Performance Benchmarking Services

Performance Benchmarking Services

Compare the performance of various business metrics and processes against your competitors and identify opportunities for improvement. Prices start at $14/hour

Is your performance better or worse as compared to your competitors in terms of operations, processes, and customer retention? Performance benchmarking helps to answer this question. Performance benchmarking helps you compare your brand with the relevant standards so you can make necessary performance improvements. It can be very useful if you are looking for continuous improvements in your business processes. But if you benchmark only against yourself, you are sure to waste a lot of your precious time. Performance benchmarking focuses on improving the performance of your company and the processes involved. Benchmarking goals are different from your business goals. Ensure that your performance benchmarking goals are specific (numbers and deadlines), measurable (tracking and analyzing your progress), achievable (set challenging yet achievable goals), and relevant, or else you might not succeed.

Outsource performance benchmarking services to Flatworld Solutions to accurately measure how effective your past performance has been. We help you to understand how your competitors run their businesses. We also help to improve your product/service quality, and thereby increase efficiency and the brand awareness of your business.

Our Performance Benchmarking Services

Successful performance benchmarking is when you consider both quantitative as well as qualitative benchmarks. Performance benchmarking helps you to compare your business with your competitors and organizations even outside of your industry. Performance benchmarking is all about improving the performance of your company and the processes involved. Our performance benchmarking services include -

  1. Performance Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring

    We analyze current benchmark metrics and help you to identify industry standards that you should strive to meet or surpass. Performance benchmarking is an ongoing process, and performance monitoring plays an important role.

  2. Competitive Analysis

    Competitive Analysis

    Being a top performance benchmarking service provider, we help you to compare and analyze your performance against your competitors. We observe what works and what does not. With the help of these parameters, we mark out areas in your business that can be improved and thereby, give you a competitive edge. To make sure you improve your performance, we identify which other brands are performing better than you, and how. We compare your competitor's processes with yours and analyze the data collected and implement suitable changes to improve your processes, operations, and products. Outsource performance benchmarking services to ensure that you are not wasting a lot of financial resources and run your business more efficiently and smoothly.

  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Feedback

    Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Feedback

    We provide detailed reviews and complete analysis by using KPI feedback and recommendations. We support you to improve your business performance metrics including profitability, productivity, growth opportunities, asset usage, and employee performance. Our reports help you to improve the tools required to set the baseline for annual performance improvements.

  4. Performance Benchmarking Evaluation

    Performance Benchmarking Evaluation

    We offer a wide range of performance assessments and surveys to help you understand your current position and set suitable baselines and goals for improvement initiatives. With our performance benchmarking evaluation, you can compare your performance on more than 3500 measures against organizations in almost every industry globally. Performance data and benchmarking help organizations to improve by providing the necessary data required to effectively identify breakthrough levels of performance and the business processes that help drive it. Our open standards performance benchmarking and performance benchmarking evaluation help you to compare and measure your organization's performance against your competitors. We help you to find out where performance is sub-optimal and take necessary actions for performance improvements.

    Powered by the world's largest database of validated benchmark data, our performance data and benchmarking assessments give you detailed, accurate, and objective data about your organization and your peers. Outsource performance benchmarking services to Flatworld Solutions, a leading performance benchmarking services company for an all-inclusive performance benchmarking evaluation. We use more than 3500 validated and standardized metrics to quickly identify best practices and performance improvement opportunities.

Our Performance Benchmarking Process

The performance benchmarking process is not as difficult as you might think. Firstly, you need to determine the processes that work well and help to smoothly run your company. Then, pit them against industry standards. The performance benchmarking process requires the support of your entire company to motivate improved changes in your company. Below are the key steps involved, which work across all industries. The performance benchmarking service process we follow includes the following key steps -


01. Planning

We get top management on board to help allot the required time, manpower, and money. We get their involvement to support any major changes such as new product development, purchasing new tools, or changing training methods that can be the result of performance benchmarking. We make sure to choose the right processes that are integral to your company's success, ones that give you the competitive edge


