Outsource Market Sizing Research Services

Market Sizing Research Services

How big or deep is your target market? Let us answer that question scientifically by getting the guesswork out of the way

Whether you are penetrating a new market, planning a business expansion, or getting ready for a product launch - knowing the size of your market is essential to forecasting revenue and business growth. Over the years, having assisted thousands of businesses and multinational conglomerates, we, at Flatworld Solutions know that the ideal market sizing research can take on a variety of forms based on the requirement, such as total sales revenue, potential customers, overall sales volume, etc.

At Flatworld, we offer distinguished market sizing research services to help with your business goals as you strive to move ahead of your competition. Our team of expert market & industry sizing experts can help you by accurately determining the market size as per your needs and position your products, services, or offerings in the best possible manner.

Market Sizing Research Services We Offer

FWS enables businesses to leverage potential market opportunities with the help of dedicated research and thoroughbred analysis protocols that evaluate the market size across multiple variables such as sales volume, number of customers, revenue, etc. We leverage a variety of market research sources and databases and to help define the following for our clients -

  • The total size of a market
  • The major competitors in a market on a category-by-category basis
  • Profiling and composition of target customers
  • Range of products and services in the market
  • Significant trends in the market

Our services include -

  1. Primary Market Sizing Research

    Primary Market Size Research

    Based on the requirements of our clients, we adopt a variety of primary research techniques for custom market sizing solutions. We collect mission-critical information related to market trends, technology implementation, market performance, competitive positioning, and more to define the ideal market size for our clients.

  2. Demand Side Analysis

    Demand Side Analysis

    As part of our market sizing research consulting, we perform exhaustive research of the requested cross-section of your company's target market to gather in-depth spend data for products and services which are in direct competition to yours. We scale up the data as and when required and include veritable feedback from industry experts related to the same. All this is then further evaluated by our professionals before determining the market size.

  3. Macro Market Sizing Research and Analysis

    Macro Market Sizing Research and Analysis

    As your market sizing research company of choice, we can perform an ideal combination of both primary and secondary market research methodologies to evaluate the total market share which lies within the scope of services or product offerings you want to provide. This helps to cut down on the extras which might render your service or product feel bloated, in markets that have no real need for them.

  4. Competitive Technical Intelligence Research

    Competitive Technical Intelligence Research

    FWS conducts in-depth research on multiple factors related to your competition, in order to ensure your business can capture the best possible market space. We provide in-depth insights to support multiple findings as your market sizing research company. We also cover multiple factors that might influence the market size for your product such as positioning strategies, customer requirements, and tactics, etc. helping you gain a 360-degree view of the entire market before deciding to enter it.

  5. Supply Analysis Research

    Supply Analysis Research

    In our quest to provide market sizing research services for clients across the globe, we also help to identify which suppliers present in the market can generate revenue and identify the key players in that segment, overall business revenue, and the estimated proportion of business revenues which get generated.

Market Sizing Research Process We Follow

At Flatworld, our market sizing solutions are necessary if you want to make informed decisions and leverage your investment for future growth. With the help of interviews, data mining, competition analysis, and regular consulting, we can help you discover new and upcoming markets and capture them. Our process for market sizing research services includes the following steps -

  1. Defining the Market Size

    We understand the amount of detail necessary to properly scope your target market. We begin by defining which of the following categories suit your target market the best -

    • Total Available Market (TAM) - Refers to the combined revenue or unit volume in your target market

    • Served Available Market (SAM) - Refers to the percentage or size of TAM that your company can hope to serve based on services, products, etc. while keeping geographical constraints in mind

    • Share of Market (SOM) - Refers to the percentage of SAM that your company currently serves or plans to serve in the future

    We begin by closing in on which services are part of your TAM, then narrow it down based on geography, while also keeping realistic timeframes in mind. By defining what we want to include in the final market sizing research, we can more accurately determine your market potential and the estimated share of the market.

