Outsource Benchmarking Analytics Services

Benchmarking Analytics Services

Acquire actionable insights, accelerate your business growth, and gain an advantage over your competitors at prices starting at $14/hour

Every CEO, business owner, or entrepreneur has a unique ambition to elevate their business. Although most businesses have clarity about their financial performance, they rarely have sufficient data on their performance in comparison with others in the industry. Deriving comparisons allows assessing your processes and performance measures against leading practices. It then helps you establish internal goals, highlight market opportunities, and recognize competitor weaknesses. Failure to recognize distinctions amongst yourself and your competitors can result in the loss of client base, shareholders, or employees.

Strong benchmarking analytics boosts growth and competitiveness, but many organizations fail to develop and manage strong analytics benchmarking capabilities. In such a case, you should find an expert benchmarking analytics services company like Flatworld Solutions (FWS). Analytics benchmarking is a data-driven process by which we help our clients understand their capabilities in definite and competitive terms. We help our clients identify their competitive edge and maximize their returns on investments by suggesting which resources they should adopt when and how.

Our Benchmarking Analytics Services

FWS is a benchmarking analytics services company that offers a company's performance insights by comparing and evaluating data from similar establishments. We help uncover improvement opportunities and analyze key performance metrics to save costs and increase the effectiveness of your business processes, working capital, and internal controls. Our benchmarking analytics is highly scalable and can be tailored to your specific industrial sector, and as per your size and location. All comparable data is procured from an independent and high-quality database of financial and operational metrics owned by a leading third-party benchmarking analytics service provider. We not only compare data but also interpret it to your potential benefit.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team at FWS gathers data from over 20 different metrics to -

  • Conduct the benchmarking analysis.
  • Draft the benchmarking analytics report.
  • Analyze the report- It includes observations, discoveries, and a detailed list of all metrics used.
  • Suggest suitable measures to turn these numbers into real insights that can help strengthen your business.

We conduct a series of surveys to benchmark our client's capabilities in the following areas - Enterprise data strategies, master data management (MDM), data quality management (DQM), data governance, cloud analytics, AI capabilities, investment models, data and analytics organizational structures, analytics technologies, and data security.

We understand your current state and identify relevant opportunities to drive growth by analyzing whether your IT spending is aligned with your performance and value goals. We also understand the market competitiveness of your service contracts and provide necessary market insights for contract renegotiations, if any. To help achieve this, we offer -

  1. Internal Operations Benchmarks

    Internal Operations Benchmarks
    • IT and Budget Baseline - We offer cost control strategies and focus on value creation via employee productivity, customer retention, and competitive advantage.

    • New-CIO Baseline - We provide a new CIO baseline to understand and identify your focus areas and provide ways to measure the impact of your strategies.

    • Applications Cost, Staffing, and Productivity - By assessing the productivity and cost-efficiency of your applications, we enable you to demonstrate the value of IT spending and prioritize future spending.

    • Infrastructure Cost and Staffing Efficiency - We understand and compare the performance of your IT network, storage, and infrastructure and offer cost optimization opportunities for your business.

    • Security Risk, Maturity, and Spending - We assess the efficacy of your security budgets and execution to regulate the investments/initiatives that are essential to achieve acceptable risk tolerance even in the future.

    • Customer Satisfaction - We measure IT efficiency and effectiveness by evaluating end-user satisfaction with IT services. We allow you to prioritize efforts and optimally use your resources to improve future satisfaction levels.

  2. Market Perspective Benchmarks

    Market Perspective Benchmarks
    • Market Price Baseline - We provide valuable insights into operational efficiencies for your business. We offer cost reduction strategies by understanding the competitive market price ranges for your services, thereby, effectively showcasing the value of IT to your business.

    • Contract Price Competitiveness - Attain the best value and efficiencies from an outsource benchmarking analytics services providing company like us. We carefully assess the price competitiveness of a provider's contract against its peers in the industry.

    • Service Catalogue Rates - We help you to make informed decisions about cost efficiencies by ensuring that chargeback unit prices match up to the market and other internal providers.

    • Market Cloud Baseline - We analyze the market maturity for cloud solutions and ensure marketable competitiveness for your business.

    • Business Effectiveness - We identify appropriate breakthroughs to align the IT organization with the enterprise to optimize value and results for your business.

Our Benchmarking Analytics Service Process

Our benchmarking reports identify tangible steps to design an action plan. We provide suitable recommendations and set out an implementation plan for your business. Our process combines data from digital sources and interviews. Data is entered into our repository and is analyzed with the peer companies/leaders within and across industries. For a business or an IT function, we provide you with a customized report within 5 to 6 weeks.

