Financial Modeling Services

Financial Modeling Services

Evolve your financial strategy with our adaptive business models to navigate workforce changes and economic fluctuations.

Partner with us for niche financial insights and long-term success.

Detailed revenue projection is the key to planning your finances, but financial planning is not a one-time project. Changes in the workforce, external circumstances, and economic fluctuations compel businesses to relook at their finances from time to time. So, organizations should repeat this process as conditions change and at different stages of business to get better bottom lines. Yet, most organizations bypass planning or pay little attention to it. Some companies also find financial planning quite intimidating.

This is where you must leverage the expertise of a professional financial planning service provider like us. Serving international clients for 18+ years, we evaluate your business components, workforce, and external circumstances before providing tailored financial planning solutions.

Meet your obligations, forecast cash flow, and plan strategies to accomplish long-term goals with our financial modeling consultants.

Our Comprehensive Financial Modelling Services

Our professionals evaluate your financial goals; they create and implement strategies that aligns with your goals and addresses your financial objectives. Our offerings are designed to help you adjust to the market changes.

  • Market Research Services

    Market Research Services

    We provide in-depth market analysis using parameters like market size, trends, and competitive landscape to help identify growth opportunities and strategize effectively.

  • Cash Flow Analysis & Management

    Cash Flow Analysis & Management

    We offer detailed assessment of your cash inflows and outflows, identify patterns and provide strategies for efficient cash management, enhancing liquidity and financial stability.

  • Real Estate Financial Modeling

    Real Estate Financial Modeling

    We specialize in financial modelling for real estate projects, considering factors like property valuation, ROI, and cash flow projections to assist in investment decisions and project feasibility assessments.

  • break-even-analysis

    Break-Even Analysis

    We calculate the break-even point for your business or specific projects, enabling understanding of the sales volume required to cover costs and aiding in pricing and production decisions.

  • Feasibility Analysis

    Feasibility Analysis

    We evaluate the financial viability of new business ventures or projects using metrics like NPV and IRR, providing a clear picture of potential profitability and risks.

  • Capital Formation

    Capital Formation

    We guide in capital structure decisions, assessing the optimal mix of debt and equity financing to minimize costs and maximize shareholder value.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Key Performance Indicators

    We identify and track the most relevant financial KPIs for your business, providing insights into financial performance and aiding in strategic decision-making.

  • Income Statement Analysis

    Income Statement Analysis

    We conduct a thorough analysis of your income statement, examining revenue, costs, and profitability trends to inform strategic planning and performance improvement measures.

  • Pro-Forma Financials

    Pro-Forma Financials

    We create projected financial statements based on your business plans and assumptions, aiding in financial planning, fundraising, and investment decisions.

  • Scenario Planning

    Scenario Planning

    We develop financial models under various business scenarios, helping you understand potential outcomes and risks, thereby enhancing strategic resilience and agility.

  • More Financial Modeling and Reporting Services We Offer

     Balance Sheet Review
     Business Valuation Analysis
     Credit Rating Modeling
     Discounted Cash Flow Modeling
     Financial Metrics Analysis
     Leveraged Buyout Modeling
     Merger and Acquisition Modeling
     Option Pricing Modeling

    Streamlined Process Flow for Our Financial Modelling Services

    Our process flow is designed to incorporate feedback at every stage, ensuring our solutions continually align with the evolving needs of our clients. This systemized approach promotes proactive adjustments to models in response to market changes.


    01. Understand Client Needs

    We take the time to understand our client's business, the specific challenges they face, and their financial modeling requirements.


    02. Design the Model

    Our team of experts then designs a financial model, ensuring it incorporates industry-specific factors and the unique dynamics of the client's business.


    03. Validate the Model

    We validate each model we create, using a range of scenarios to test its robustness and ensure its accuracy and reliability.


    04. Client Review

    Next, we present the model to the client for their review, making sure it aligns with their expectations and requirements. We are always open to making adjustments based on client feedback.


    05. Implement the Model

    Once the client approves, we implement the financial model within their business framework, providing them with a valuable tool for decision-making and strategic planning.


    06. Ongoing Support

    Lastly, we don't just stop at implementation. We provide ongoing support to accommodate changes in the business environment.

    Why Choose Our Financial Modelling Consulting Services?

    Our fiduciary support ensures your best interest. We follow a planning-led approach to help you make the right decisions. The key indicators of our services include -

    • Objective Advice

      We use iterative tools to analyze your current situation and financial goals. These tools enable us to provide objective recommendations.

    • Personalized Planning

      We start by evaluating what matters the most to you and deliver actionable strategies that help you make the right decision.

    • Custom Recommendations

      We help you create a diversified portfolio and provide solutions safeguarding your business against market uncertainties.

    • Timely Updates

      We document your business goals and regularly connect with you to track your progress and upgrade the approach consistently to ensure your goals are accomplished.

