Outsource Fabric Market Research Services

Fabric Market Research Services

At $14/hour, outsourcing fabric market research to domain experts will bring you valuable data from fabric and non-apparel market. Confidently plan you long-term or short-term goals with our data

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in offshore fabric market research services. As a reputed Fabric Market Research Service Providing Company, we have helped several textile manufacturers to accelerate the rate of product development in textiles and clothing. Companies have leveraged our services to reduce the possibility of products not meeting the objective of meeting consumer tastes and comfort levels.

Our fabric research work considers various factors that go into deciding the acceptability of a product in the market. These include garment comfort, physiology engendered among users, fabric specification with respect to garment manufacturing as well as style and aesthetics. Given that comfort is a very complex sensation, carrying out fabric research is a very complex task involving several dimensions. Our fabric research services embrace a multi-angle approach to ensure only accurate results are generated.

Market Research Services We Offer

Fabric research is an extensive field of detailed fabric analysis that aims to understand the technological and mechanical properties of garments. Modern clothing's need to have good comfort characteristics along with texture quality to meet market demands. One established way of doing so is by wear trials with humans. However, it is a very expensive and time-consuming way of carrying any research out. The only available and reliable way to measure and evaluate comfort of fabric and its market response is through fabric research. This is an economical test procedure, and which strongly corresponds with the experience had while wearing the fabrics and garments. The services we offer include -

  1. Fabric Market Entry Research

    Fabric Market Entry Research

    Fabric market is an extremely competitive landscape. Those entering the market need to understand the challenges have solution to overcome them. Flatworld Solutions fabric market entry research process is based on an understanding of how the industry works gained over the years. By availing our services, our clients have been able to competitor analysis, identify strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, understand competing aspects of the market, and provide customized reports to facilitate entry.

  2. Fabric Market Legal Research

    Fabric Market Legal Research

    The fabric market is governed by laws that need to be followed in letter and spirit. Any violations can lead to prolonged and costly legal battles. We provide our clients an effective and critical synopsis of the legal guidelines and laws that would govern your business. The synopsis comes handy while drawing board room strategies. It also serves as a ready reckoner to steer clear of complications. Our report would consist of detailed overviews of reporting standards and export regulations that have a bearing on the fabric market and your business prospects.

  3. Fabric Supply Chain Market Research

    Fabric Supply Chain Market Research

    Like any other industry the fabric market depends heavily on supply chain. Partnering with the right suppliers and logistical companies will ensure that things are done fast and on time and therefore lead to desired outcomes. Our understanding of the supplier and logistics condition of the market has equipped newcomers come to terms with supplying materials and shipping out products in the most easy and cost-effective way. Being a leader among fabric market research firms, we let our clients to leverage our services to get a detailed cost-benefit analysis comparing different vendors and fabric suppliers, in order to bag the best deal for a new entrant.

  4. Primary Fabric Market Research

    Primary Fabric Market Research

    While this research service is close to entry market research service, it is more comprehensive and aims to help give an established player information on new markets or evolving changes in existing market. Our clients leverage this service to find out the best ways in which companies can outsmart competition, sell the product/service in innovative ways and steer away target audience from competitors. Some important features of our primary fabric market research services include expert interviews, market surveys, shop keeper and customer surveys etc. With this service we guarantee the insights needed to get a firm footing in the market.

Fabric Research Process We Follow

Our synthetic fabric market research process consists of the following steps -


01. Understanding Client Need

We sit with you to understand your needs. This is because different client has different objectives with market research and so seek different information. By talking to you our experts gather an understanding of your specific needs in the fabric industry. This helps us align our objective with yours.


02. Research Plan

Based on your requirements we design the research plan. It comprises detailed sections such as market size and segmentation, best strategies to find out maximum and accurate information; collate and evaluate competitor, supplier, and logistic profiles; ways of research along with feasibility plan; etc.


03. Plan Update

Once the blueprint of the research process is ready, we share it with you to give you an idea on our approach. This gives you a fair idea of the materials covered in the study; timeline covered in the study; geographies covered, and in how time the study would be completed and delivered to you.


04. Research Team

Based on your requirements and our research plan we dedicate a team for the research process. The team is led by a fabric research expert with experience in carrying out a similar or close to similar research in the market. Other experts include fabric research analysts, data analysts, documentation experts and report analysts.


