Quality Assurance Process

Gone are the days when outsourcing was only about the cost. Today, quality is a paramount factor when it comes to outsourcing a project. In the recent past, there has been instances where products and services were recalled because quality was a letdown in outsourcing ventures. Not focusing on quality can spell doomsday for a business, and can sever long-term outsourcing relationships overnight.

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand this, and our focus in not just in providing cost-effective research services, but services that embody affordable cost, great quality, and cordial customer relationships. This policy has helped Flatworld Solutions to maintain a service differentiation in the market and beat global competition. We realized this important fact more than 20 years ago and have since then made conscious efforts to integrate quality into every critical function of our market research services.

Why is Quality Assurance So Important?

In the current outsourcing scenario, compliance to established quality norms is more than just a mandate. Quality enhancement implies that continual improvement and preventive measures are taken at each and every step of the outsourcing process to ensure that quality is sustained over a longer period of time.

Not having a solid quality assurance process leads to inefficiency in quality delivery - which means that, one project might have over-the-top quality ratings, while other projects might have mediocre numbers.

How Do We Work?

At Flatworld Solutions, we have therefore developed a wide quality process that is cascaded to all the research teams within our company. Whether you outsource pharma research, market research to Flatworld Solutions, you can expect the same level of quality.

Again, instead of shooting to top marks in quality, we view and implement step function changes into our quality assurance process. This has helped us deliver consistent high quality results rather than sudden spikes in quality numbers.

Like all our other services, our research analysis services are also focused on quality. From a quality awareness research team, to systems that are tuned to prevent failures, we continue to ensure that quality remains at the forefront of what we do, every day.

Each of our research analysis project engagements has quality audits at the critical milestones of a project lifecycle. This screening helps us to eliminate inaccuracies and make course corrections when necessary.

Quality Assurance Process at Flatworld

The following diagram highlights the key features of our quality assurance process -

Compliance & Governance

  • Meeting established industry standards
  • Regular audits to check adherence to quality benchmarks

Security & Infrastructure

  • Network Security
  • Physical Security
  • Data and Personnel Security
  • Physical and communications infrastructure

Continuous Improvement

  • Data accuracy
  • Error prevention
  • Disaster recovery
  • Correcting legacy errors


  • Speed & responsiveness in service delivery
  • Prevention and correction of errors
  • Customer relationship
  • Staff experience and skill analysis

The hallmark of the quality assurance process at Flatworld Solutions includes predictive and preventive maintenance. Additionally, regular audits and quality checks that we conduct ensure that errors are caught early and fixed before they hit critical data points. The best practices from our successful research and analysis projects are fed back into the knowledge pool, so that other customer projects can derive the benefits out of this. Similarly information about errors and inaccuracies (from various project engagements) are also fed into the system so that these learnings can be applied across our company.

Do you have a research analysis project requirement to outsource? Do you want to know more details about our quality assurance process? Contact us today and we will be happy to answer your queries and help you get started on outsourcing.

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