Motor Skills Disabilities), Growth Rate & Forecast, 2018 - 2024

Number of Pages


Report Description

The rehabilitation robotics is finding its place, thanks to the rapid expansion of popular therapies to effectively restore challenged patients and support an aging population. Also, as the population ages, the requirement for nursing staff and rehabilitation services will increase, thus, the rehabilitation robot market will continue to maintain good development in the next few years.

The rapid aging of the populace in the United States, Europe, and Japan as well as the industrial ecosystem that benefits robots, should stimulate demand for rehabilitation robots. By the year 2050, the ratio of the aging population is projected to rise from almost 40 million (in the United States) to 80 million. The increase in the life expectancy of Japanese people and reducing the birth rate, the proportion of people over the age of 65 in the next few years, that is, 50 years, will reach 38%. These people will suffer from age-related disability and diseases, including, stroke and Parkinson's disease.

The escalation in global stroke rates should further drive the market for rehabilitation robots. As per the World Heart Federation, 15 million individuals suffer from stroke each year, and over 5 million dies whereas other 5 million are left disabled. Also, as per the American Heart Association, close to 85.6 million citizens (US) suffer from cardiovascular disease or stroke of one kind or other.

Farm Management System Market $3,350

Report Title

Farm Management System Market - Analysis, Growth Trends, Opportunities, Key Players, Forecast to 2022

Number of Pages


Report Description

The Farm Management System is known as the “Information and Technology-Based Agricultural Management System for identifying, managing and analyzing changes in land, space and time to achieve optimal sustainability, profitability, and optimal environmental protection.” This is the compulsory method to ensure that the right resources are obtainable for crop growth and crop protection requirements are always met.

Today, farm management systems include millions of hectares of cropland and allow farmers to change the amount of fertilization on-site based on the requirements as per the sampling in the GPS monitored area. The USA, Canada, Australia, etc., are world leaders in precision agriculture. Also, less than 10% of French agriculturalists presently have a variable rate system.

The farm management system market is a comprehensive research report of applications, technologies, and geographic areas and provides in-depth analysis, trends, and forecasts for farm management. It covers comprehensive research of existing growth drivers, prospects and blockades.

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Primary Research for a Shanghai-based Company

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