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Publishing a newsletter is an effective way for organizations of all sizes to communicate with one or more audiences - customers, investors, employees, and suppliers are four key examples. For many companies, preparing high-quality newsletters has become even more important due to the current prominence of inbound marketing and customer-centric sales processes. This contemporary approach places a special premium on high-quality educational content for the readers.

For both educational newsletters and other formats, curating and drafting content is time-consuming and requires specialized skill sets including research, business writing, communication, marketing, and copywriting. The best way to satisfy these multiple requirements is to outsource newsletter services to a reliable partner like Flatworld Solution. We offer customized newsletter services, evaluate the needs of your audiences, and provide relevant content. By outsourcing, you can also forgo hiring and sustaining an in-house team.

Newsletter Services We Offer

Once you outsource newsletter services to us you can be assured of highly impactful newsletters that help you to successfully communicate with your target audience. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide customized newsletter services that precisely cater to varying client requirements. Our services can be broadly classified into the following -

  1. Informative and Educational Newsletters - Flatworld Solutions enables you to educate and inform potential buyers with high-quality and detailed content on your offerings. Different variations can be customized for multiple audiences, with everyone receiving information targeted exclusively for them
  2. Financial Newsletters - FWS facilitates targeted communication with audiences like investors and partners who will appreciate insights about financial developments and trends
  3. Research Journals - Flatworld Solutions helps you to communicate effectively with audiences that will enjoy advanced technical details and explanations in customized journals

Process Flow We Follow to Provide Newsletter Services

Each newsletter will have custom-designed content to serve unique audience. At Flatworld Solution, we follow a multi-phase process to provide newsletter services, which can be categorized into the following -

  1. Project Initiation - The project initiation phase includes defining project scope, timeline, strategy, and distribution schedules
  2. Newsletter Creation - This phase incorporates finalizing a template, obtaining final approvals, and creating the content
  3. Quality Audit - This phase involves sending the newsletter to an internal quality check and then sending the final copy of the newsletter for client approval
  4. Final Deliverable Phase - Here the changes are incorporated before an editable file is uploaded to the client via the specified delivery format and mechanism

Why Should You Outsource Newsletter Services to Flatworld?

There are multiple benefits of working with FWS when you consider outsourcing customized newsletter services to our team, these include -

  • Cost-effective newsletter outsourcing services that will help you eliminate expenditures for an in-house newsletter staff and allow your existing employees to perform other duties instead of time-consuming newsletter tasks
  • Provide high-quality newsletters within a quick turnaround time
  • Stringent security measure and infrastructure to assure data security
  • Streamlined quality assurance process to ensure that you get well curated, impactful content for newsletters
  • An experienced copywriting team with multi-lingual capabilities and international expertise that facilitate newsletter production requirements for global audiences
  • Over 20 years of specialized experience in researching market segments and curating newsletter content for targeted audiences
  • 24/7 support to answer any questions about newsletter services
  • Expert editors for publishing high-quality professional newsletters for the demanding audiences
  • Advanced news abstraction and market research expertise that enhance our capabilities for providing world-class newsletter services to your team

Get Professional Newsletter Services at Flatworld Solutions

Providing high-quality newsletters to your customers, suppliers, employees, investors, and prospects is a prudent strategy for gaining a competitive edge. Whether you want to consider adding a newsletter capability to your business communication strategy or you want to improve existing efforts, Flatworld Solutions is ready to be your one-stop newsletter service partner. Other market research services we offer include industry analysis services, call center surveys, online market research services, etc.

We are proud of our work and would be honored to show you samples of our newsletter services. Connect with us soon so we can get started as your new outsourcing partner.

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Newsletter Services FAQs

  • What is a newsletter?

    A newsletter is a summary of business activities that are shared internally among employees or with customers or subscribers. They share insights valuable to people who measure performance.

  • Why is a newsletter important?

    When a business has a network of users, the newsletter shares information that helps people in the network evaluate the performance and understand the newer undertaking and general information.