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IT Benchmarking Services

Choose our IT benchmarking services and get insights into how you can optimize the functioning of your IT systems and infrastructure. Prices start at $14/hour

Today, multinational organizations are looking to optimize their IT offerings to make them more efficient, while also reducing associated costs. IT benchmarking can help you gather valuable inputs and tackle critical initiatives to help you kickstart radical modifications. Benchmarking allows you to gain a high-level view of your IT systems so you can make informed decisions and work towards an overall healthy IT strategy.

As a consulting firm that specializes as an IT benchmarking service provider, Flatworld Solutions is continuously involved in improving, tweaking, and bettering the IT processes of our clients. We know that IT complexity is increasing daily, and our efforts allow you to maintain transparency while working with multiple real-life challenges. With our specialized IT benchmarking services you can now compare the performance of your IT processes across several KPIs such as financial, quantitative, and qualitative and implement best practices.

By benchmarking your IT activities you can -

  • Recognize if you are over- or under-spending as compared to competitors
  • Understand where the market is moving and what needs to be done
  • Scour through expenditures and figure out bad spends as well as useful ones

Our IT Benchmarking Services

Having worked with clients from across the globe, we can confidently say that each company has several IT areas which can benefit from benchmarking. As your IT benchmarking services providing company, we begin by analyzing what you want to accomplish through the means of benchmarking, allowing us to understand your -

  • Overall business goals
  • Decision-making process
  • Customer pain points and goals

Our services, therefore, are highly specialized and are based on what your needs are. They include -

  1. IT Operations Benchmarking

    Business Analysis

    Most IT operations require a multitude of activities vital to the health of the day-to-day processes. The overall effectiveness of your IT operations, as well as the ITOps team, therefore, depends upon multiple touchpoints which we can benchmark and therefore further optimize. These include -

    • Maintaining IT infrastructure
    • Onboarding and training of new users
    • New application configuring and deployment
    • IT security
    • Service availability and infrastructure reliability

    We can compare your IT overhead costs for the above variables, as well as benchmark number and type of service disruptions allowing you to understand how you stack up against the competition.

  2. IT Service Management Benchmarking

    IT Service Management Benchmarking

    For most of our clients, their IT service management (ITSM) processes are critical to their reputation as a business. Customer loyalty today is extremely fickle, and even if you develop great products or services, but deliver a sub-par service experience, your customers will quickly move on.

    Service management is therefore driven by the right processes, the right people, and overall company productivity, which in turn drives revenue generation. Our IT benchmarking services are vital for you to find growth opportunities, empower your IT department to take better action, and drive productivity. Benchmarks we can provide include -

    • First-call resolution rate - We help you improve call duration which can impact every other aspect of your operations
    • User/customer satisfaction - We help you understand the customer experience provided by the company and set it up as a key differentiator.
    • Resolution times - We help you improve complaint resolution times by benchmarking against the best in the industry
  3. IT Software Development Benchmarking

    IT Software Development Benchmarking

    Evaluating and benchmarking your IT software development can often be a complicated process. Different companies have different levels of proficiency, maintain a different number of software development projects or products to support, and might have teams who work on the software development lifecycle (SDLC) in an entirely different way. Therefore, a benchmark that applies to a single project might not apply to others. Our IT benchmarking services, therefore, cover a wide variety of variables and draw from our industry experience to develop the following benchmarks -

    • Project characteristics
    • Development route maps and goal setting
    • Time spent on innovation and natural thinking
    • Defects/bugs avoided during development
    • Development agility
    • Development process
    • Ability to incorporate improvements with multiple releases
  4. Digital Transformation Benchmarking

    Digital Transformation Benchmarking

    Digital transformation is extremely critical nowadays, as adopting new technology and new modern processes are critical to remaining competitive and pose a challenge to one's competitors. At the same time, many IT departments struggle with digital transformation for their companies—in fact, lesser than 30% of organizations actually succeed in their transformation efforts.