02. Analysis

We perform analysis to determine your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats compared to those of your competitors and suggest necessary changes. We also consider the knock-on effect of these changes, that is to say, if any one thing changes, does it affect other processes? If yes, how? Fixing one and breaking another, is not the ideal way to go


03. Choosing the Right Benchmark

We carefully choose the right benchmarks to evaluate your performance. It could be from your competitors in the industry or an organization in a different industry within the country and otherwise. We ensure that it is a top performer in the process you are looking to evaluate/improve


04. Data Collection

We collect data from several sources that are publicly available including press releases, websites, and publications. While researching, we consider market research, surveys, questionnaires, onsite/telephone interviews, etc. We even use social media analytics like blogs, forums, online conversations, and review sites to obtain data that reveals customer sentiments towards your brand, consumer feedback on products, services, and processes. For a few relevant industries we also use mystery shoppers as part of our benchmarking process


05. Implementation

After all the relevant data is collected, it is now time to analyze it. We use data visualization tools since they are easier for people to understand. We identify any gaps in your processes and understand what caused this gap. Was it because of lesser manpower, increased time, manufacturing delays, or wrong tools? And accordingly, we decide on a plan of action and suggest suitable changes to fill those gaps, even if it means making any potential big changes. It is at this stage that the top management comes into play. Once everything is in place, you are on your way to a winning performance benchmarking process


06. Ongoing Evaluation

Your performance benchmarking process does not stop here. For your benchmarking to be successful, you have to regularly monitor it. You need to know what progress has been made and how the changes have impacted your business. Continuous evaluation is the key to success here

Industries We Cater To

We offer performance benchmarking services for the following industries and more -

Finance and AccountingFinance and Accounting
Talent AcquisitionTalent Acquisition
Information TechnologyIT
Human ResourcesHuman Resource
Real EstateReal Estate
Tax and InsuranceTax and Insurance
Media and TelecommunicationsMedia and

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Why Outsource Performance Benchmarking Services To Flatworld Solutions?

FWS has more than 20 years of experience in providing budget-friendly performance benchmarking services. Choose to outsource performance benchmarking services to us for the following reasons -

  • Cost-efficient Services

    Outsource performance benchmarking services to us if you wish to reduce overhead costs in your business. You can avoid buying new equipment or hiring additional staff to perform various tasks and simply outsource it to a cost-efficient performance benchmarking service provider like Flatworld Solutions.

  • Dedicated Experts

    We aim to enhance business productivity by providing top-class performance benchmarking services that are supported by accurate, reliable research and data. Our team of performance benchmarking experts tries its best to understand the challenges you face and provides suitable performance improvement solutions.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Our robust technology and world-class infrastructure enable the systematic completion of all performance benchmarking tasks.

  • ISO certified Performance Benchmarking Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited performance benchmarking services providing company. We pay great attention to the quality of the services and provide qualitative performance benchmarking services to all our clients.

  • Risk-free Trials

    You can start with our risk-free sample trial. We provide you with an objective-based evaluation of your project that includes defined deliverables. Almost 90% of our sample trials have been converted into a full-time project.

  • High Data Security

    Our data analysts run each data point through a rigorous, multi-step validation process. It consists of performing statistical tests before adding the data points to our database.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    Our objective is to ensure smooth and timely deliverables for your project. We offer dedicated project managers for your project requirements free of cost.

  • Focus on Core Business Activities

    Many organizations face quite a difficult time with supplementary business activities. Outsource non-core business tasks to an outsourcing partner like us and make good use of the extra time to focus on your core business functions.

  • 24/7 Customer Assistance

    We are here for you 24/7 to provide qualitative performance benchmarking services. We are available for your specific time zone. Our team, at Flatworld Solutions, works hand-in-hand with your internal team to provide timely deliverables. Outsource performance benchmarking services to Flatworld Solutions today.

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Outsource Performance Benchmarking Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading performance benchmarking services providing company and has been offering independent performance evaluations for over 20 years. We provide detailed consultations for a variety of requirements, including research and development purposes, to help you objectively assess a product's strengths and weaknesses and thereby aid you in meeting your performance and sales goals.

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