Outsource Primary and Secondary Research Services

Primary and Secondary Research Services

From designing a research study to finding respondents, fielding it as per your needs & reporting the results - we do it all to save your time & money

Are you looking for ways to understand your customers better as economies expand and the global scenario gets more complex and competitive? Is it imperative for your businesses to have an in-depth understanding of your core operational and business areas while remaining up-to-date with changing market requirements and customer expectations? Primary and secondary research services are therefore essential if you are looking to break into new markets or introduce new offerings.

Flatworld Solutions is a company of trusted professionals and we offer a host of marketing-first services for global clients and multinational brands to help build their digital trust. We focus heavily on market and consumer research and offer a comprehensive suite of data analytics, market research, and measurement tools for high-quality primary and secondary research services.

Primary and Secondary Research Services We Offer

At Flatworld, we have made a name for ourselves by focusing on dependability, customer services, and a host of unique offerings for the new age business client. Our research methods continuously improve over time and leverage new tools and techniques which allow you to dig deeper and find more meaningful data from both quantitative and qualitative research. Our unique offerings can help you meet your ROI while benefiting from results which can help you move ahead of your competitors. Our services include -

  1. Primary Research Services

    Primary Research Services

    Our primary market research techniques help to collect real-world data extremely fast and in an accurate manner. It allows your organization to gain significant insights into fresh unused data and allows you to directly listen to what your customers have to say. We are one of the very few primary research companies who can create a channel for dialogue with your target audience, collect customer intelligence, and then convert it into an actionable strategy.We research as per your requirements, and through various sources such as surveys, emails, offline materials, interviews, web questionnaires, etc. The techniques we leverage include -

    • Observational Techniques
    • Telephonic Interviews
    • Postal Surveys
    • Online Surveys
    • Face-To-Face Surveys
    • Test Marketing
  2. Secondary Research Services

    Secondary Research Services

    Our secondary research services help you easily compile, gather, organize and gather deeper insights into research conducted previously on a wide variety of subject matter. We cover important reports published by government organizations, recognized associations, and paid industry research done by renowned research companies. Our secondary research is extremely helpful for small businesses who cannot afford large scale primary research projects. We help to compile and summarize widely available information into in-depth research reports which consider both online and offline research, statistics, mathematical models, etc.

  3. Qualitative Research Services

    Qualitative Research Services

    Often, companies are faced with situations where they do not have the necessary information available on hand to move forward into new markets or provide new offerings. Without defining the direction, companies cannot expect to meet market goals. Our qualitative research methodologies can be leveraged by your company either as an exploratory technique, provide necessary parameters for further quantitative research or perform an in-depth analysis for the entry of a new product, service, or sub-brand. Our data is based on various socio-economic and demographic factors and can help in better market understanding for our clients. The techniques we leverage include -

    • Focus Group Studies
    • One-On-One Interviews
    • Observational Processes
    • Record Keeping
    • Case Study Research
    • Ethnographic Research
  4. Quantitative Research Services

    Quantitative Research Services

    At Flatworld, we believe that the ideal quantitative research should be projectable, representative, mobile-friendly, and tailored as per your requirements. Our qualitative research staff are trained in foundational, CPG-type market research techniques and can create complex, visual, and creative questionnaires and surveys for your quantitative research. Based on hard facts and computational techniques, we can gather unbiased information through our signature quantitative research techniques such as -

    • Segmentation
    • Custom Brand and Ad Tracking
    • Product Lifecycle
    • Brand Lifecycle
    • Logo Testing
    • Pricing and Product Optimization
    • Custom Copy Testing
    • Path to Purchase
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Volume Estimations
    • Database Fusion
    • Concept Testing
    • Brand Positioning and Strategy
    • Intent-To-Purchase
    • Package Testing Surveys

Primary and Secondary Research - Our Key Differentiators

With our exemplary market research techniques, you can gain measurable intelligence for all parts of your business and focus on what matters. Our services are convenient, are provided by experts in the field of primary and secondary research services in India and guarantee high levels of quality. Our key differentiators include -

  1. Highly Customized Survey Designs

    Highly Customized Survey Designs

    Our entire research is framed tightly around your specific business requirements and your current goals. Our entire project team sits with you to understand the necessities of the project and then designs the questionnaire outline while creating visual questions and hypotheses.

  2. Respondent-friendly Experience

    Respondent-friendly Experience

    Our surveys, questionnaires and other research methods are extremely respondent-friendly. This ensures better, more high-quality responses to the research. We remove the jargon and write questions in a way that are only required to be read once while allowing respondents to use a device of their choice.

  3. Visual Design

    Visual Design

    We are great in identifying complex, subjective, and confusing questions and present them creatively and visually. This means the respondents can answer them easily as they are easier to comprehend, are more data accurate, and are overall more engaging in nature. We use techniques such as graphic scales, visual timelines, graphical scales, tutorials, etc. for better responses.

