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At just $14/hour nothing beats the efficiency of a brand research partner like us. We can bring you everything you need to know about your customer to increase sales

In today's competitive market space, it's is important to understand the marketplace. So, are you having the information about your customers at your fingertips? If no, you must outsource brand research services to professionals who can perform research on your behalf. It helps you comprehend what it takes to set your business apart from the competition and build visibility and subsequent advantages in the marketplace.

As reputed brand research providing company, Flatworld Solutions' brand research services can help you take the guesswork out of the decision-making process and ensure there is a proper understanding of differentiators that matter most to your clients or the services they would like to have. In other words, our services give a proper direction to your strategies and ensure there is always consensus in the way you tackle emerging challenges.

Brand Research Services We Offer

As a trusted brand research agency, we bank on four research methods to help firms understand how to understand their brand. These include -

  1. Building Brand Through Informal or Unstructured Interviews

    Building Brand Through Informal or Unstructured Interviews

    This is the most common type of research in which we try to understand customers and their expectations on behalf of firms. These interviews are often carried out by internal team members in a random manner after identifying the target audience. This approach can be effective only if respondents are not guarded and are most effective when it is undertaken to understand the B2C market.

  2. Understanding Brand Building by Talking to Focus Groups

    Understanding Brand Building by Talking to Focus Groups

    In this type of research, we try to assemble a useful focus group and try to understand their expectations in order to comprehend market requirements. This is a time taking process as organizing a focus group requires targeting and convincing. However, the results of such research are very fruitful as they give insights into the expert understanding of the market.

  3. Understanding Brand Building Through Online Surveys

    Understanding Brand Building Through Online Surveys

    An online survey has emerged as the most effective and reliable way of building brands throughout the world. It has gained popularity because it is least expensive and time-taking. Also, it is very effective because it can reach a geographically diverse audience. It is most trusted because it facilitates anonymity so respondents are less timid in providing answers. We have experience in carrying out online customer satisfaction surveys, customer expectation surveys, etc.

  4. Building Brand Concept through Structured Interviews

    Building Brand Concept through Structured Interviews

    With this type of survey, we get in touch with the target audience through a one-to-one talk over the phone. The talk is carried out with the help of a structured questionnaire designed to get under the skin of the customer psyche. We have carried out this form of brand research service to develop sophisticated insights. It is arguably the most effective way of understanding the market because it reinforces confidentiality and inspires candid responses.

Brand Research Process We Follow

If you treat your market research as an ongoing exercise that you do periodically, you'll find that you'll have a lot of data to be able to analyze your customers and establish any trends. Staying ahead in business is often about being the first, being the best or doing something that no-one else has thought about. Our process is as follows -


01. Requirement Analysis

We sit with you to understand your business requirements. This meet helps us understand what your business value proposition is and how you would want to take your services to the target audience, what perceptions you would want your prospects to have, and how you want to change existing perception on competitors.


02. Identify Audience & Interactions

If you are a new entrant, we help you identify your target audience. In case you already have a market presence, we help you understand how your audience is interacting with your brand. This includes your past, existing and prospective clients who have heard about you but have not used your service.


03. Get to know Customer Stories

This service is an extension of the interaction with your target audience. We conduct face to face on-field interviews, telephone interviews, online surveys, social platform comments, etc. Every answer is followed by another probing question in order to get to the crux of their thoughts. This exercise is executed by experts with experience and understanding of the customer psyche.


04. Build the Action Plan

With the help of insights, we develop an action plan needed for building or refurbishing the brand image. For clients with a market presence, we collect all the improvement points and prioritize them as actions that need to be taken. The actions are mapped to a specific goal with well-defined metrics.


05. Implement the Action Plan

After the plan is built, we assign it to a handpicked team to implement it at ground level. The implementation is metrics-based which helps us identify monitor progress made in building or rebuilding the brand accurately.


06. Brand Aftercare

We help you protect your investment by carrying out continuous research to improve your brand. This helps you improve your product and service continuously as well as checkmate moves made by competitors to overtake your brand.


07. Social Intelligence

We help our clients understand brand building exercise through social platforms. We gather insights from social platforms to give a perfect mix of qualitative and quantitative ideas on market expectations and how competitors are faring. Our brand-building exercise through social intelligence comprises understanding ongoing conversations and inviting conversation on a specific set of questions to study sentiments.

Benefits of Brand Research in Business

Brand research helps you know your clients. Brand research for professional services helps you know what your existing clients or prospects like or do not like. This gives you insights into client relations and how to connect with them in terms of product, service improvement, and communication. As an established brand research provider, we follow a strategic approach to help you get all these benefits -

  • Brand Research Helps You Identify Opportunities in The Marketplace

    Brand research helps you build an image that aligns with the market needs. Once you establish the image you modify your product or services to meet marketing benchmark to surpass competitors.

