Insurance Market Research Services

Insurance Market Research Services

At $14/hour you can stay on top of the competition by choosing our insurance market research. Our services are not only affordable but also effective in understanding the market

Is decision making in your insurance service dependent on distribution channels, plan reviews, claims, and market forecast reports? If so, you need not hire research specialists on a full-time payroll to create high-quality insurance market research reports. You can get excellent insights into domestic and international influences on the insurance business. At Flatworld Solutions, we have the people and bandwidth to bring data that shows current developments in the insurance landscape and how it affects your product placement.

Therefore, to achieve maximum efficiency in revenue generation, it is important to outsource insurance market research to an experienced insurance market research service provider like us. We consider several factors such as current monetary status, economic condition, and demographic factors while creating meaningful reports.

Insurance Market Research Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offer various services on insurance market research. You can experience peace of mind by delegating your insurance market research needs to us. Our experts can analyze your needs to provide full or custom insurance market research. The insurance market research services we offer are shown below -

  1. Objectives Definition

    Objectives Definition

    We help our customers define the research objectives. We will analyze the client's business as well as the current market conditions to provide a better path to their goals. We engage ourselves with initial discussions about strategies and objectives that must be set in place for better future outcomes.

  2. Market Research

    Market Research

    Market Research service demands minute methodical & systematic market study. In volatile markets, dynamic factors and selection of criteria matters for better results. Therefore, we follow a non-static procedure for various areas in our insurance market research services, be it questions to be asked, demographics, and business-related regulations.

  3. Technical/Field Survey

    Technical/Field Survey

    Both surveys are provided by a Flatworld solution. For example, in IT sectors, technical surveys are more important, especially during a product launch. This is where we collect on the spot feedback. So as per client needs, we come up with different surveys.

  4. Actual Information

    Actual Information

    Market research is a segment where the latest updates on the market changes are critical for marketers. The economic factors, export-import details, share market information all are vital for projects. The data and information are obtained by the team from Flatworld Solutions.

  5. Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    The outcome of data analysis is collected during the survey. Further discussion will be carried out with clients if more information is obtained. Also, we provide Business Intelligence and statistical techniques for better analytics to serve the business purpose. We leverage the latest tools for Machine Learning and Advanced Analytical solutions.

Insurance Market Research Process We Follow

Flatworld Solution has a unique process flow system through which our team members work. The strategies are made soon after the research is complete, as this would help in smooth workflow and delivery of the project will also be done on time without any delay. Being a renowned insurance market research service providing company, the work culture is followed in a systematic way so that task performance is done to perform with full dedication and accuracy. Have a glance of the process flow structure of Flatworld Solutions -


01. Determining the Requirement

Our team will engage with the client to collect project requirements. We will also gather the historical data insurance data from your archives to enhance the scope of work.


02. Content Creation

After the demand and requirements of the client company are met, our group of people or a dedicated team will plan the content and give more importance on factors to get the best result.


03. Research Planning

Soon the content is decided and research is carried out. Our consulting team will initiate the research work. Based on the project, the research method is chosen - be it phone conversation, past data gathering or other ways.


04. Data Collection from Survey

Now the primary data is collected through the various ways of the survey. All the data gathered are filed up and then used for further process by team people.


05. Processing

After gathering the data, we will provide the primary data and secondary data before processing the findings into technical reports.


06. Analysis

Once the data is fully processed and cleansed, we will begin the analysis. Information will be modified as per your needs. If there are conflicts with the standard data format, the report will be reworked until it is fully compliant.


07. Final Report

We furnish a final report that includes summarized and comprehensive data on the insurance market. Our reports will enable you to stay in control of your business.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Insurance Market Research Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solution has undoubtedly become the best outsourcing insurance market research service providing company in the world. We show dedication towards projects and ensure accuracy while keeping the rates affordable for all insurance companies whether their budget size is small or big. Now the following reasons for choosing Flatworld Solutions as outsourcing partner -

  • Consulting Team

    Insurance market research consultants are provided based on their cultural fit and expertise to deliver new market research ideas.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    Flatworld Solution has a world-class working infrastructure that gives their market research team the best leverage to create high-quality reports.

  • Cost Saving

    Flatworld Solution offers cost-saving options when it comes to insurance market research because the solution can be customized to all budget sizes.

  • Data Security

    The client's data security is very important to us. Our dedicated teams work with full privacy, so that company's information is never leaked or misplaced.

  • Technology

    Flatworld Solutions is a fully updated organization with the latest and modern software. Also, for better post-survey analysis, we use smart visualization tools for better data and visual interpretation.

  • Certifications

    Flatworld Solution is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that makes us efficient and reliable to trust in terms of project quality.

  • Survey

    Both technical, as well as fieldwork surveys, are provided by us. We choose macro-economic factors wisely and sensible to get better survey results.

  • Subject Matter Expert

    We have employees who are highly skilled and expert in market research works. They give a foolproof detailed survey reports to our working team.

  • Analytics

    After the survey and selection of data, a project outline is made and further analyzed by our data analytics team. Advanced analytical solutions are developed for better understanding.

  • Domain Expertise

    We work for various domains and Market research happens to be one of them. Hence, we have the varied market experience to cater and deliver.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    As soon as the project is finalized and handed over to Flatworld Solutions, a dedicated research team is assigned to handle insurance market research. Our customer support will stay side-by-side with the project until the completion. Secondary support will be extended after the project closing.

  • Market Research Expertise

    Flatworld Solutions have expert and experienced employees for their dedicated zones. Market research is such a segment where economic, demographic, shares, etc. are closely involved; therefore, every update is important. We have our expertise in all the areas by whom we get the current information.

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld Solutions Provided Research Services to Top Hospitality Consulting Solutions Provider

A reputed Swiss hospitality firm elected to outsource research services to us. We formed an expert team and committed to the project goals including the tight deadline and quality requirement.

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Case Study on Market Research Services to South African Footcare Major

FWS Provided Market Research & Analysis Services to a South African Footcare Major

A well-known South African footcare client was offered research and analysis services. A detailed study was carried out in 23 South African cities and reports were created in only 15 working days.

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Outsource Insurance Market Research Service to Flatworld Solutions


Very thorough, precise research analysis. Extremely easy to work with even though most communication was done via email. Turnaround time for requested information was superbly quickly...almost quicker than I needed the request. At times I felt that I was their only customer! They were always there when I needed them!

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Flatworld Solution provides the Client Company with the best market research team. The market research services that we provided during the project work and after the completion make us unique from the rest of the service providing companies in the market. The expertise for each department that we have in an organization is well skilled and experienced for years. We keep ourselves updated about market research & the latest market shifts and trends. Cost-saving option, which is already mentioned, also makes it different from others in the market. To meet Clients Company needs and demands is our priority.

Contact us to get the best research work done by professionals. Our agents will understand your requirements to provide a custom quote.

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