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Business Benchmarking Services

Get actionable insights backed by the largest warehouse of empirically proven business best practices by choosing our business benchmarking services at prices starting at $14/hour

Do you ever analyze and wonder how your business performs as compared to your competitors? If so, then the process is referred to as business benchmarking. Business benchmarking helps you to get ahead in the competition against businesses with similar turnover in your niche/location. To ensure the continuous growth of your business, you need to set and reset business benchmarks that evaluate all the products and services that are delivered to your clients. You can stay ahead in the industry by analyzing and evaluating the operational, financial, and growth performance of key metrics. If you lack manpower or skills in business process benchmarking, then outsource business benchmarking services to an expert partner like Flatworld Solutions (FWS).

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading business benchmarking services providing company that offers comprehensive benchmarking services for a wide range of industries. Considering crucial aspects of the industry, we provide you with a score that helps determine how well you rank against your competitors in the industry. With 20 years of experience, Flatworld Solutions have been providing exceptional benchmarking services that meet six sigma standards. Our workforce is filled with skilled PhDs, CFAs, MBAs, and B-Tech holders in various fields and we also provide them with regular training. When you sign us as your business benchmarking services company, be assured that you will receive quality, efficient, and accurate results.

Our Business Benchmarking Services

Our business process benchmarking services ensure that owners are provided with accurate, high-quality, and relevant benchmarking data. We run a thorough quality check on new data that enters our system to ensure that it meets our relevant standards. Our research at FWS, reveals a strong correlation between the ability to operate at lower costs, and consistent use of business best practices to provide greater value.

Our business benchmarking services include -

  1. Business Analysis

    Business Analysis

    We provide you with growth forecasts, employment trends, wage comparisons, and other factors that influence your business performance.

  2. Benchmark Comparison

    Benchmark Comparison

    We help assess how your business performs operationally against your peers in the industry. Benchmark comparison analyses efficiency, productivity, operative performance, use of assets, stock turn rates as well as investment decisions.

  3. Business Value Generation

    Business Value Generation

    We provide you with a clear idea about your business valuation in relation to the current market. By using the fair market value approach, our analysts give you real business value figures. This figure can be used by business owners as a starting point to develop more in-depth analysis with their accounts and consultants to evaluate the true financial position of their business.

  4. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Feedback

    Key Performance Indicators Feedback

    We provide you with detailed reviews and complete analysis by using the KPI feedback and recommendations. We can help you improve your business performance metrics (profitability, productivity, capacity growth opportunity, asset usage, employee performance, and unnecessary costs). Our report also helps business owners to improve their score each passing year. You can use this tool as a baseline for annual business improvement.

  5. Strategic Growth Opportunities Identification

    Strategic Growth Opportunities Identification

    Our customized growth strategies help you improvise your business strategies. We develop each strategy that is based upon growth opportunities and forecasts in the specific industry. Our tailored strategies for each business include the following themes -

    • Implementing the latest technologies for business automation
    • Expanding brand awareness to create more business prospects
    • Increasing gross margins by streamlining the administration
    • Leveraging compliance necessities to upscale relevant business skills
    • Improving management to retain employees
    • Reducing costs by leveraging trends and exploring scalable economic options
    • Increasing market demand
    • Undertaking market research to develop niche positions in the market
    • Premise upkeeping and using market proximity to drive traffic
    • Increasing competitive edge by analyzing premium product opportunities
    • Leveraging B2B relationships by implementing a relationship management system
    • Driving new products and service offerings by investing in high-value specialized equipment
    • Researching market trends to build value-added offerings
    • Conducting competitor analysis to ensure accurate pricing options
    • Effectively implementing projects by developing a project management system
    • Building better client relationships that increase client satisfaction and ensure strong reviews, feedback, and referrals
    • Ensuring multi-sales channel opportunities for clients

    Each theme further offers a range of actions for business owners and HR managers to consider its implementation. Our effective policies are developed to improve business performance and attain sustainable development for businesses of all sizes.

  6. Additional Services

    Other services include -

    • Benchmarking reports and comparisons
    • Profit gap analysis
    • Industry benchmarking report analysis
    • Reviewing business strengths and weaknesses

Benefits of Business Benchmarking

Our benchmarking services provide your executives with the following insights -

  • Evaluation of performance that is relative to business strategy and value
  • Identify, quantify, and prioritize process improvement opportunities for growth
  • Developing a factual basis at fostering change, when required
  • Comprehensive analysis of process and functional performances
  • Analyses of underlying causes of complexity and value of services that are delivered
  • Specific business best practices required to ensure efficiency and offer process improvements
  • Targeted recommendations

