News Abstraction Services

News Abstraction Services

The need for timely and effective news curation has become increasingly important for organizations operating in a digital and ultra-competitive economy. Information and data management in all forms require a combination of high quality, accessibility, and the right timing. These are also mandatory businesses who want to keep up with the latest news articles, market/economic trends, and trade/industry news, especially when operating in multiple countries.

The best way to meet this challenge is to outsource news abstraction services to a professional outsourcing firm like Flatworld Solutions. We provide customized news abstraction services, where our team of data and news abstraction experts prepare customized summary reports and newsletters that feature the curated news relevant to your current business needs.

News Abstraction Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of news abstraction services to address the varying needs of global clients. Our news abstraction experts will first understand your requirements and then follow a streamlined process to provide the best possible services. Following are some of the major news abstraction services we offer -

  1. Newsletters - Our professionals create customized newsletters that are organized expressly for your business
  2. Media Content Analysis - FWS develops a deconstructed analysis of media research
  3. Press Report Analysis - An experienced and skilled team assesses relevant news reports
  4. News Abstract Summaries - FWS publishes a condensed report that is curated from multiple news sources
  5. Market Performance Reports - Flatworld Solutions compiles reports featuring economic and industry trends most relevant to your business and unique markets
  6. Unexpected Earnings News - FWS keeps you abreast of earnings surprises that could impact your company and industry
  7. Corporate Developments - Flatworld Solutions compiles and analyzes stocks and financial developments involving specific companies and industries

News Abstraction Process We Follow

Our news and data extraction specialists conduct expert level research that includes a final manual review of multiple global news and business information databases such as Factiva. Flatworld Solutions adheres to a three-phase process for curating news data, which can be summarized as below -


01. Capture

In this phase, our team creates a list of online, offline, and print sources and then documents these sources


02. Review

In this phase, the FWS team reviews chart preparation and checks for client relevance


03. Calculation

In this phase, we abstract data and prepare newsletters and reports

Benefits of Outsourcing News Abstraction Services to Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions has access to a diverse collection of global news databases in multiple languages to facilitate your business needs on a worldwide basis. Our professionals will curate the most relevant news in accordance with your daily, weekly, or monthly scheduling preferences. We provide a unique strategy for discovering how your competitors are being covered and discussed by global news sources.

We offer news curation expertise across a broad international spectrum of industries that includes financial, pharma, energy, communications, media, technology, construction, real estate, knowledge process outsourcing, and many others. Flatworld Solutions helps you reduce unanticipated risks by preparing customized news reports and newsletters that are designed to meet the specific information needs of your team. When you partner with us you can be assured of the following benefits -

  • Cost-effective news abstraction rates that will help you reduce business expenses and increase your bottom line profits
  • Quick turnaround for curating relevant news developments when businesses have a sudden and unexpected need for specialized news and data abstraction services due to a special project such as a potential merger or acquisition
  • Quality assurance process to ensure uncompromised quality
  • Security measures and infrastructure to assure complete project and data security
  • 24/7 help desk to answer your news abstraction questions immediately
  • Flatworld Solutions offers a skilled data and news abstraction team that helps you acquire accurate and timely news data without the need for your employees to engage in time-consuming news curation tasks

Helping Businesses of All Sizes with News Abstraction Services

Regardless of how big or small your organization is, Flatworld Solutions can help when you need specialized news abstraction services. Being in the industry for over 20 years now, we understand that project requirements vary from one client to another and hence, offer services that precisely address your specific needs. Other market research services we offer include call center surveys, online market research services, industry analysis, etc.

Read a case study on how FWS Provided Research and Preparation of Concise News Reports to a Leading UK-based Service provider.

If you are considering ways to improve how you monitor and analyze external information and data about your business and competitors, contact us today to discuss our customized news abstraction strategies.

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