Faster Turnaround Time

At Flatworld Solutions, we have always maintained a high quality throughput of research and analytical reports within a set schedule. Research scenarios continuously evolve over time, and therefore a timely delivery of meticulously researched and analyzed data is supremely important for proper strategy formulation.

There are times when you may require valuable research data to be processed and presented within time frames as short as a week, or even less. Flatworld Solutions is one of the few select firms, who have the expertise as well as the resources to process large quantities of raw research data within such short intervals, and deliver a cohesive and well researched report.

Guaranteed On-time Delivery Scheduling System

Our USP lies within our ability to provide in-depth research and analysis at a schedule that matches with your project timelines. Our research experts liaise with you, continuously gathering knowledge inputs based on your requirement, during the various stages of your strategic projects. We offer a range of research services for varied clients, and employ specialist teams of researchers and report writers with a minimum of 4 years of experience.

Key Differentiators

  • Flexible Teams to Serve Flexible Needs

    We ensure that the teams working on various research and analysis projects are always extremely flexible, allowing us to allocate the right people for the right job. Our research professionals can adapt quickly and effectively to the client's requirements and delivery schedules, from as short as a week to as long as a couple of months

  • Scheduling Systems to Manage Production

    We make use of the latest scheduling system, so as take care of daily activities on a priority basis, and assign resources according to the importance of the research project. Further, our experienced management team has the know-how to efficiently manage the speed of the project, so as to deliver an accurate, well-rounded and thoroughly researched report on time

  • Large Range of Research and Analysis Services

    Our research & analysis services span a large number of industries and academia. We have numerous services to offer at highly affordable rates, including the following:

  • Customized Reports at less Turnaround Time

    We have several core teams consisting of PhDs, MBAs and proficient statisticians with relevant experience in various industry verticals. This ensures we can present you with highly customizable market research reports and financial research reports, amongst others, enabling you to plan your future strategies more efficiently

  • Using Client Feedback for Continuous Self-Improvement

    At Flatworld, we consider client feedback as an informative and effective resource. By reviewing customer suggestions and complaints, we can gather further insights into our service offerings for research and analytics. This holistic approach to self-improvement allows us to make relevant changes, sidestep pitfalls and strengthen our scheduling system for maximized efficiency and minimized delivery times

Flatworld Solutions, Your Perfect Partner for Research & Analysis

Over the course of 20 years, we have worked with global enterprises as well as small businesses, and have helped them formulate future strategies using the insight gained from our well-researched and analyzed reports.

If you are looking for a partner with the necessary expertise and professionalism to handle your strategic and tactical research and analysis requirements, and deliver those within time, then Flatworld Solutions is your destination!

Do you have a research analysis project requirement to outsource? Do you want to know more details about our quality assurance process? Contact us now for more details and price quotes!

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