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Quantitative Data Analysis Services

Outsource quantitative data analysis services to arrive at crucial conclusions with accuracy and precision at prices starting at just $14/hour

When you spend your precious time in collecting data and having a huge database, the only operation that renders it proper meaning and makes sense out of it is quantitative data analysis. The quantitative data analysis process involves the transformation of raw numbers into meaningful data using different tools and techniques. Are you not well-versed in the various statistical quantitative data analysis techniques? Learning these techniques and mastering them for error-free calculations can be beyond time-consuming. This is why the best alternative for you is to outsource quantitative data analysis services to a professional company like Flatworld Solutions.

Flatworld Solutions is a reliable quantitative data analysis service providing company that has worked with thousands of clients to support their business and market research and individuals who intend to complete their dissertations to arrive at a meaningful judgment. We are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to interpret figures in different ways with careful judgment, and our quantitative data analysis methods yield unerring results. When you work with us, you can lay all your focus on the other aspects of your research while we provide complete data analysis solutions.

Quantitative Data Analysis Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions works with a large team of statistical consultants and professionals with adequate training and experience. We can be your one-stop solution for all your quantitative research analysis and statistical data analysis requirements. Following are the solutions that we offer when you opt for our quantitative data analysis services -

  1. Data Entry Market Research

    Data Entry Market Research

    Data entry is one of the most crucial tasks that demands complete focus and diligence. When data entry goes wrong, it impacts the results of the research. Our team carries out data entry carefully and runs rechecks to ensure the data entered is completely accurate. We enter the data in different types of software from SPSS to excel spreadsheets and Microsoft access.

  2. Mixed Data Analysis Market Research

    Mixed Data Analysis Market Research

    If your data demands both qualitative and quantitative analysis, we are here to perform mixed data analysis to meet all your requirements. We take up both chronological and sequential data analysis as per your needs. While chronological analysis means carrying out quantitative and qualitative analysis concurrently, the qualitative analysis precedes in the sequential analysis, which is then followed by quantitative analysis.

  3. Statistical Data Analysis Market Research

    Statistical Data Analysis Market Research

    We are adept at performing data analyses using different statistical methods like correlation method, multiple regression, chi-square, ANOVA, MANOVA, SEM, among many others. We use a range of statistical tools like SPSS, STATA, EQS, AMOS, NVivo, SAS, and many more as per your requirements and the data set.

  4. Table/Chart Placement

    Table/Chart Placement

    One of the ways of representing data to make it more comprehensive is through graphical representation. We can help in tabulation and graphical representation of your data through bar graphs or histograms, pie charts, ogive, etc. for better analysis and drawing inferences for your study.

  5. Result and Summary

    Result and Summary

    We also assist you in summarizing the data and deriving the results out of it based on the statistical tests that we use. While our team has exceptional statistical skills, we are also proficient in interpreting the data and communicating the summary with our clients.

  6. Consultation and Assistance

    Consultation and Assistance

    If you require support or assistance in performing statistical analysis on your data for your study, we can also help you by providing quantitative data analysis solutions and consultations.

Our Quantitative Data Analysis Process

As a professional quantitative data analysis company, we believe in having complete control over the quality of our services. Our well-planned quantitative data analysis process gives us this control and helps us offer infallible and precise services. Here are the steps that we follow to offer you the highest quality quantitative data analysis services -


01. Receive Data

When you reach out to us with your data, we communicate with you to understand your requirements. We define the scope of the project based on your requirements, define the deliverables, and seek your approval. We then receive your data via a secure FTP channel


02. Data Review

The raw data that you send is reviewed to check for correctness and, in case there is any inconsistency, we reach you for clarification. Once the data review is completed, we move on to the next stage of our quantitative data analysis process


03. Analysis Strategy

After studying the data, we develop an analysis strategy, decide on the team of analysts for your project, and identify the statistical methods and software that would be best suited for your study


04. Data Cleaning

This is followed by the cleaning of the data and arranging them such that the dataset is ready to be analyzed after applying the decided statistical technique


05. Statistical Analysis

We use the appropriate statistical software, enter the data on the software, and apply the statistical technique


06. Data Analysis Drafting

The results after applying the statistical technique is drafted and we draw inferences and interpret your data


07. Revisions and Changes

We send the first draft of the data results, tabulations, interpretations, and analysis for you to check. Any feedback and changes that you suggest are implemented


08. Delivery

After making all the required changes and ensuring the data, results, and summary are accurate and free of errors, we send you the final draft via a secure FTP channel

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For Quantitative Data Analysis Services?

From following the best practices to offer data analysis in the quantitative research process to ensure complete transparency, Flatworld Solutions is among the top quantitative data analysis service providers in the industry. When you partner with us, following are the benefits that our services bring to the table -

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    Our quantitative data analysis services come at the most affordable prices in the industry. We assess your requirements and the nature of the research to come up with cost estimates. That way, you only pay for the services that you opt for, nothing more.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    We are equipped with all the latest software to perform different quantitative data analysis techniques with accuracy and precision. Our team of statistical experts is well-versed in using the software and we keep upgrading the tools to keep up with the changing times.

  • Quality Assurance

    When you work with the best quantitative data analysis company in the industry that is ISO certified, you don't have to worry about quality at all. Our processes and methodologies strictly adhere to the industry-grade quality standards, so you can stay confident about the quality of our services.

  • Data Security

    We understand that you completely trust us when you share your data with us. We comply with the international standards of data security to uphold your trust and ensure there is no data breach.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a project manager to each of our projects so that you get undivided attention whenever you have a query or need to inquire about the progress of the project. This helps keep confusion at bay and makes way for efficient communication.

  • Quick TAT

    With a team of highly-skilled analysts and all the agile tools and technologies that we put to use for your project, we ensure quick turnaround times so that you can wrap up your research work in time.

  • 24/7 Support

    We provide round-the-clock assistance in case you need any clarification about our services. You can reach us anytime irrespective of your time zone or what part of the globe you're from. We're just a call, email, or text away and will get back to you in no time.

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Outsource Quantitative Data Analysis Services To Flatworld Solutions


I'm thoroughly impressed with your work over these past few months; the QA has also been superb. Thank you for your excellent communication, flexibility, and patience throughout the project!

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While quantitative data analysis services are an indispensable part of the research that demands statistical techniques to reach precise conclusions, it takes a nanosecond to make a grand mistake when you enter even a single wrong digit. Since quantitative data analysis techniques demand a high level of diligent and careful review, it is always recommended to work with a professional quantitative data analysis service provider for the most accurate results so that your research or study and all your efforts don't go in vain.

Flatworld Solutions has been providing these services for decades with perfection. Our team of experts not only perform statistical quantitative analyses with due diligence but also carry out the whole process at great speed and precision to ensure the outcome is nothing but perfection.

Contact us now if you're looking for the most precise quantitative data analysis services at pocket-friendly rates.

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