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Next generation computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI) has evolved beyond normal call center applications to advanced CATI Web Surveys and Call Center CRM Technology applications that are impacting the way market research data is collected. The quality and accuracy of the data collected can be measured and optimized through sophisticated call center CRM technology and this in turn enhances the quality of research results.

Flatworld gives you the advantage of turnkey CATI Web Surveys and Call Center CRM Technology solutions through a single, trusted, and reliable vendor. Our integrated solution for outsourcing telephone data collection uses Internet-based telephony technology and best-of-breed software for data collection.

CATI Web Surveys and CRM Technology for Effective Market Research

CATI market research involves interviewer-administered telephone surveying using a computer-based questionnaire.

Flatworld's CATI-generated market research has the power to transform business operations, enabling business heads to take timely decisions based on accurate market information. Read our case studies to find out more. With CATI Web Surveys and market research, you can -

  • Find out why customers leave/why they are dissatisfied
  • Stop potential "customer churn" or stem its tide
  • Find out where your brand stands in relation to competition
  • Contact high-value customers and professionals
  • Receive valuable feedback, which helps you to customize your product offerings for the future success of the brand

People, Processes, and Technology for Next-generation CATI Web Surveys and Call Center CRM Technology Market Research

The most sophisticated technology is only as good as the people who use it to produce results. Flatworld's systematic training of well-educated associates ensures the best returns on your investment when outsourcing CATI market research.

CATI Web Surveys and Call Center CRM Technology Training

The new recruits undergo two levels of training specific to CATI: one to enhance their understanding of marketing research at a general level; and one to focus on the details of the specific project at hand.

At Level I, they receive formal training in marketing research, gaining knowledge in general research and methodology. They are given an overview of survey research and taught different techniques for administering questions. They learn the role of a research associate and follow certain dos and don'ts for effectiveness in this role. They understand the importance of accuracy versus speed in data collection while building rapport with the interviewee.

At Level II, they receive project-specific training, which includes a thorough briefing on the context in which they will be working - the industry details, company profile and the business objectives of the client for whom the research is being done. They are also given training in administering the questions in the questionnaire, anticipating feedback, and answers. Continuous improvement is the goal.

Continuous Development of CATI Web Surveys and Call Center CRM Technology Associates

Our associates are continuously evaluated by live monitoring of their performance on projects, both by the Market Research Company as well as by our MR professionals.

Our analytics software enables rating of their performance as to how courteous, confident and prepared they are, how clearly they speak, the quality of their accent, their pronunciation, pace of delivery and so on. Interviewing techniques are also analyzed as to how the associates handle objections, screening, skip patterns, administer scales, probing - whether they read verbatim from the script or speak naturally, etc.

How Compatible is Our CATI System with Your Existing CRM Technology?

Flatworld's CATI software is already integrated with CRM infrastructure and technology and offers the advantages of -

  • Quota management
  • Predictive and distributed dialing
  • Call and screen recording
  • Real time monitoring

Our CATI software is compatible with proprietary CRM software and is seamlessly linked to IVR systems. It is developed for complex CRM applications and supports all question types e.g. randomization, piping, skip patterns, question routing, etc. if outsourcing CATI web surveys is your to-do list, you are on the right page.

Salient Features of Our CATI Services

  1. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide CATI services which include telephone interviews for product launches, healthcare practices, insurance companies and customer satisfaction surveys
  2. Our experience includes delivery of over 50,000 person hours of market research services over the past 4 years
  3. By reading some of the case studies on our website, you will see how we have helped companies with our timely, high-quality CATI services
  4. The CATI team at Flatworld Solutions consists of over 60 CATI professionals
  5. Data collection through interviews over the telephone is our primary service. Besides, we also prepare PowerPoint reports for our customers based on the data accumulated through our CATI services
  6. At Flatworld Solutions, we have a predictive dialing mechanism, which is unified with our CATI CRM application (developed in-house) to capture significant results
  7. We can work with questionnaires that are hosted online

Standard CATI software can also be plugged into the existing CRM backbone, such as WinCati by Sawtooth, CfMC or Quancept by SPSS. Flatworld can work with clients to implement any preferred CATI software and integrate it into the current infrastructure. Read more about our Call Center Outsourcing Service.

Advanced CATI Applications

Cost-effective CATI services from Flatworld enable -

  1. Integrated data collection methods through CATI, IVR (integrated voice response), the web and email to optimize response rates
  2. Advanced research design - The dynamic and real-time nature of the information gathering process along with the technology allows for flexibility and customization in research design. Custom specifications can include -
    • Sampling options such as RDD and list
    • Survey types such as B2B surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, tracking surveys, panel surveys
    • Call dispositions such as response rates, cooperation rates and refusal rates
  3. B2B interviewing and interviewing of professionals - Doctors, lawyers, businessmen and other professionals are busy people. CATI systems can gather data on the best times to contact them and gain valuable feedback
  4. CRM and customer satisfaction studies - Flatworld conducts CATI web surveys and online research for Customer Relationship Measurement (CRM), customer satisfaction and monitoring surveys, competitive benchmarking, competitive intelligence and competitor analysis. Our CATI data collection services included syndicated research and custom market studies in their scope
  5. Healthcare Research - CATI online data collection technologies enable the generation of timely and relevant data at a reasonable cost. This data can be collected directly and inexpensively from large, representative samples of patients and consumers. This helps the monitoring and real-time assessment of healthcare programs with regard to the quality of healthcare, access to care and health status, and other aspects that affect health outcomes

Outsource data collection for market research through Flatworld's CATI web surveys. Contact us now.

Infrastructure and Technology for CATI

Flatworld offers unique CATI advantages with the latest CRM infrastructure and technology.

  1. Valuable data capture with 98% Digital voice and CATI screen recording
  2. Transparency and 98% visibility into CATI processes - a built-in compliance and quality check
  3. Remote performance monitoring: The client has access to the process and to the data through a secure VPN, giving him 'view-in' and 'listen-in' control
  4. Detailed real-time reporting keeps management and client up to date with events as they occur. Escalations can be tackled proactively to prevent future problems
  5. Audit and data integrity: Flatworld assures a high degree of data security with BS 7799-compliant security systems

Our State-of-the-art Infrastructure

  • Cisco PIX 515E Firewall in Fail-over mode
  • 3DES support for secure VPN communication
  • VLAN based network (for different groups, processes, servers, etc.)
  • Data Access based on Layer 3 access lists for communication across VLANs
  • Restricted Internet Access based on Domain Authentication
  • Logging of Internet Access at user level
  • No Mail and Internet access at Agent's desktops (unless required by client)
  • Profile based Desktop access, which allows access to only required minimum applications. No data storage access at local machines
  • Centralized server based storage
  • File system access policy based on user authentication
  • McAfee Enterprise suite for Virus prevention and cure
  • Veritas Backup Exec Suite with Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option for speedy recovery

Discover some of the Flatworld Success Stories in CATI Services.

Contact Flatworld to outsource CATI web surveys and get in touch with us to know more about the call center CRM technology we use for market research.

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