05. Data Research

This is an on-field process in which data or facts are collected and collated to solve the problem. This collection is done from magazines, journals, articles, government publications, books, statistical reports and company publications. This process is followed by data validation primarily to eliminate needless data and cross-check data that is retained.


06. Data Analysis

After the data is validated, it is converted into a format that would help find solutions to the clients defined problem. The format ensures classification, legibility, and consistency. Once this is done the data is parsed, classified, analyzed and interpreted in a scientific manner. This is followed by tabulation.


07. Readying and Presenting the Report

This is the final stage of our fabric research process. Here we draw conclusion from the collated data to facilitate managerial decisions. The conclusion effectively communicates the research findings and is presented in simple statements that strictly moves around the technical aspect of the research methods.

Benefits of Fabric Market Research Services

Fabric Research services is provided by Fabric Market Research Consultant or Fabric Market Research Companies come with a range of benefits to manufacturers and textile companies. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the comfort of fabrics and clothing in order to capture market share. One such proven way is to raise the quality of fabrics with respect to quality, style, and fit. What this means is understanding the specification, classification, and construction of fabrics that exist in the market is more important. Fabric research services help manufacturers in the following ways -

  1. Understand Fabric Market

    With advanced research it is possible to collect extensive data and analyze it effectively to enter the clothing market.

  2. Informed Decision-making

    With data-based analysis of market it is possible to understand the market in a scientific way and take decisions more precisely.

  3. Understand Competition

    Market research helps you collate all required information about your competitors and prepare first-hand reports on what keeps them afloat in market. This can help you compete knowing their weaknesses.

  4. Understand Geographies

    By carrying out market research it is possible to understand location-specific market conditions. This is primarily done through extensive survey and interview processes.

  5. Help Identify Reliable Suppliers

    Fabric market research helps you comprehend the fabric types you would want to use and identify competitive suppliers for the fabric.

  6. Build Vendor Relationships

    With market research it is possible to identify the right vendors for your needs and cultivate relationships with them.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Fabric Research Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a Fabric Manufacturing Market Research provider and an ISO 9001:2015 certified partner, we have never shortened our service levels. We always ensure deliver the best results whenever,wherever.

  • Friendly Rates

    We offer our fabric research services at affordable rates making it easier for you to get maximum advantage of our research potential without spending thousands of dollars.

  • Timely Services

    We never go back on our assurances and always strive to deliver our research services in time. This saves you from the frustration, if you have other tasks to take care of.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    If you don't have the infrastructure to get more value from the research in a short time, let us take worry about the infrastructure because we have the best that gives our researchers what they want to fulfil their roles.

  • Build Centre of Excellence

    We assist manufacturers develop and maintain a fabrics library stocked with latest fabric materials, testing history, and upcoming research on fabrics.

  • Expert Team

    Our team of research experts have experience in analyzing fabric needs across all brands. This makes it easy for us to make the best recommendations to design and fabric development partners.

  • Strong Market Contacts

    As a fabric market research service provider, we have strong contacts with mills across the US, Asia, and Europe. Our team has the unique ability to manage research deadlines within cost structures.

  • Understand Trends

    With our research services we help our clients uncover present and emerging materials trends into seasonal palettes.

  • Extension of In-House Team

    We team up with the design and production team of companies to ensure a new fabric package is suitable for end use in terms of quality and aesthetic acceptance.

  • Up-to-date Market Knowledge

    Our research services strive to provide you continuous inputs on advanced materials expertise and build a wide network of industry contacts for your needs.

  • Generate Reports

    We ge research reports to assess all fabric development risks and challenges with possible ways to overcome them.

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Outsource Fabric Research Services to Flatworld Solutions


I've been thoroughly impressed with all your work these past few months, even the QA completed in the last few days has been superb. Thank you for your flexibility, patience, and excellent communication throughout the project!

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We have over 20 years of experience in market research for the Fabric Industry. Over the years we have given our clients such deep and comprehensive insight into the fabric market that we understand the industry and the research process like the back of our hands. We leverage this experience and understanding to give client-specific solutions that are purely ground level research-based. Driven by experts in understanding all the complexities of market and backed by sophisticated data analytical tools, we help you uncover many hidden and untapped information in the fabric market.

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