Outsource Scientific Data Mining Services

Scientific Data Mining Services

We use AI and ML to find patterns in Big Data lakes. We do the number-crunching at just $14/hour to further your research and development

If your goal is to have advanced scientific data mining infrastructure, that'll cost you a lot of money that can otherwise have meaningful purpose elsewhere. If you constantly deal with data of astronomical proportions, we'll give you scientific data mining services. In doing so, we'll leverage the pool of data reserves that holds a mix of past, current, and future data. Our team will use a centralized system to run queries on small and large database archives to extract and process RAW data.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assisting companies with scientific data mining. Our clients come from various verticals helping us increase our exposure to the data mining process that is exhaustive and time-bound. As a scientific data mining service provider, our clients rely on us to integrate and analyze online and offline data.

Scientific Data Management Services We Offer

Our scientific data management services cover end-to-end data management for our clients. It covers acquisition to storage and maintenance of data to sustain research transparency and integrity. Our services include -

  1. Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing

    With this service, we analyze your business needs to drive the design of your data warehouse. This includes a solid data storage model, building a smart database and looking after the data integration architecture.

  2. Business and Data analytics

    Business and Data analytics

    As a leading scientific data mining services company, we leverage advanced analytics techniques, diverse industry knowledge, and technology tools to help businesses gather critical insights. Our expertise has helped our clients gather insight into all aspects of business operations.

  3. Creation of Databases from Scientific Data

    Creation of Databases from Scientific Data

    We help our clients in organized collection and categorization of data so that they can be used for scientific inquiry. With this service we integrate dissimilar data sets and allow data to be analyzed in new ways, to open new insights.

  4. Scientific Data Mining and Analysis

    Scientific Data Mining and Analysis

    This service is directed towards gathering and analyzing large volumes of complex, multi-dimensional scientific data. It helps in the extraction of insights hidden in data, the discovery of knowledge that is not noticeable in order to reach meaningful conclusions and predictions.

  5. Business Intelligence Gathering and Presentation

    Business Intelligence Gathering and Presentation

    This is a primarily report gathering and report generation stage in which we present all our data analysis findings in a detailed and analytical way. We are a leading scientific data mining services company because our findings are backed with validations.

Is Scientific Data Mining Important to You?

Today, the advances made in high-performance computing is resulting in heaps of data that are not properly segmented. This data measured in terabytes and petabytes are also very complex because they come from various sources at varying frequencies and time. Analyzing this avalanche of data using traditional techniques isn't easy due to the complexity. This has led to a situation where much of the data collected are glossed over, and in the process, critical insights missed.

This is where scientific data mining comes into play. It is a methodical process of data mining in which patterns are discovered, associations are linked, and anomalies are identified. It is an iterative process that consists of data preprocessing, pattern searching, and validation of results. Here are the benefits This has helped our clients get fundamental and superior insights for making the early bird move -

  1. Improved Decision-making

    Data mining helps in improving decision making by, providing insightful information to respond to business problems. This includes understanding new markets in the right perspective, getting critical insights into financial control, production planning, cost optimization, etc.

  2. Improved Security Risk Posture

    Scientific data mining can be leveraged to detect malware, intrusion, and fraud. The biggest advantage of data mining is that it can be used to identify both known and zero-day attacks thereby making security completely foolproof.

  3. Improved Planning and Forecasting

    Better insights procured through scientific data mining helps in better planning. This is primarily because you get to know the possible challenges both internal and external and so can tailor customized solutions to overcome those challenges.

  4. Competitive Advantage

    Scientific data mining helps in competitive advantage because it helps to streamline a range of activities such as accurate sales forecasting, optimizing database marketing, improving merchandise planning, executing market segmentation and innovating from the right perspective.

  5. Cost Reduction

    Scientific data mining helps vastly in cost reduction. For instance, with real-time information on the supply chain, data mining allows to optimize routes, set transportation benchmarks, plan loads, all of which can assist in improving opportunities to reduce freight costs.

  6. Customer Satisfaction and Retention

    Scientific data mining can be leveraged to improve customer satisfaction. For instance, streamlining shipping methods, choosing the best carriers, curbing damages and delivering better service. All these help in retaining customers.

  7. New Revenue Streams

    Scientific data mining helps to develop new and differentiating products after understanding what aligns best with customer needs and desires. For companies, this is the best way to create new revenue streams and build a competitive advantage.

  8. Development of New Products

    A good way to gain a competitive advantage is to launch new products. But whether a product will find acceptability or not will depend on who is looking for what. With scientific data mining, it is possible to know what product to develop.

Scientific Data Mining Process We Follow

Scientific data mining is a complex process. It involves handling data in a mathematical and well-defined fashion. The hallmark of our process is that it is highly flexible, and accounts for data that might not necessarily fit into an accepted and an outlined sequential format. Our process is as follows -


01. Requirement Analysis

In this stage, we sit with you to understand your business. The objective of this meet is to understand what kind of data you generate, what you want to analyze, and what kind of insights you are looking for. A perfect understanding of all these helps us look for the right kind of data and analyze them as per your needs.