    For a successful digital transformation, you need the right roadmap and understand your current state of readiness. Instead of relying on traditional IT benchmarks, Flatworld helps you understand each transformation measure and provide a deeper insight into your pursuit for digital transformation, including -

    • Overall scope for transformation
    • Current usage of new technologies and dependence
    • User engagement through technological means
    • Availability & reliability of technology stacks
    • Risk factors for transformation
    • Innovation excellence
  5. IT Organization Benchmarks

    IT Organization Benchmarks

    We help you benchmark multiple metrics so you can carefully assess the success of your IT organization and its general preparedness. We bucket these benchmarks into four important areas, including -

    • Financial metrics -
      • Budget variations
      • Resource allocation
      • Resourcing costs
      • Costs per activity
    • Solution delivery metrics -
      • Project cost
      • Delivery value
      • On-time delivery
      • Production defects
    • Organizational metrics -
      • Employee attrition rates
      • Satisfaction rates
      • Performance review
    • Operational metrics -
      • Availability of applications
      • Production related incidents
      • Load times
      • Transaction times

Benefits Of Benchmarking IT Services

With more than 20 years of industry experience as an IT benchmarking service provider, we can confidently state that very few investments in your IT department can truly compete with the ROI of benchmarking. Some of the key benefits of IT benchmarking include -

  1. Reduction In Total Cost Of Ownership

    Understanding the trade-off between cost and quality is the most essential step towards optimizing your IT model. If costs are too low, you risk sacrificing the service quality. Conversely, if you push for too high a quality, costs will go through the roof.

    Our IT benchmarking helps you identify cost-reduction strategies that do not affect the overall quality of service. This in turn leads to enhanced customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing associated costs.

  2. Make Your Employees More Productive

    According to a recent study, most skilled workers lose almost 33 hours of productive time per year due to IT outages, system breakdowns, and hardware and software failures. Our services help you identify the bottlenecks in providing high-quality services, and in turn, returns productive hours to your employees.

  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction

    For all service delivery organizations, quality of service, as measured by customer satisfaction, is the most important benchmark. Customer satisfaction is a direct measure of how an organization conducts its daily business and how reactionary it is in terms of engagement and service delivery.

    Customer satisfaction and cost per ticket are therefore essential and are in constant tension, and most organizations struggle to maintain a balance between both. We know that for all our clients, cost matters, and we help them interpret customer satisfaction while keeping in mind the various spending constraints for your business.

  4. Demonstrable ROI

    Most companies and departments track their ROI on an ongoing basis and use it to make intelligent investment decisions while justifying new expenditures. Yet fewer than 10% of all organizations can effectively demonstrate their exact ROI.

    We help analyze various underlying benchmarking metrics that help you calculate the ROI of your IT support such as first-level resolution rates, tickets eliminated, productive time returned to users, etc.

  5. Top-of-the-line Performance

    At FWS, we follow industry best practices that are suitably integrated into your IT support organization, allowing you to rely on our benchmarks to gain significant customer satisfaction while producing a measurable ROI for you to take on new challenges.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for IT Benchmarking Services?

Our benchmarking services allow clients to deeply understand their organization while identifying growth opportunities that improve their financial and operational performance. Some of the many reasons why you should partner with us include -

  • Unbeatable Data Quality

    We follow a rigorous 3-stage process that helps to cleanse data and create a silo of high-quality data. Each variable is anonymized and tagged with multiple attributes to capture all the metadata and put it to use later.

  • Fast Results

    Our standardized processes and ability to leverage cloud technology allows us to easily sift through one million data points and still deliver a comprehensive benchmark analysis in a few days.

  • Accuracy

    We source our data exclusively from existing touchpoints to give you a true reflection of the market and where you stand along with your competitors. This means we do not use only survey data!

  • Intelligent Insights

    We use advanced predictive analytics and provide you with only the most important insights which require actionable processes and therefore help to optimize your existing process environment.

  • Expert Benchmarking Professionals

    Our domain experts come with more than 10 years of experience in IT benchmarking and allow you to plan a comprehensive delivery strategy that takes into account every aspect of your business.

Client Success Stories

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Provided Primary Research Services for Shanghai-based Company

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