Financial Research and Analysis

There is no better indicator of the health of your company or that of your competitors than finances. Financial data, when properly researched, can reveal a number of important factors such as the recent successes and failures of a company, opportunities for risk reduction and development of new products and services based on current market trends. When used properly, carefully prepared financial research can help your company make precise, potentially game changing decisions.

The true value of financial research is that it can be used not only to better understand the recent decisions and actions of your business, but the position of your competitors in relation to yours. You can better understand the financial and operational drivers of your business, the economics of the industry (and your competitors) and the drivers behind the business behaviors of your competitors.

For all of your financial analysis and research needs, contact Flatworld Solutions, a leading provider of in-depth financial reporting for major companies around the globe. Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of the process and can help you obtain the data needed to make profound decisions in your business.

Reports and Analysis Offered By Flatworld Solutions

To ensure you and your company have the best data available we offer a number of comprehensive reporting services including company profiling, sector analysis, briefing packs, analyst commentary on research reports, pitch books for investment opportunities, comparable company analysis both in your market and in emerging markets, precedent M&A transaction analysis, financial modeling for both developing and updating systems and credit risk reports.

Our full range of services including Business Valuation Services are customizable to the specific needs of your firm, so contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

Methods Employed in Our Financial Research

We use the following research methodology to provide the most accurate results possible for your company:

  • Equity Research: We can provide in-depth analysis of equity claims on competitors, your business and other major players in the industry, along with opportunity analysis within the field
  • Investment Banking Research: Investment firms need data on a number of key points, from risk analysis of potential investments to long term historical analysis. We can do it all to ensure your decisions are made with every piece of data in hand
  • Credit Research: We can research the credit history and availability of your company as well as help you find the best rates and repayment opportunities to minimize what you owe while maximizing available cash
  • Retail Brokerage Research: We offer comprehensive retail brokerage research services for businesses of all sizes, ensuring you have the data needed before expansion or alteration of your business
  • Derivatives Offshoring: If you work with derivatives or need data gathered about derivatives for your business or that of a client, we offer full research of derivative offshoring opportunities
  • Quantitative Analysis: Hard numbers are vital to ensure you know exactly how key factors in your industry affect your bottom line. We can perform this quantitative analysis on a wide range of factors, including those we research directly
  • Private Wealth Management: We offer a number of services to augment private wealth management for you or your clients, including research of potential investments, historical analysis and more
  • Retail Risk Analytics: Before making any decisions in retail, ensure you have all the information you need to gauge and determine the exact risk you will face

Whatever your financial research needs, contact the experts of Flatworld Solutions today and find out why we are a trusted member of the international data analysis and reporting community.



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