Outsource Credit Risk Modeling Services

Credit Risk Modeling Services

We provide lending institutions an access to advanced data analytics & comprehensive insight into borrowers' credit worthiness by leveraging AI-driven technologies. Our prices start at $14/hour

Risk is undoubtedly an inherent part of the business for banks and other financial institutions. But analyzing credit risk enables global banks and other financial organizations to identify and segregate high-risk profiles from low-risk ones to maximize their recoveries, minimize collection efforts and costs, reduce bad debts, and ultimately maximize profitability. Traditionally, credit risk modeling was based on the assessment of behavioral patterns of the profiles in terms of payment history, current debts, the average length of credit history, etc. Depending on this analysis, the FICO score was allocated to a person to determine whether or not they are suitable for a loan and its optimum rate of interest. The rise of big data, mining, and data analytics have been game-changers in the industry, allowing organizations to significantly improve and digitalize credit risk modeling and management.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is one of the most reputed companies in the world to offer credit risk analytics and modeling services using advanced intelligent systems for data science and analytics. We enable organizations to accurately assess credit reports and applications and analyze their payment history to score the person based on their probability of default. We help banks and other financial institutions in mitigating all their lending risk factors by using the most fitting combination of technology and human expertise, allowing us to develop a robust framework for risk management.

Credit Risk Modeling Services We Offer

Our AI-powered, data-driven credit risk modeling competencies help organizations to intelligently and proactively manage the credit lifecycle and anticipate expected losses better, enabling them to take better-calculated decisions. Our credit risk modeling suite includes the following services -

  1. Financial Statement Spreading Services

    Financial Statement Spreading Services

    Our team uses manual as well as AI-based technologies to offer insights into the accounts of the loan prospects in a more standardized form using any spreadsheet where comparative studies can be easily made.

  2. Credit/Portfolio Performance Monitoring

    Credit/Portfolio Performance Monitoring

    Credit and portfolio performance monitoring has always been an intrinsic part of credit risk modeling and in today's age, its role has only become more important. At Flatworld, we help organizations assess the current state of the portfolios to help manage their risk appetites by formulating a future portfolio, helping organizations in setting risk limits, perform stress testing exercises, and enable overall portfolio optimization.

  3. Custom Scorecard Development and Reporting

    Custom Scorecard Development and Reporting

    We provide tailored risk and credit scorecard documentation and reporting services to offer detailed insights into the sample populations, defining good vs bad, and encompassing model descriptions. It helps organizations in managing the credit limit, assessing credit applications, and developing early alert systems.

  4. Data Science Solutions

    Data Science Solutions

    Accurate data is the foundation for businesses to successfully grow upon. With the advanced AI and ML-led data science development capabilities, banks and organizations can truly access the power of business intelligence and analytics to derive insights into lending risks and take decisions that can successfully anticipate and mitigate them. Our sophisticated and high-end data science team and software labs help organizations to use data science solutions and drive better action to manage their credit policies.

  5. Enabling Cloud Solutions

    Enabling Cloud Solutions

    Cloud computing has increasingly become the norm for businesses but is not as easy to adopt as it may seem. We help organizations migrate to cloud systems and take their credit risk management framework to the cloud by ensuring zero business disruption, complete regulatory compliance, and customer data protection.

Our Credit Risk Modeling Process

At Flatworld, our team follows a disciplined approach towards creating a superior credit risk model and management framework for a global clientele comprising of banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Our work process involves the following key stages -


01. Analyzing Client Needs

We first have an open discussion with the client to understand their problems and their needs for credit risk modeling


02. Building a Credit Risk Model

Our dedicated team sets up the parameters, leverages the best of AI-powered tools, and integrates the necessary third-party systems to create a robust model for credit risk analysis and management


03. Validation

We carry out multiple internal runs by using historical data of prospects to observe the accuracy of the model's predictions. The client also test runs the model to suggest any changes or customization


04. Calibration

After a thorough internal and client review, the credit risk models are adjusted to ensure better accuracy and analysis


05. Integration

Once the final model is developed, we help in successful integration and training for its effective use

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Key Benefits of Hiring Flatworld as Your Credit Risk Modeling Service Provider

Onboarding Flatworld for credit risk modeling comes with a lot of advantages such as -

  • Assurance of Data Safety

    We take the safety and confidentiality of critical data very seriously and have standardized security measures in place at all levels to ensure complete data security.

  • Easy Pricing

    We offer competitive prices for our services with the flexibility to adapt the package as per specific needs and budgets.

  • Standardized Services

    We offer consistency in all developed models with pre-defined modeling methodologies, with room for customization and adaption as per specific needs.

  • Best-in-class AI Capabilities

    We are constantly adding to our AI capabilities to stay ahead in the market and offer leading-edge solutions to organizations backed by superior technologies.

  • Expert Team Support

    Flatworld houses more than 200 experts in banking, credit risk management, and big data analytics, ensuring expertise and complete team support to clients.

  • Global Presence

    We have offices around the world enabling us to offer specialized services for any location-specific bank or organization. Having a worldwide presence also enables us to be available round the clock for customer support.

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Outsource Credit Risk Modeling Services to Flatworld Solutions


I've been thoroughly impressed with all of your work this past few months, even the QA completed in the last few days has been superb.

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Whether your focus is on stress testing, credit loss reserving, valuation, or any other, Flatworld is committed to offering you solutions that comply with current regulations and are future-proof. Our expert team along with cutting-edge AI technologies extends top-notch credit risk modeling services to global banks, insurance companies, and NextGen financial institutions.

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