Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Research Services

Pharma Competitive Intelligence Research Services

Competition is fierce in the pharmaceutical world. From attempting to be first to market to establishing the most effective marketing and sales strategies, the pharma and biotech industries are often cutthroat, where data driven decisions are the difference between success and failure.

Competitive intelligence research is thus a critical tool in the pharmaceutical world. Between established companies and startups, there is a pressing need to identify what competition is doing, including research and development, pricing strategy, target identification, and more. This data helps market positioning and drives valuable decisions that will assist in business's successful growth.

At Flatworld Solutions, our experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, combined with our knowledge and infrastructure allow us to complete global, detailed, and thorough competitive intelligence research in the pharmaceutical world, and ultimately help both established pharmacies and small biotech startups compete in a fast moving market.

Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide total service and affordable pharmaceutical outsourcing services for pharm companies both large and small. We know how important global competitive intelligence can be, and we do our best to provide industry leading insights into competitor operations. We collect and analyze competitor information, and provide intelligence in areas such as -

  1. Competitor R&D Strategy
  2. Competitor Product Pipeline
  3. Competitor Product Life Cycle Management
  4. Competitor Product Launch Time
  5. Competitor Sales Force Assessment
  6. Competitor Distribution and Marketing Channels
  7. Competitor Key Messaging
  8. Competitor Target Identification

Competitive intelligence helps management and leadership make better decisions for their research targets, optimize their marketing and sales, and position themselves more effectively in their target market. Competitive research is simply one of the most important tools at for successfully entering and growing in both current and emerging markets.

Competitive Intelligence Services Process Flow

At Flatworld Solutions, we adapt all our competitive intelligence strategies to the exact business needs. From total competitive intelligence outsourcing services, to assistance throughout every step in the process, our team is happy to create a process that matches business goals and needs.

For most projects, we use a variation of the following process flow -

Starting and Determining Objectives  

01. Starting and Determining Objectives

Flatworld Solutions, discusses, explores, and maps needs. We gather the necessary business information, discuss the type of competition that is out there, and determine what the objectives of the research

Creating Goals  

02. Creating Goals

Once we have examined the business needs, we'll start on goal creation look at the objectives of the competitive research, and determine what will best help the business to thrive

Determining Research Strategies  

03. Defining Project Requirements & Research Strategies

Once the goals are set, we review research strategies to find information needed to meet those goals. Our infrastructure helps us perform primary research to examine all potential research strategies

Commence Research and Collect Data  

04. Commence Research and Collect Data

Once research strategies are decided, we conduct the research & compile data. Our team uses evidence based tools to collect objective, actionable data about the competition

Compile Reports and Next Steps  

05. Compile Reports and Next Steps

Finally, once we have collected the relevant data, we begin compiling reports for the leadership team, and discuss possible next steps in the research

Our process has helped pharmaceutical companies receive the competitive intelligence data they need to be successful in the field, and to position themselves ahead of their competition.

Why Choose FWS for Competitive Intelligence Research?

Flatworld Solutions has years of experience performing detailed competitive analysis for pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world, working on a global scale to deliver outstanding data to each of our clients. Benefits of working with Flatworld Solutions include, but are not limited to -

  1. Affordable Solutions - We make competitive research and analysis far more affordable, delivering more detailed comprehensive and actionable data for a fraction of the cost of both in-house and most outsource solutions.
  2. Readily Available When Needed - We are available to perform competitive intelligence research and analysis on demand, and have on-staff experts already in place capable of handling tasks within almost any deadline.
  3. Thorough Infrastructure - We are able to perform primary research, we have the tools and staff to handle international analysis, and our team has in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in a way that few other outsource partners can manage.
  4. Accurate and Top Level Data - We are confident that we can find, analyze, and report some of the most effective, accurate, and actionable data that is available today, with research capabilities that are second to none.
  5. Foreign Language Capabilities - Pharmaceutical competitor research is conducted on a global scale, so a team that has multilingual capabilities is important. We have staff across the world who speaks multiple languages with fluency, allowing us to perform better international research.

We also provide valuable, simplified and in-depth reports that make it easier for leadership to make the decisions that will affect the company.

Contact Flatworld Solutions for Competitive Intelligence in Pharma Research

Those that are interested in embarking in competitive research analysis that need a partner who truly understands what goes into this type of data should contact our team at Flatworld Solutions. We are ready to embark on pharmaceutical research and analysis, with on demand services for low costs. Contact us today to get started.

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