Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Services

Intellectual Property & Open Innovation Services

There has been a distinct shift within the research and development sector of biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms over the past several years. In the past, R&D was conducted almost entirely in-house, with full control over the speed of the research and time to market.

But development takes time. Investors are impatient and capital is limited, so most businesses have switched to a more unique model - open innovation, and the integration of intellectual property. Through licensing, shared research, and related collaboration, there is an open exchange of ideas that has driven the pharmaceutical industry forward.

Yet, there are also issues with intellectual property rights that shield some information from competitors. Here at Flatworld Solutions, we assist pharmaceutical companies with both types of processes, through all stages and needs related to open innovation and IPR.

IP and Open Innovation Services We Offer to Pharma Companies

At Flatworld Solutions, we assist businesses with a variety of unique and detailed intellectual property/open innovation services to assist with better decisions, thorough research, and company growth. Our services include -

  1. Technology Landscape Analysis - Identifying innovative trends for a particular technology
  2. Patent and Technology Benchmarking - Identifying the quality and breadth of patents and those of competitors
  3. Open Innovation Analysis - Providing recommendations and solutions based on current research and available information

We can review patent explorations, determine opportunities related to both patented and unpatented information, and explore what data may be worth releasing (or is available from) through open innovation. We are the ideal partners for pharmaceutical research process, and we'll make sure to assist in whatever specific services required.

Process Flow - IP and Open Innovation

Given the various scopes possible for this type of research and analysis, all our services use a process that is tailored to specific needs. However, in general, our process for projects is as follows -

Collect background information on company, size, and direction

Collect background information on company

Discuss project requirements

Discuss project requirements

Identify resources needed for the project

Identify resources needed for the project

Define the scope of the project

Define the scope of the project

Map business objectives and goals

Map business objectives and goals

Determine research required to meet those goals

Determine research required to meet those goals

Execute research in intellectual property and open innovation

Execute research in intellectual property and open innovation

Collect data

Collect data

Analyze data and create reports

Analyze data and create reports

Deliver reports to the client

Deliver reports to the client

With each project we undertake, we make sure to have a thorough understanding of the project, and use our infrastructure to ensure that we can execute the project within the deadline and results that exceed expectations.

Why Choose Us for Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property and Open Innovation?

Flatworld Solutions is the leading choice in both intellectual property and open innovation research services in the pharmaceutical industry, with over a decade of experience creating custom reports for both startup and established pharma/biotech companies. Working with Flatworld Solutions, we offer partners the following -

  1. Commitment to Confidentiality - Discretion and data protection are our priorities, and we make every effort to stay committed to confidentiality. We use secure file transfers, and all data and information we create belongs exclusively to clients.
  2. Cost-Effective Solutions - Intellectual property and open innovation services can be costly. But our team keeps costs low by providing access to pharmaceutical experts that are trained and experienced in each of these services for a fraction of the cost of doing it in house.
  3. On-Demand Services - Both IPR and Open Innovation needs may arise at any time, and that means working with a partner that can start immediately and complete the task at hand. Our experts are well trained, and able to start at a moment's notice and complete the work in limited time.
  4. Advanced Infrastructure - We have a team that is capable of performing high level research, including primary research, all with a pharmaceutical background. We employ and train only those with an advanced expertise, and the ability to work with top level data.
  5. Quality and Speed - We are also one of the fastest outsource providers available without sacrificing any quality. The results of our research are available in limited timelines, with detailed and actionable data that is ready to make an impact with leadership.

These are only a few of the many benefits while working with Flatworld Solutions, as our team is more than ready to assist in research needs.

Contact Flatworld Solutions Today for Open Innovation and IPR Services

In the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, there is an intense need for speed, data driven decisions, and much more. Our team at Flatworld Solutions is available to help, as an outsource partner for any research needs.

For more information, please contact one of our customer service specialists and initiate the research process.

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