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For any research and analysis project, one of the key objectives is accurate dissemination of data into usable information that can aid in making informed business decisions. For research projects that have a relatively smaller scope, manual interpretation of data might be the most cost -effective method.

However, for larger research projects that require in-depth data analysis of complex data relationships, manual analysis is not sufficient. That is where statistical and data analytical software tools such as SAAS, Excel, SPSS and R help researchers to derive meaning out of the complex data models.

Research and Analysis Software We Use

The research team at Flatworld Solutions has in-depth experience in using SPSS, SAS, R and Microsoft Excel amongst other software. By using these tools our researchers are able to accurately create anything from simple data reports to complex models that precisely depict the behavior between various data points to be measured in a research project. The following diagram showcases how we leverage different research software in our research and analysis projects:

Microsoft Excel

  • Data collection
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting
  • Data deduplication


  • Descriptive statistics
  • Bivariate statistics
  • Linear regression
  • Predictive analysis


  • Open source & free tool
  • Time series analysis
  • Linear & non-linear modeling
  • Data classification


  • Business Intelligence
  • Data management
  • Predictive analytics
  • Big data analysis


SPSS is a popular and widely used statistical analysis tool. It combines all the elements required in a research analysis project, right from data collection and analysis, to reporting. Flatworld Solutions' expertise in SPSS includes:

  • Predictive Analytics: With SPSS, we can conducted analysis such as, Factor Analysis, Two Step Cluster Analysis, K-means Cluster Analysis, Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Linear Regression, Ordinal regression and Principal Components Analysis
  • Descriptive Statistics: SPSS is used to carry out Cross tabulations, Frequencies, Descriptive, and Descriptive ratio statistics, amongst others
  • Bivariate Statistical Analysis: The SPSS software is also used to perform Mean Deviations, T-tests, A/B tests, ANOVA and Correlation (Bivariate, Partial, Distances and Non-parametric tests)

2. SAS

SAS is advanced analytics software developed by the SAS institute. It is used for advanced research requirements such as predictive modeling, developing business intelligence reports and large data analysis. For beginners, a GUI is provided for entering and analyzing data, while for advanced users, a SAS programming language is used. SAS is one of the major market shareholders for advanced analytics.

3. Microsoft Excel

This nifty tool is the weapon of choice for both simple and complex research analysis projects. From data collection, to report building and statistical analysis, Microsoft Excel is perhaps the easiest, cheapest, and the most accessible tool available to research analysts globally. Based on the nature of your research requirement, we can develop custom macros that perform a variety of accurate statistical tests.

4. R

R is an open-source statistical analysis tool that is based on similar software developed by Bell Labs. It is multi-platform software that can be easily integrated with popular scripting languages.

Why Use High-End Research Software?

Analytics software or research tools usage ensures that effective insights are derived through data dissemination and analysis, which will ultimately help businesses, make effective decisions. At Flatworld Solutions, we utilize the very best in research software to help our customers:

1. Increase business growth

  • Gain insights into market and customer data
  • Explore new product opportunities

2. Check cost

3. Enhance revenue and minimize risk

  • Develop revenue bearing opportunities through complex analysis
  • Develop governance models and risk compliance initiatives

Team at Flatworld is adept and skilled at using the latest research and analysis software to bring out the best in research for your business. If you want to know more about our range of research services, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer your queries.

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