02. Identify source information

Once we comprehend your requirements, we check different datasets and different collections of information. For example, data warehouses may contain customer survey data, web servers will contain web log information and email information in different flat files. after this, all data types (data at rest, data in motion, etc.) are identified. Once the right sources are identified, we combine that together to build the exact picture so that we get answers to what you want.


03. Picking Data Points

Depending upon the information we are working with and the complexity of the data extraction of information, the calculation of data extraction is carried out. Other factors that are considered here include, determining the frequency of update intervals, data import process, formatting the data for consistency and resolving the information into more equal qualifiable values.


04. Extracting Key Values

When we get the data in the desired format we develop and run complex analytics through it. With analytics, we identify patterns and trends and establish the invisible connection between them. This helps to gain significant business insights.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Scientific Data Mining to Flatworld Solutions?

  • Data Mining Costs

    As a scientific data mining services firm, we offer highly cost-effective. We have guaranteed our clients cost savings of up to 50% and the same time guaranteed high-quality analysis. Therefore, our clients keep coming back to us for all their data analytics requirements.

  • Team of Professionals

    We are driven by a team of experienced and competent data mining resources who have wide expertise in handling large volumes of data types emanating from diverse sources. Our analysts have experience in dabbling with marketing and sales data, product development data, and business administration and finance data.

  • Faster TAT

    We have served a range of industries and have in the process delivered results in a quick TAT. Our scientific data mining services have helped our clients identify shopping patterns, increase website optimization, determine customer groups, improve marketing campaigns, boost brand loyalty and accurately measure profitability factors.

  • Quality Service

    We have 20 years of experience in data science. As an offshore data mining research services provider, we have over the years handled several international clients for countries like the US, UK, and the middle east. Our experts specialize in data cleaning, data analysis, data visualizations, machine learning etc. We have assisted clients from a wide range of industries to get insights about their business and industry. We also specialize as a scientific data mining consultant.

  • Up-to-date Tools and Technology

    Our scientific data mining procedure, banks on most up-to-date technology to procure the most accurate results. Some of the technology they specialize in include, statistics, machine learning, data mining and visualization, analytics and software engineering. Some tools in which they specialize are SAS, Apache Spark, Big ML, D3 MATLAB, Excel, ggplot2, tableau etc.

  • Expertise

    We have extensive expertise in data science exploration. from uncovering trends and patterns from large data sets to applying data mining process, and statistical analysis for developing high-quality prediction systems, from automating machine learning techniques like fraud detection, scoring etc. to building classifiers using machine learning techniques, we have expertise in every aspect of scientific data mining.

  • Round-the-Clock Operations

    We operate from 8 delivery centers and hence provide our clients round the clock operations. Our clients can get in touch with our data specialists and analysts using any communication channel, that we agree upon in our SLAs.

  • Reports in Multi Formats

    We prepare detailed reports for our clients in our multiple formats like PDF, XLS, XML, PPT and so on. all our reports come with a summary section followed by body and conclusions. the body comprises the data section and the methods section. we ensure are reports are organized and clearly written for easy understanding.

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld Provides Online and Offline Research Support to Evaluate Competition

We used both online and offline data to perform extensive research. We also validated information from many global markets like online store data, product image, and manufacturer info to make a summary.

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FWS Provided Research Services to Top Hospitality Consulting Solutions Provider

Flatworld Solutions Provided Research Services to Top Hospitality Consulting Solutions Provider

A top Swiss hospitality firm opted for our research skills through high-quality research services. Our team ensured the fulfilment of the client's goals in no time.

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Outsource Scientific Data Mining Services to Flatworld Solutions


I've been thoroughly impressed with all of your work these past few months, even the QA completed in the last few days has been superb. Thank you for your flexibility, patience, and excellent communication throughout the project!

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Scientific data mining service is a complex process and requires adequate expertise that again is molded by experience. Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in data analytics which is why we understand the analytics process for any industry like the back of our hand. No matter how complex or fine your requirements are, we dive in at a granular level to mine and understand complex behaviors, connect the dots to present upcoming trends, and help you draw inferences without any ambiguities. Our expertise in digging out hidden insight has enabled companies to make timely and smarter business decisions.

If you are looking for a scientific data mining service providing company, that would work with you in tandem to identity your emerging business needs, you have come to the right place. Contact us now to know more about our scientific data mining services.

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Data Mining Services FAQs

  • Is data mining same as data science?

    No, it is not. Data mining is used to extract information from various datasets in an attempt to transform it in into understandable structures for eventual use.

  • Where is data mining used?

    Data mining is a process used by data scientists and machine learning professionals to convert large sets of data into something more usable and to glean new insights.