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Are you striving for effective marketing and business development plans? Are you looking to expand your business and achieve success in today's competitive market? Then Offshore Outsourcing Research is what you need. Welcome to a world with the answers you are looking for. Welcome to Flatworld Solutions.

We offer comprehensive Research and Analysis services that will deliver vital information like:

  • Your customers' needs and motivations
  • Data necessary for you to make clever decisions on product development, product launch and marketing
  • A clear understanding of your market position and ideas to maintain or gain market share
  • Informed decision-making that will lead to effective or improved organizational performance
  • Step up on customer relationship and loyalty

Qualitative Research

Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews

Our qualitative research provides an insight into the motivations, thoughts and requirements of your existing customers and prospective ones. It offers a more personal interaction with customers and provides a platform to delve into complex and subjective topics.

Through OOR, you will be able to determine product perception and buying preferences, and also get reactions on campaigns and product development ideas. Offshore outsourcing research will help you get into the market and arrive at decisions with an insider's perspective.

Be an Insider. Contact us now.

Quantitative Research

Our Quantitative Research will provide you with data and enough detail to make sound and wise marketing and management decisions. Our intellectual resources will not only gather the data for you, but will also analyze and interpret it. Through this, your approach will be focused and your business set soaring in the right direction.

Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Your Competition - The What Why and How

Benchmarking is a tool that helps businesses learn from others. Therefore, everyone needs it to improve existing internal systems. If you are in business and have competitors, you need Competitive Intelligence. In the current global scenario, increasing competition has made businesses susceptible to failure and the best way to stay competitive and succeed is to be one-up on competition! Read More.

Offshore outsourcing research will additionally help you determine your goals, design an effective survey tool, poll the target audience and analyze those results for further action. Get into action now. Contact us for a quick quote.

What we offer when you begin offshore outsourcing research with us:

  • Measure product awareness - its benefits and usage
  • Check customer satisfaction
  • Product launch and positioning
  • Product development

Research & Analytics

  • Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Mortgage

Related Services

Secondary Research

This type of research is a great way to gain a perspective and deeper insight into market trends, product penetration, competitors and market share. We can review and analyze already published research, industry data, competitors' marketing tools and tactics.

Our flawless knowledge and wide experience in the market helps produce speedy, comprehensive and cost-effective research. For secondary research, contact us now.

Database Services

Mail less, increase your response and what's more you can decrease your cost per response.

Avoid excessive printing and postage costs by removing duplicates from your files.

We can provide you with list suppression processing to remove those organizations and individuals who have either requested not to be on the additional mail list or those whom we would categorize as poor prospects.

Offshore outsourcing research will improve your sales efficiency and ensure accuracy of your mailing, compare your in-house database to our database, correct errors such as names, addresses, and status of organization and update job titles. Contact us now.


The invaluable information in your customer database is all you need for targeted, high performance sales and marketing plans. We help you identify and utilize this information to optimize your performance. We analyze your sales channels and territory positioning. Our in-depth analysis will guide you to make the most strategic plans.

Offshore outsourcing research will look into key geographic and demographic characteristics of your customer base and determine which segments perform the best. Sales and marketing strategies can be customized to these high performance segments.

We compare your response files with your mail files to determine the response rate of your mail campaigns so that you are aware of why something is or isn’t successful. Future mailing lists can be refined based on these findings. The mails can be tailor made according to key characteristics of respondents and likely respondents.

Dodge all pitfalls, understand your position in the market, create strategic and smart marketing plans and develop unmatched sales campaigns. Develop the right approach and reach the high end on your annual sales graph. Offshore outsourcing research has never known such great insight, tremendous foresight and incomparable delivery.

For business like never before, outsource to Flatworld.

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