Flatworld Provided Data Abstraction Services for a Top Researcher

Case Study on Data Abstraction for a Top Researcher

The Client

The client is located in Sweden and has a graduate degree in molecular biology. His published work focuses on physical training and exercise. He serves as an orienteer and motivator for several sports academies. His research involves the impact of exercise on health and how certain drugs affect muscle development on a long-term basis.

Challenges Faced by the Client

The client needed help abstracting data from a raw format (.txt) file with machine-recorded data and then converting data into Excel files that would be conducive to his research activities. He was also looking for data analysis services that would aid in clarifying and interpreting the data.

The main project challenges were as follows -

  • Accurate data abstraction involved complex formulas in order to retrieve the data in a readable format
  • The original data proved to be irregular and there was a mismatch in client-provided data

FWS' Solution

The Flatworld Solutions team provided the following solution -

  • The team included one data analyst and one account manager
  • Data mismatches were discovered during the preliminary analysis phase
  • The team developed improved formulas to churn the data for more accurate results
  • Final deliverables included data analysis discussion and summaries and an Excel sheet that was developed to record abstracted data

The Results

The client is looking forward to engaging Flatworld Solutions for future projects involving data analysis. This case study also illustrates the diverse nature of our international clients - ranging from individuals to multinational corporations. We have been serving as a knowledge process outsourcing partner for more than two decades.

Our team of data specialists uses the latest statistical tools to ensure accuracy and compliance with ISO standards throughout the global marketplace. With rapid changes in technologies, it is becoming more commonplace to encounter extreme challenges when attempting to convert and analyze legacy data and other vintage file formats.

Outsource Data Abstraction Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a research analysis services provider offering quick and accurate services to global clients. Our specific industry experience spans over 19 years and hence we can successfully cater to any type of client requirements. We also provide online market research services, industry analysis services, call center surveys, etc.

We can save you both time and money when you encounter what seems like an impossible data abstraction task. Just ask us for a free and candid assessment of your immediate project requirements.

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