  • Brand Research Helps You Minimize Risk

    When you hire a specialist for brand research services for brand research, they help you understand all that is not working in favor of your competitors. This will help you strategize to ensure your product or service doesn't have those qualities. When you ensure this, you minimize the risk of not meeting expectations.

  • Brand Research Measures Your Reputation

    For existing businesses, it always helps to know how they measure against their immediate competitors. Brand research finds out just this for you in the best possible way, and based on the results, helps you act to rebuild or change perception.

  • Brand Research Know Potential Problem Areas

    If you are continuously launching new products or models of service, brand research helps you get valuable consumers' reactions to the new product or service at a very early stage. This information can be leveraged to refine the product or service to suits market needs.

  • Brand Research Helps You Plan

    Brand research can give you a complete picture of what extent you need to compete with existing brands to sell your product. Thus, you get an estimate of possible sale numbers and the advertising expenditure needed to compete and outrun an established brand.

  • Brand Research Helps in Knowing Trends

    Market trends keep changing thick and fast. If you don't keep pace with the change your brand may be giving way to another brand. With proper brand research, you get to know how trends are evolving.

  • Brand Research Helps in Revenue Projection

    The market forecast is a core component of brand research. We help you know how much revenue your new product or service can help you gather from the market in the year of launch and subsequent years.

  • Brand Research Helps in Benchmarking Progress

    Proper brand research helps you measure the success of business against benchmarks. It also helps in developing new methods, ideas, and tools to improve the effectiveness of your business.

How Do We Help Our Clients Build Their Brand?

As a brand research service provider, Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in helping brands understand and embrace the concept brand. We have helped a wide range of clients cutting across different industry verticals to project their specific expertise in a way that ensures high visibility and guarantees customer attention. Our experience in brand research services has helped businesses with different scenarios such as launching new products or service lines, facing strong competitors, dealing with the name change, countering staled growth, entering the market after a merger or acquisition, entering a new geographic location, etc. As a brand research agency our services have helped our clients create the following -

  1. Build Brand Awareness

    We help clients understand to what extent people know your brand. This primarily involves identifying those lying within your target audience and outside the target audience. This exercise is immensely helpful in growing your brand reach.

  2. Build Brand Perceptions

    We help you understand the ideas and qualities that come to people's minds when they hear the name of your company. In case, they don't know your brand, we help generating positive feelings you want to trigger.

  3. Build Brand Affinity

    With this service, we help you understand the kind of connection your customers have with your brand. In other words, we help you discover the traits that users associate you and your company with. It unlocks the possibility to enhance the connection with your customers.

  4. Build Value Proposition

    Understanding how much your customers value your product or service is important because it gives you a clear picture of launching the right product or improving your service continuously. We help you perfectly understand this perception.

  5. Build Competitor Analysis

    We help you understand where your brand stands compared to the competition. With this analysis, you get to know what your users don't like about other brands you are competing with and how you can leverage this understanding to plug the gaps.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why choose Brand Research Services from Flatworld Solutions?

Our clients hire specialists for brand research services from us to meet either specific or all requirements. Here are the reasons why customers always choose Flatworld's brand research services -

  • Experience

    We have over 20 years of experience in brand research and have served diverse industries across different verticals. Over the years we have evolved as experts in brand research and know-how to deliver the results you want. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that has a strong footprint in the brand research domain.

  • Right Mix of Tools

    We bank on a range of tools and techniques; depending on the specifics of your requirements and audience. In most cases, we use a combination of several tools such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, analytic tools, testing, etc.

  • Pricing & Deadlines

    We believe in offering competitive and fair pricing to our clients. We don't spring surprises on bills or deadlines. We work round-the-clock to ensure deadlines are met. We have pulled off even the tightest of turnarounds with ease.

  • Advanced Research Methods

    We bank on the most sophisticated and upfront research methods to collate quality information for you. We segregate competitors and target market and analyze them exhaustively for you.

  • Data Security

    We handle data security with the utmost professionalism. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2015 certified company our efforts are inclined to keep your data from unauthorized access or modification.

  • Attention to Detail

    We believe in being very meticulous during the planning and implementation stage. We adhere to timelines and keep monitoring progress at every stage to ensure deadlines are met.

  • Creativity

    We bring in a perfect mix of design, advertising, public relations, research and strategic planning to work for your company. This guarantees the best results.

  • Experts Staff

    Our strategists are specialists with corporate and agency experience and come from diverse backgrounds. Their understanding of brand research is marked by deep exposure.

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Brand research consulting is a complex process and needs to be done with great care and planning. To ensure this is done correctly, the first time, you need to bank on a vendor with adequate experience in brand research for professional services. Being a top brand research service providing company, we, at Flatworld Solutions, apply diverse sophisticated and highly adjustable tools and techniques for your branding needs and timeframe. Driven by experts with years of experience in researching, we specialize in B2B Branding Research and B2C Branding Research. If you are looking for a market research company that commits itself to maintain and build the best identity for your business, you have come to the right place.

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