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Marketing Questionnaire Design Services

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Researchers today are faced with a vast amount of customer data and need to spend a lot of time before understanding specific markets, consumer behavior patterns, market trends and other relevant variables which form a part of primary research data. Today, appropriate measurement scales are not a guarantee in themselves that relevant data will be collected. As a result, understanding the basics of market questionnaire designing is extremely important for researchers to collect the right data.

At Flatworld, our marketing questionnaire design services channel your researchers to ask the most relevant questions while returning accurate primary data for better business analytics. With more than 15 of years of experience, we can help you run multichannel campaigns across nations, reconnect with a dwindling user base, acquire new customers, or plan a successful new product launch while understanding the market behavior behind it. With our help, you can then go on to boost your response rates for surveys, minimize errors, and remove biases thereby increasing the quality of data and decision making the process.

Our Marketing Questionnaire Design Services

Incomplete and inaccurate interviews or surveys are not good for useful insights and therefore researchers have to strive and reduce respondent disengagement so as to receive a complete set of data. A well-designed questionnaire created by our market research experts is the best way to get started and leverage all that our survey design services have to offer.

Our marketing questionnaire design services include -

Business Research

1. Business Research
As your marketing questionnaire design service provider, we begin by understanding the nature of your business, the necessity for evaluation, and what factors affect your bottom-line. We can work on business research questionnaires on multiple topics, technology trends, and industries, providing you with key business insights that can help you change your game as per market demands.

Academic Research

2. Academic Research
Our academic survey questionnaire design services are designed from the ground up keeping the needs of educators, teachers, educational institutes, and students in mind. Academic research is extremely important in order to keep up with the changing needs of the industry, and we help design the entire research as per your requirements. We develop subject-wise questionnaires while keeping in mind variables such as demographics, ethnicity, zip codes, etc.

Customer Research

3. Customer Research
Customers today are extremely volatile in their likes and dislikes and have multiple spending patterns across countries and geographies. Our professional questionnaire design services help our clients study customers across the world or in a particular region of their choice. Our marketing questionnaire design varies from client to client and is based upon the customers you want to research and target through your products and services. We can collect feedback, get inputs into how your new products are accepted by the masses, perform customer awareness surveys, etc.

Market Research

4. Market Research
Our market research survey experts help to design a questionnaire which caters to your requirements while providing an in-depth understanding of all the data touch points which are relevant for you and the market you want to get into. With our impeccable market questionnaire designing, you can be rest assured that all your inquiries related to potential targets and investments stay relevant and receive to-the-point answers.

Advanced Analytics

5. Advanced Analytics
As part of our diverse range of marketing questionnaire design services, we also help researchers and scholars to design questionnaires which suit their exact requirements. We work with our clients to provide advanced analytical inputs based upon our experience in working with other similar clients and therefore enabling them to work on a questionnaire uniquely suited to them.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

6. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Have you ever wondered what the Top-of-mind recollection is for your brand amongst your consumers? Our customer satisfaction surveys help you gauge how happy customers are with your brand, your products, or your services while helping you collect valuable feedback. Our well-designed surveys can help you achieve better customer satisfaction ratings as well.

Product Packaging Surveys

7. Product Packaging Surveys
Getting the packaging right is extremely crucial especially since more than 70% of the consumers decide to make impulse purchases based on packaging alone. We can support you with designing the correct survey for your product packaging, thereby ensuring the colors, material, and the content actually resonate with your target market.

Brand Equity Surveys

8. Brand Equity Surveys
How much is your brand worth in the eyes of your customers? Do they blindly prefer your brand over similar, cheaper ones just because they prefer your brand? How do customers react to your positioning and slogans? All these and more can be easily answered when you outsource marketing questionnaire design services to Flatworld.

Advertising Effectiveness Surveys

9. Advertising Effectiveness Surveys
It is not easy to get advertisements correct. What works for a particular region or TG might never work at another place or for multiple TG's. We can help you find our voice and target your customers better with our advertising effectiveness surveys. From the tone to the mood-board, colors, language, people, storyline, etc. we can help you understand what your customers prefer more, and work around it.

Conjoint Choice-based Survey Design

10. Conjoint Choice-based Survey Design
Conjoint Analysis is a survey method used to assess the multiple contributory aspects of your products and services which help in enabling your customers to make purchasing decisions. Our well-designed marketing surveys leverage statistical analysis to work out how consumers will react to new products while helping you understand the nature of your target market better.

Our Market Questionnaire Designing Process

Our approach towards designing the perfect questionnaire for our clients lies in us understanding the client requirements and the customer's needs. Our team of experts spend time understanding the nature of your business and how generic consumers react to it, and then further extrapolate on the data while keeping modern trends in mind for better results. Our multi-stage questionnaire design process includes the following steps -

Project Kick-off  

01. Project Kick-off

Each project comes with its own set of expectations and challenges, and therefore the most important step for us is requirement gathering, where we sit with our clients to understand their business objectives, their goals, and the reason why they want the questionnaire to be designed.

Thereafter, we finalize the survey methods which we will leverage before proceeding forward to the next step.

Designing the Questionnaire  

02. Designing the Questionnaire

Our team of survey experts designs a sample questionnaire while keeping your requirements in mind which is then shared with you. At this stage, it is important that our clients understand the scope of the questions with the help of demo answers that we provide so as to cover expected human responses.

Thereafter we perform a protocol analysis where a respondent is asked to think aloud while going through the questionnaire and answering it, an important step in understanding customers.

Survey Review  

03. Survey Review

During this step, we review the questionnaire with the client in order to understand if it meets their requirements or not and whether a clear objective is achieved which is in sync with their expectations. This phase also involved quality checks, grammatical correction, and language translation if required.

Survey and Questionnaire Delivery  

04. Survey and Questionnaire Delivery

Once we have finalized the questionnaire with our clients, we optimize the length and format for better results. At this stage we deliver the final questionnaire to you, or if so required, can also help set up polling with people who fit your TG (age, income group, etc.)

Why Choose FWS for Marketing Questionnaire Design Services?

With the help of our impeccable marketing survey design services, we help businesses, marketers, NGO's, researchers, and other organizations gain a better understanding of consumers and their needs while yielding maximum response rates which are accurate and completely usable for statistical analysis. Our service spectrum covers a wide variety of objectives to help your modern requirements, such as -

  • Identifying the exact TG, the market, and overall research objectives
  • Effective, short, and easy to understand questionnaire content
  • Continuous improvement of questionnaire design and response wording
  • Correct question order and layout which syncs well with the users' requirements
  • Leveraging new age methods such as simple graphics which engage the audience and keep them from getting bored
  • Choosing the appropriate format for the questionnaire for timely statistical analysis of the data

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Professional Questionnaire Design Services To Flatworld Solutions

We have more than 20 years of experience in designing questionnaires for our clients, & our in-depth domain expertise helps deliver accurate, timely, & correct responses to your important surveys within due time. Whether you are an FMCG company, a multinational bank, insurance agency, etc. our services are ideal for you & your requirements. Partnering with us has the following benefits -

  • Accurate, timely, and valuable responses are our hallmark and can help you reach conclusions faster
  • A significant boost to your questionnaire response rates
  • Well-trained market research professionals who design the survey as per your requirements while understanding the nature of your business
  • An incredibly cost-effective service delivered within a flexible pricing model which ensures your budget always remains in check
  • Reduced drop-rates for your survey and more complete, honest responses
  • Strict NDA's which assure your information is not shared with anybody else
  • Quick TATs which work in your favor especially when you need a survey to go right away!

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