  4. Global Reach with a Local Perspective

    Global Reach with a Local Perspective

    With multiple delivery centers around the globe, we understand that questionnaires and market research surveys do not translate well when going for multiple languages. That is why we work on the local context and capture unique local issues to remain relevant when performing a survey in other countries.

Our Primary and Secondary Research Process

Over the years, we have standardized our primary and secondary research process to combine unique client requirements within steps that are easily replicable and deliver the highest quality results. Our process includes -

Survey Design  

01. Survey Design

We create a survey based on your requirements while understanding the nature of your business, service, or product, ensuring better responses

Target Audience Profiling  

02. Target Audience Profiling

We profile and choose target respondents based on your stated requirements while keeping things such as target group, demographics, age, nationality, and other factors in mind

Choosing the Target Audience  

03. Choosing the Target Audience

We reach out to each person individually and ask a general round of questions to fit them according to our created profile. This allows us to choose the exact target audience for your primary and secondary research

Data Collection  

04. Data Collection

All the responses and data generated through the survey and research process is collected properly through standardized means

Data Processing  

05. Data Processing

The data gathered is processed for input into different analysis tools to enable easier capture

Data Analysis  

06. Data Analysis

Our proprietary data analysis tools can help segregate responses and collate them in a visually pleasing manner in the form of tables and bar graphs

Report Presentation  

07. Report Presentation

All the data is put in the form of an exhaustive report and presented to our client in a manner of their choosing

Expert Insights  

08. Expert Insights

Our expert team of data analysts provide insights into the data generated and explain the report as well as its consequences to our clients for better knowledge dispersion

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Primary and Secondary Research Services to Flatworld Solutions?

At FWS, we use cutting-edge tools and techniques to work on your primary or secondary research projects. We have created a benchmark in the industry as far as holding research surveys go, and this allows us to cater to a wide variety of clientele irrespective of their location or size. By partnering with us you can gain from the following -

  • ISO Certified Primary and Secondary Research Services provider

    We provide up-to-date research data and quarterly or annual updates to the research as per your requirements because we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified primary and secondary research services company.

  • Secure Data Management

    Since we comply with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 data security regulation, we deliver maximum data protection by leveraging the latest data protection tools and ensuring compliance with the NDAs.

  • High-quality Research

    Continuous improvement in processes for better management of research objectives and high-quality insights.

  • Scalable Services

    If you are looking for scalable services that can keep up with your future needs, look no further because our services can be scaled with ease to accommodate your requirement, however complex.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    Faster, smoother processes which lead to better turnaround times for your research projects.

  • Cost-effective Service

    By leveraging our affordable primary and secondary research services, you can cut down costs to the tune of more than 60%!

  • SPOC

    We always provide a dedicated contact to assist you in all the process. Whether you have a query or service-related concern we will be highly available to ensure you are responded in time.

  • Expert Researchers

    Access to an internationally renowned team of market research specialists hired out of Ivy League institutes and top Indian universities who are specialized in multiple industries. Regular training and update modules are available to our teams which results in world-class research analysts who can work on any requirement from multiple industries.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    An all-in-one approach, resulting in project setup, execution, and report generation, all in-house and with the help of expert analysts who are empowered by state-of-the-class infrastructure.

  • Advanced Research Software

    Highly advanced research methodologies leveraging the best research software. We will carry out accurate target profiling for better key respondents and fool-proof research procedures.

  • 24/7 Support

    A global delivery model which ensures a high-profile team works out of a location which fits your exact needs. Additionally, get access to millions of panelists across the globe allowing you to choose from a huge pool of users which fit your requirements.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Primary Research Services for Shanghai-based Company

Provided Primary Research Services for Shanghai-based Company

We provided primary-research services to a reputed client based out of Shanghai, China. Our team of researchers assisted the client to gain valuable insights in no time.

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FWS Provided rimary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

A Californian air travel company contacted Flatworld for primary and secondary research at a budget. We offered the service and the client was deeply satisfied with the outcome.

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Very thorough, precise research analysis. Extremely easy to work with even though most communication was done via email. Turnaround time for requested information was superbly quickly...almost quicker than I needed the request. At times I felt that I was their only customer! They were always there when I needed them!

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Outsource Primary & Secondary Research Services to FWS - Research & Analysis Company

At Flatworld, we help future leaders understand the importance of market research and navigate the complex world of economic changes and how innovative technologies come to fruition. With our help, you can now easily keep a tab on megatrends as and when they start taking shape, identify new business models, and benefit from a continuous flow of opportunities which your competitors miss.

Outsourcing primary and secondary research services to Flatworld can have a direct effect on your ROI. Contact us to find out more about our offerings.

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