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Healthcare Benchmarking Services

Ensure that the practices followed are according to the industry standards and get deep insight by choosing our services at prices starting at just $14 an hour

Data benchmarking plays a big role in healthcare management. It ensures that the practices followed by healthcare providers are best in the industry and the comparison made helps practices understand where they stand against the best. It also provides excellent insights on how to improve the process to meet the standards of the best in the industry thus helping healthcare practices the right course of action to improve their services.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in providing hospital benchmarking data for health care practices in the US. Besides improving patient care services, our healthcare data benchmarking have empowered hospitals to widen their sourcing capabilities, set the correct metrics for all purchases and agreements, and handle supplier data with great efficiency and competency. The cumulative effect of this service has led to maximized cost savings and reduced service spending.

Our Healthcare Benchmarking Services

As a renowned healthcare benchmarking services company, we provide a range of benchmarking services. These include -

  1. Internal Benchmarking

    Internal Benchmarking

    With our internal benchmarking services we assist our client's benchmark between departments, offices or divisions, within their clinic or hospital. Our clients seeking this particular service usually have their branches across many locations and would routinely want to examine or evaluate a range of measures across the branches. This helps healthcare centers focus on issues that require special attention in these branches and the process of standardized practices across the branches.

  2. Competitive Benchmarking

    Competitive Benchmarking

    With competitive benchmarking, we assist our clients to compare their metrics with their nearest competitors serving in the same area. Besides we also do competitive benchmarking to look at clinics and hospitals that cater to another market in another geographic location. The objective is to analyze the data, map them against each other and improve their processes.

  3. Functional Benchmarking

    Functional Benchmarking

    With our functional benchmarking services we compare the performance of your business against businesses in the altogether different industries having the same kind of process or metrics to provide actionable insights for your business.

  4. Generic Benchmarking

    Generic Benchmarking

    Our generic benchmarking services have enabled healthcare service providers to focus more on general processes and come up with new thinking in the organization. It is a common basis of mapping processes irrespective of the industry and helps in assessing standards when it falls below a certain level.

  5. Strategic Benchmarking

    Strategic Benchmarking

    With strategic benchmarking services we assist healthcare providers to develop core competencies and get a long-term competitive advantage. This kind of service is designed to help providers from an operational point.

  6. Global Benchmarking

    Global Benchmarking

    In global benchmarking services, we compare the services of a provider with similar healthcare or other service providers operating from different countries. Some major hospitals employ us for this service to achieve a global benchmark and improve standards to the desired level since the operation standards are different in different countries.

Our Healthcare Benchmarking Process

We are a reputed healthcare benchmarking service provider and implement benchmarking process in a streamlined way consisting of the following steps -


01. Identify Data to be Benchmarked

We meet you to understand the benchmarking needs of your practice. The objective is to know everything about your practice, the kind of benchmarking you are seeking and for which particular department


02. Identify Benchmarking Competitors

Once we get an understanding of your benchmarking needs we draw the blueprint according to which we implement our services


03. Clean and Analyze Data

After we collect the data we cleanse it for gaps and inconsistencies. Once the unwanted elements are weeded out from the data we analyze the data with tools such as (R, Excel, Python, Rapid Miner, Looker, to get actionable insights


04. Measure Data Performance

In this stage, we compare the results of the analyzed data with the identified metrics. Based on this comparison we identify the loopholes in your process


05. Plan Implementation

While our reports come with recommended solutions, we also draw a final plan to help you implement the recommendations. The outlined plan is drawn based on well-defined goals and includes implementation guidelines to be executed in phases

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Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Benchmarking Services

As premier healthcare benchmarking services providing company, we offer several benefits to healthcare practices. These include -

  • Improve Quality at Reduced Costs

    Our experience in assisting several large and small practices sets the ideal benchmark that can be leveraged for guaranteed results. At the same, time being an offshore company, we provide benchmarking services at nearly half the market costs.

  • Improve Productive Hours

    With our benchmarking services, we plug the gaps and arrest the downward slide to turn things around in quick time. This assists practices to save hugely on productive hours and make operations efficient.

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction

    With improvement in quality due to accurate benchmarking, practices can see a remarkable improvement in satisfaction levels. Our services have helped our clients bring about all these changes and ensured increased satisfaction levels among patients.

  • Increase ROI

    Our high-quality healthcare data benchmarking practices have assisted our clients to keep first-level resolution rates high, and in the process increase cash flow for their practice.

  • Expert Data Benchmarking Analysts

    Our data analysts have an in-depth understanding of statistical methods and can present benchmarking results in perfect graphical representations. Our experts are supported by specializing in legal issues, library, search services, graphic design, etc.

  • Absolute Data Security

    As a reputed healthcare benchmarking service provider, we guarantee uncompromised security services to our clients. We ensure this with the help of robust security practices.

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Flatworld Solutions has over 2 decades of experience in providing healthcare benchmarking services to hospitals across the US. Benchmarking Data in Healthcare is fraught with challenges and our services have assisted several practices to make use of their as well as their competitor's data to improve their services. Our experts collect large sets of complex data from several accessible sources, analyze them to draw actionable insights from that data, and come to the right conclusions to improve processes like patient care, medical billing, accounts receivables, revenue cycle management, etc.

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