Business Benchmarking Process We Follow

Before kick-starting the project, we try to understand your business objectives to develop a research plan with a detailed metrics list. Our research team collects your data and combines it with our proprietary research for market comparison and analysis. Once we compile all the data, our data visualization design team builds a detailed report for you. Our process includes the following steps -

You have to first nominate an internal business coordinator to work with us. She/he can check the survey progress at any point through the online portal
You select a suitable and convenient time frame to begin the process
Register on the web portal to access your bespoke survey link
Once the registration is complete, an email is sent to all your clients, inviting them to complete a survey (B2C and B2B) followed up by 2 reminders
The top 20 client priorities are collated and scored according to their responses
Finally, an action plan is developed with the assistance of your local institute account director

Industries We Serve

We serve a wide variety of industries including -

Entertainment and MediaEntertainment and Media
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Human ResourceHuman Resource
Supply chain and OperationsSupply chain & Operations
Software DevelopmentSoftware Development
Dentists & Dental PracticesDentists & Dental Practices
Tax and InsuranceTax and Insurance

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Business Benchmarking Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Our benchmarking approach includes evaluating qualitative measures (aligning with business goals, level of technological integration achieved, and willingness to liaise with suppliers and clients) as well as quantitative measures (development cost, cycle time, FTE efforts, usage of shared services, and application intricacy). We provide an empirical comparison of your performance concerning the statistical median in the industry's top performers. A few reasons to outsource business benchmarking services to us include -

  • Reduced Costs

    One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing business benchmarking services to us is reducing/eliminating overhead costs. Instead of hiring additional staff or buying new equipment to perform various tasks, you can choose to outsource it to a cost-efficient business benchmarking service provider like us.

  • Risk-free Trials

    You can start with a sample trial and make sure that we understand your requirements resulting in desired outcomes for your business. We provide you with an objective-based evaluation of your project that includes defined deliverables and an estimated timeline. On average, 90% of our trials have been converted into a project.

  • Higher Efficiency

    We have immense experience in different fields, and we deliver business benchmarking services of the highest level. We leverage business best practices by using the latest technologies resulting in increased efficiency and improved productivity.

  • Focus on Core Business Functions

    Many organizations, mainly start-ups, face quite a difficult time with ancillary business activities. Outsourcing non-core business functions to us gives you extra time to focus on your core business activities.

  • Global Expansion

    If you decide to enter an overseas market, many activities may require knowing the local market, national laws, or local/foreign language. Having an outsourced partner helps in boosting efficiency and quicker expansion on a global level.

  • ISO Certification for Quality and Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 and ISO 9001-2015 accredited business benchmarking services providing company. We are committed to providing the best quality business benchmarking services to our clients. We pay great attention to the quality of the services and data security of our deliverables. Our approach to continual improvement is fulfilled by our professionals who are trained to meet quality standards for your business performance.

  • Customized Training

    Based on your current requirements, we leverage our training academy to upskill the candidates and build custom training. We prepare a customized training curriculum and mock sample projects that can take up to 5 weeks on average.

  • Free Project Manager

    We deploy project managers for your project requirement free of cost. Our objective is to ensure smooth deliverables for your project.

  • Available 24/7 for All Time Zones

    Our outsourcing team at FWS synchronizes with your in-house team by being available for your specific time zone. Be rest assured that you will receive timely deliverables by outsourcing business benchmarking services to us and having us as a part of your extended team.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Primary Research Services for Shanghai-based Company

Provided Primary Research Services for Shanghai-based Company

We provided primary-research services to a reputed client based out of Shanghai, China. Our team of researchers assisted the client to gain valuable insights in no time.

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FWS Provided rimary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

A Californian air travel company contacted Flatworld for primary and secondary research at a budget. We offered the service and the client was deeply satisfied with the outcome.

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I've been thoroughly impressed with all of your work this past few months. Thank you for your flexibility and excellent communication throughout the project!

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Outsource Business Benchmarking Services to Flatworld Solutions

If the time comes for you to outsource business benchmarking services, FWS is here to offer a wide range of business process benchmarking solutions. We evaluate the key factors within your company and compare performance with the competitors in the market. We then give you an overview of the overall standings and provide solutions to improve your business. FWS KPO experts use a wide range of data sources to collect the data. With 20 years of experience as a business benchmarking services providing company, you can be assured to get the best. We ensure that you excel at the digital transformation frontier. At FWS, we provide analysis of the drivers of business performance and deliver on strategies to maximize ROI.

We have completed numerous business benchmarking studies, providing unmatched benchmarking data, process metrics, and insights into the overall performance across many verticals. We have worked with hundreds of organizations across the globe. So, if you want to outsource business benchmarking services to a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy partner, then FWS is the right option. With us, you get the best quality, security, and improvisation for your business in every possible way.

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