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Outsource Investment Research Services

In today's investment-rich economy, finding the right securities in this ever-changing global financial market can be difficult. It involves careful research and planning, knowledge of the industry trends, and the ability to spot opportunities from huge volumes of the data.

At Flatworld Solutions, our team provides investment research services that support your investment requirements. We have established a team that is skilled to carefully analyze the research data to provide custom financial research reports that guides investments and aids investors looking to navigate complicated investment markets.

Investment Research Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is one of the most trusted names in outsourcing. We only hire those with a rich background in investment research, to make it possible for you to safely and comfortably outsource your most important financial research requirements to our investment team.

We customize each of our research projects according to your requirements. Our role is to be your partner in collecting and analyzing the data to provide you with the insights into the financial market, with analyst-per-client-to-market services that offer high-end solutions for even the most seasoned investors.

Our services include, but are not limited to -

  • Fixed Income Research - Our company has professionals who are skilled at macroeconomic research, and can provide investment recommendations that look at analytics, indices, and data in the financial, product, and debt arena that provide support for your value analysis.
  • Equity Research - We use both quantitative and qualitative assessments, combined with existing research data to provide more information about equities. Our well-researched reports can help you expand your portfolio or provide greater insights into the financial markets.
  • Asset Management - We also provide end-to-end asset management services. We have partnered with all types of companies, including research firms, asset management companies, exchange trade funds, and more. We'll identify risk, provide fraud detection services, determine regulatory compliance, and more.
  • Financial Modeling Services - With a fast turnaround time and detailed analyses, Flatworld Solutions provides accurate financial analysis across sectors, using data from a variety of sources to help you make better decisions.
  • Distressed Debt Management - For companies that need assistance with distressed debt analysis, we'll make sure that we establish enterprise values, estimate recovery, identify stress and distress situations, and more. Our team uses unique research techniques to analyze all the different types of debt and learn more about recovery options.
  • Credit Research - With the ability to provide cash flow modeling, financial modeling, covenant analysis, and more, our thorough and complete credit reporting services make us a valuable partner in determining your investment strategies.
  • Buy and Sell Research - We can help you identify investment scenarios on both the buy side and the sell side, and determine the situations that merit your capital and are most likely to provide you with the best returns.
  • Credit Modeling - Our credit modeling services are there to reduce investor risk. We'll make it easier to examine credit ventures, and make sure that your investments are made with the information currently available.

Once you outsource investment research services to us, we will customize it based on your specific needs, and provide you with actionable insights, which you can use to make better investment decisions.

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Investment Research Process We Follow

Here at Flatworld Solutions, we make sure that we use the most reliable process to perform our research and reporting. We'll take the time to ensure we have all your requirements and fully understand the scope, with steps that include -

  • Thorough discussion about the sector, geographic, and economic data
  • Style and type of the research needed
  • Determination of expected deliverables and finalization of the schedule

Once we've finalized the scope, we'll begin the work, which involves the following steps -

Primary Research  

01. Primary Research

We'll begin sourcing data, analyzing that information, collecting reports and profiles, and more. Our data team will begin finding the information that will help you make an informed decision.

Financial Model Building  

02. Financial Model Building

We'll then begin developing the models, from prepping an interim deliverable with the revenue and cost drivers, to performing detailed quality checks and preparing the final model for our quality control team.

Report Preparation  

03. Report Preparation

Once we've thoroughly analyzed the data, we'll begin drafting the reports depending on the question being answered, and look for the opportunities and investment strategies that your business seeks.

Throughout the process, we'll provide live support, give you access to support analytics and executive dashboards, and more.

Outsource Investment Research to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is one of the few companies available that can provide detailed and thorough investment research for a fraction of the cost of other investment research organizations. This makes our investment research services highly affordable. Apart from this, we also provide sell side research services, business valuation services, etc. We make it easy to receive the data, analytics, and reports that you need to make smarter decisions without investing heavily into your in-house staff.

Our team of skilled and experienced research analysts has access to some of the most valuable databases in investment research, from Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Reuters, and more. They have experience in modeling data from this research databases, integrating valuable equity and credit data, and handling large workloads with similarly experienced team members. We provide the invaluable investment information that you need to maximize the portfolio of your company or your clients.

For more information about our investment research strategies, for questions on outsourcing investment research services to us, or just to have us get started, contact Flatworld Solutions today.

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