  2. Define the Approach

    Based on your requirements, we use two different methodologies to determine your market size: top-down or bottom-up. If required, we also use a mix of both the methodologies in order to gain better confidence in our final market sizing research.

    In the top-down approach, we use broad market size figures and determine the overall percentage of the market as it represents. The bottom-up method, on the other hand, builds TAM by adding the many variables of your target market. This method is generally considered more accurate but needs longer time to compile as well as more information to complete.

  3. Choose Relevant Sources

    Based on the approach selected, we decide to estimate the market size using primary or secondary research for existing data as well as desk research. We also maintain many subscriptions to syndicated research findings and have access to consolidates research data for more than 10 years as well as extensive whitepapers. If your competitors are publicly traded companies then we also receive access to analyst and investor reports.

    If required, we also perform on-site visits to confirm or contradict findings that cannot be established without a visit and is important for determining key information such as market performance, market trends, competitive positioning, etc.

  4. Data Structuring

    Information related to the latest trends in the market is especially important for a market sizing research service provider to understand the entire scope of the market. In order to do this, we check for trends that are currently in vogue, as well as trends that were once important. Thereafter, we start structuring the data collected in the form of groups or themes. We can structure qualitative data analysis and findings into distinct sections and identify important data themes.

  5. Data Analysis

    It is necessary to develop multiple estimated using different approaches, also known as triangulation, ensuring we can deliver high-quality market sizing estimates. This is important especially if the approach towards this was radically different in your project. When possible, we attempt to verify through means of additional research as well.

    During this phase, we make it a point to ensure the definition comes out clearly while verifying each significant finding with multiple sources, allowing you to leverage the veracity of our information for better results.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Market Sizing Research Services to Flatworld Solutions?

With our custom market sizing research solutions, companies can benefit immensely as they gain access to industry-specific research which has been vetted through multiple sources. By partnering with us, you can benefit from the following -

  • Customized Pricing

    Different clients have different requirements and budgets, and we ensure we provide you with a pricing model that has no hidden charges while ensuring the best bang for your buck.

  • Better Market Size Determination

    Our insights can help you determine the profit potential in any market accurately, arming your business executives with the knowledge and the information necessary to take over our competition and grow exponentially.

  • Exhaustive Evaluation of Multiple Parameters

    We evaluate hundreds of different parameters and customer segments to determine which ones offer new growth avenues at a tight TAT. This dedication has made us the partner of choice for several multinational companies.

  • Deeper Insights through Technology

    We use various AI and ML-based tools which ensure we can help you develop aggressive and defensive techniques based on precise estimations whenever you enter a new market. This further ensures you are always in the best position for revenue growth and investment potential.

  • Flexible Models

    We offer multiple flexible models that are modified based upon customer requirements. This further helps us aggressively research new data while leveraging custom models to present the same.

  • Better Targeting

    With our help, you can target the customers in your market more effectively and develop new tactics that can attract potential customers in the market you want to enter as well.

  • Global Delivery Center

    With more than 5 delivery centers around the globe, we ensure we always have you covered when it comes to discovering potential new markets in both the developed and developing world. With local delivery centers, we can provide better insights based on our local connections and database availability as well.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Research Services to Top Hospitality Consulting Solutions Provider

Provided Research Services to Top Hospitality Consulting Solutions Provider

A top Swiss hospitality customer preferred our capability to provide quality research services. Our team ensured fulfillment of the client's needs in tight turnaround time.

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FWS Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

We were contacted by a top private air travel club from California to outsource online market research services. Our services were quick and efficient and allowed the client to feel 100% satisfied.

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Outsource Market Sizing Research Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Today, businesses need access to specialized and customized market sizing research solutions that can effectively identify and fast-track relevant market data for deeper, more actionable insights. At FWS, our research specialists efficiently define the target market size with all the necessary information pertinent to your goals and business objectives.

To know more about our offerings and how we can help you with custom market sizing research services, Contact us now!

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