    • Round-the-clock Support

      Get any-time access to our digital financial planning tools and expert advisors with our ongoing support that extends round-the-clock.

    • Real-time Pricing

      The level of financial planning varies from one business to another and on prevailing market conditions. So, we follow dynamic pricing, where you will be billed based on the level of service leveraged.

    Our Industry-specific Business Modelling Services

    Our financial models consider the unpredictability of regulatory changes and the introduction of disruptive technologies in each sector and vertical. We also factor in price volatility and shifts in customer behaviours to make more accurate predictions.

    • Banking and Financial

      Banking and Financial

      We apply advanced predictive analytics and scenario modeling to assist in strategic decision making. Additionally, we focus on stress testing for financial resilience.

    • Healthcare


      We leverage data analytics for patient outcome improvement and cost reduction. We also integrate innovative health technologies into financial planning.

    • Hospitality

      Our approach includes the use of dynamic pricing strategies and customer segmentation to maximize revenue. We also apply predictive analytics for better demand forecasting.

    • Manufacturing


      We integrate Industry 4.0 technologies into financial planning and use supply chain modeling to identify bottlenecks and reduce costs.

    • Restaurant/Retail Accounting

      Restaurant/Retail Accounting

      We apply advanced inventory management techniques and leverage big data for sales trend prediction and pricing optimization.

    • Technology


      We assess the financial impact of technological disruptions and investment risks and use advanced models for R&D investment optimization.

    • Real Estate

      Real Estate

      Our strategies include advanced property valuation techniques, integration of market trend prediction into strategic planning, and application of risk management principles to investment portfolios.

    • Insurance


      We leverage predictive analytics for better claim pattern prediction and integrate regulatory changes into financial planning and risk management strategies.

    • Education


      Our approach involves the use of data analytics for optimized budget allocation, and strategic modeling for funding trend analysis and operational cost management.

    • Legal Services

      Legal Services

      We use advanced billing systems to improve client billing and apply data analytics for operational cost optimization and revenue trend prediction.

    • Manufacturers and Distributors

      Manufacturers and Distributors

      We use advanced supply chain modeling to identify bottlenecks and reduce costs and apply predictive analytics for pricing strategy optimization.

    • Grocery/Food Distributors

      Grocery/Food Distributors

      Our techniques include advanced inventory management, supply chain modeling to optimize operations, and leveraging big data for sales trend prediction.

    Business Valuation Services

    Support transactional integrity, fairness in pricing through rigorous analysis. Foster informed negotiations, strategic alignments in critical business transactions.

    Financial Advisory Services

    Advance corporate objectives, shareholder value through tailored financial strategies. Focus on long-term growth prospects, financial stability.

    Investment Research Services

    Empower investors with forward-looking insights, sector analyses, risk assessments. Craft strategies that align with evolving market conditions, investment goals.

    Corporate Finance Support

    Guide enterprises through financial complexities with actionable insights. Ensure operational efficiencies, strategic decisions that drive competitive advantage, market leadership.

    Outsource Financial Modeling Services to Flatworld Solutions

    With two decades of experience in the financial research industry, we offer comprehensive investment analysis, risk assessment, and financial engineering services. Our experts perform leverage methods like factor selection, model building & validation, portfolio simulation and testing, and performance analysis & stress testing to provide a 360-degree coverage. Our strategic global presence and ISO quality standards ensure the best outcomes with an economic pricing model.

    We do not only ensure immediate improvements in your financial planning; we also make sure that you benefit in the long-term with our ongoing support services. We understand that you could face peak seasons when your business is growing - Sell Side or Buy Side and we are perfect partners to handle such spikes. Connect with us today to leverage from our vast and reliable sector-specific expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Varieties of Financial Models Exist?

The financial modeling landscape is diverse, with models such as DCF for valuation, LBO for buyout scenarios, and M&A for merger analysis, each designed to illuminate different facets of financial decision-making.

How Does Professional Financial Modeling Services Elevate Business Strategy?

A financial modeling service transforms raw data into strategic insights, enabling businesses to navigate complex financial planning, investment decisions, and market opportunities with precision and foresight.

What Information is Crucial to Begin Financial Modeling?

To embark on financial modeling, a comprehensive dataset including historical financials, operational metrics, and strategic goals is essential, enabling a tailored approach that aligns with your business vision.

Is Client Information Secure with Financial Modeling Services?

Client confidentiality is sacrosanct. Our stringent data protection measures ensure that your sensitive information remains secure, underpinning a foundation of trust and integrity.

What Timeline Should I Anticipate for Building a Financial Model?

The creation of a financial model is a meticulous process, with timelines ranging from a few days for simpler models to several weeks for complex analyses, reflecting the depth of insight required.

What is the Cost Framework for Developing a Financial Model?

The investment in financial modeling is commensurate with the model's complexity and the strategic value it delivers, offering a scalable range to suit diverse business needs and ensure a tangible impact on decision-making.