Outputs from the benchmarking report are used to form up a vision that is based upon strategic priorities, ROI to develop a roadmap for your business. The detailed process flow includes -


01. Kick-off Connect

A 60-minute workshop that covers your benchmarking objectives, benchmarking respondent identification, and establishing key contacts


02. Benchmarking Survey Design

Benchmarking survey is administered to the identified stakeholders for IT areas that cover cloud, analytics, digital, and security. The survey is administered via email or in-person/zoom calls and the responses are collected through CAWI or CATI approach


03. Execution and Analysis

A 60-minute call that covers interviews and questionnaire-based data collection from CIO, cloud analytics, digital, and security leaders as applicable


04. Benchmarking Report

The benchmark report walkthrough is conducted in person for the sponsor and the team. It includes observations, key benchmark findings and highlights areas of excellence and improvement. The report also includes a list of all metrics used as part of the benchmarking analysis. We then invite you to have a deeper conversation with us about how we can turn these numbers into real insight that can help strengthen your business. By looking at the output report, you also get a better understanding of how your company compares with its peers in key measures. We also provide you with opportunities to improve the effectiveness of specific business processes including your existing internal controls framework


05. Portfolio Analysis and Strategy Development

We provide a detailed report and anonymized data to your strategy/roadmap development team for implementing an effective action plan for your business. Our benchmarking team is available for further support and discussions 24/7 for you

Industries We Cater To

As industries converge, they create new value and opportunities for business. Benchmarking in analytics helps gain insights into your business. We help organizations identify and capitalize on these new opportunities. We offer benchmarking analytics services to the following industries -

Media and EntertainmentMedia & Entertainment
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Software DevelopmentSoftware Development
Human ResourcesHuman Resource
Tax and InsuranceInsurance and Tax
Supply chain and OperationsSupply chain and

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Benchmarking Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions

Navigating through the fast-changing business environment requires agility and fresh thinking. We at FWS reinvent how we work, live, and play and try our best to provide top-class benchmarking analytics services to our clients. Here's why you should choose to outsource benchmarking analytics services to FWS -

  • Reduced Costs

    While performing the benchmarking analytics, our audit team works with other FWS professionals whenever required. Hence, reducing the time impact on you and your staff while at the same time saving costs. Simultaneously, we aim to build on and improve the understanding of your business to provide you with quantifiable data and objective insights to help strengthen your business.

  • Team of Experts

    As your external auditor, the FWS audit team members already have a great understanding of your process, reporting needs as well as operating environment.

  • ISO Certified for Quality and Security

    We are an ISO 9001-2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited benchmarking analytics services providing company. We provide the best quality benchmarking analytics services to our clients by paying careful attention to the quality of our deliverables. Our approach to continual improvement is made possible by our specialists who are trained to meet quality standards for your business.

  • Data Protection

    Data about how we collect and use data with a detailed description of the individual rights are available under data protection legislation at FWS. To know more go to fws.com/privacy.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach

    Our team uses a multidisciplinary approach and works across all geographies. They are high-impact professionals who bring an extensive range of knowledge and practical experience. Our team possesses multiple-year track records of working together with many other private enterprises.

  • Distinct Insights

    Our team always tries its best to understand your expectations and the scope of your services. Based on that experience, our team can suggest a good time to conduct the benchmarking analytics, for example, when your audit team is performing the interim audit procedures.

  • Dedicated Team

    Our professionals possess the required experience and are passionate to support your business and unlock the full potential of your high ambitions. FWS offers distinct insights that come from a long history of working with business owners and entrepreneurs. We support a wide spectrum of private enterprises, portfolio businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs as well as family businesses and offices.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We allow for discussions about the details of your organization's benchmarking analytics anytime.

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Outsource Benchmarking Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions


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FWS is a global benchmarking analytics service provider. The insights and quality services we deliver help businesses build confidence and trust in the capital markets and economies in the world. We fulfill our promises made to all our stakeholders with the help of our outstanding leaders. We have worked with numerous clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals across all sectors and industries in over 124 countries to meet their challenges. We are world leaders in recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs to market their ideas through our tailored services and programs. Our benchmarking analytics services are powered by over 1 million data points that include our primary research and data collection capabilities. With access to world-class talent, infrastructure, software, and technology, we quickly gather data to address industry-specific needs.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient, benchmarking analytics services company, contact us now to get a demo and free quote.

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