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Industry Profiling Services

Plan accurately before entering new markets or revamp your business model with Flatworld's affordable and insightful industry profiling services

Do you want to acquire knowledge about a new market? Are you about to make an investment in a new industry? Our company profiling and industry reports services can help you understand your targeted industry deeply so that you make well-informed business decisions and your plans get a fair fighting chance. Our in-depth industry profiling would help you in getting greater clarity about the business, economic, market, and competitive scenarios so that your strategies are backed with dependable insights.

At Flatworld Solutions, a team of skilled industry profiling experts has been helping several Fortune 1000 companies and growing global businesses in exploring new markets and unearthing challenges and opportunities, drivers and inhibitors, demographics, trends, competitive landscape, socio-economic factors, and a lot more.

Industry Profiling Services We Offer

Our team works meticulously to prepare industry profile reports that are comprehensive, customized for your research needs, well-presented and highly insightful. As a trusted industry profiling service provider, we conduct deep-dive primary and secondary research and provide you with an all-encompassing report and presentation that you can use for your strategic board meetings. Our industry profiling services include -

  1. Competition Analysis

    Competitive Analysis

    We study all the important major and minor players in your targeted industry and collect information about their business performance, products and services offered, financial performance, market share, employees, growth over the past years, major USPs, business practices, marketing strategies, future plans, customer base, competitive rivalry, and so on. We also study the impact of mergers and acquisitions in the industry. We include all the players in the market, whether they failed or succeeded.

  2. Industry Trends Analysis

    Industry Trend Analysis

    Each domain is different and is impacted by the changes happening all over the world. We find out those macro and micro trends that are causing changes in your industry. What are the new motivators and what are the barriers? How is the industry impacted due to these trends?

  3. Industry Sector Performance Analysis

    Industry Sector Performance Analysis

    We thoroughly examine and compare the performance of the various sectors of industry and present insights on major players, trends, investments, events, transaction data, recent developments, past growth, forecasted growth, and so on.

  4. Customer Analysis

    Customer Analysis

    We study the typical customers in your targeted industry and their demographics, psychographics, behavior, preferences, habits, motivators, bargaining power, purchasing power, and so on. We also create various customer segments based on your marketing requirements.

  5. Industry Forecasting

    Industry Forecasting

    Where is the industry headed? Is it worth investing in this industry in geography? What do the past numbers predict the growth? We analyze all the financial records through our market research and forecast profiling services and do additional research to collect information on all the probabilities and the future of the industry.

  6. Supply Chain Analysis

    Supply Chain Analysis

    Each industry has a unique way of operating and supply chain is a vital part that must be considered before making a plunge into a new market. In our industry profiling report, we also study the major suppliers, their bargaining power and control, their market share and performance.

  7. Industry Associations

    Industry Associations

    We study the interdependencies in the industry and analyze all the third parties and government organizations that are involved in that industry. The rules and regulations, legal issues, taxes, industry standards, governing authorities, tests, compliance, etc., are studied thoroughly and presented in the report.

  8. Potential for New Entrants

    Potential for New Entrants

    We study how easy or difficult it might be for new companies to enter an industry with established players. What are the major barriers to entry? What are the government regulations regarding entry? What is the threat of substitute products? We answer all the critical questions that you might have, based on research and analysis.

Unique Advantages of our Industry Profiling Services

  • We deliver the most comprehensively researched reports with a variety of research styles and techniques
  • The data collected by us is from reliable industry sources and government organizations for maximum accuracy
  • We leverage Porters Five Forces Analysis for a well-rounded industry profiling
  • Our research and reports are created for your business needs and requirements and so we deliver the exact amount of details required by you in the format of your choice
  • We check the accuracy of the data collected by us so that you can rely on it for making investment decisions
  • We pay special attention to presentation and visualization and so our reports are easy to understand and engaging

The Process We follow - Industry Profiling

Flatworld follows the industry's best practices in our research services. Part of our efforts goes into helping our clients understand how we handle their needs. Our process is as follows -

We will collaborate with you through a dedicated agent We will collaborate with you through a dedicated agent to absorb insights into your strengths and weaknesses
We will comprehend the existing layout of the target industry We will comprehend the existing layout of the target industry to understand through contextualized analysis
We will Build a Holistic View of the Industry or Segment Through industry profiling, we will build a holistic view of the industry or segment by noting the trends and other events that drive the big picture
We will Run Secondary Research We will run secondary research and using data collection methodologies we ill fill the information gap to give you the real perspective of the industry performance
We will compile custom reports We will compile custom reports with multiple views to help you make the best decisions

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Industry Profiling Services to Flatworld Solutions?

You can avail value-adds by consulting Flatworld Solutions for industry profiling. This is because we have a team of qualified industry experts who can bring you the latest information through invaluable research methods. Here are the reasons what makes us industry's best -

  • ISO Certified Industry Profiling Services Provider

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of industry profiling services. Our shrewd exploration strategy can help you fetch an in-depth understanding of the industry so that you can make your best moves to beat the competition.

  • Extraordinary Data Security

    By partnering with Flatworld, you are working with the best because we not only deliver quality service but also robust security to your confidential data. This is to prevent misuse of your precious data. Our facility is secured with the data security systems that meet the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation.

  • International Quality Services

    Our industry profiling reports follow the international standards of quality. We utilize various data presentation and visualization techniques to make our reports more engaging and useful. You can directly use excerpts, charts, and diagrams from our reports to present in your board meetings. We adhere to timelines and work systematically to exceed your expectations.

  • High Scalability

    If scalability is a priority leave those concerns to us. We will help you scale up or down depending on your needs. Our workflow and infrastructure support seamless scaling without stressing your budget or the project timeline.

  • Short Turnaround

    The industry profiling services come with a shorter TAT because we have people who have experience in a wide variety of projects with various levels of complexities.

  • Cost Savings

    Our services will enable you to reduce up to 60% of research costs. Contact us and tell us your requirements to get a quick estimate. Our clients have consistently chosen us as we deliver the best quality services within their budgets.

  • SPOC

    You can always get a dedicated agent assigned to your project to keep you apprised. Our agent can be reached through your preferred means to offer personalized support.

  • Experienced Research Team

    Our market and industry researchers and analysts have 10+ years of experience and relevant industry exposure to handle any kind of research activity with finesse. Having worked with global clients in several industries, we can confidently handle any research requirement with accuracy and perceptiveness.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have a modern infrastructure that readily supplements the research tool requirements of our industry profiling professionals. Our Infrastructure is laden with the best research software tools and technology your burden is lessened.

  • Industry Experience

    We have worked with independent entrepreneurs, government organizations, Fortune 1000 businesses, and small enterprises. We have done extensive research in domains like retail, agriculture, mining, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, software, financial services, equity, IT, healthcare, tourism, manufacturing, etc. We have helped a variety of businesses in fine-tuning their marketing and sales strategies and achieving the desired results quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Round-the-clock Customer Support

    Get support anytime, anywhere. Our round-the-clock agent support keeps your concerns at bay. If you have a query just shoot us your concerns through email, phone call, or webchat. We have delivery centers in 4 continents and can respond instantly to concerned clients.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Primary Research Services for Shanghai-based Company

Provided Primary Research Services for Shanghai-based Company

Primary-research services were delivered to a reputed customer from Shanghai, China. Our researchers assisted the client to avail valuable insights in no time.

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FWS Provided rimary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

We were reached by a Californian air travel company to offshore primary and secondary research. The service was provided to the client who felt elated with the results.

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Very thorough, precise research analysis. Extremely easy to work with even though most communication was done via email. Turnaround time for requested information was superbly quickly...almost quicker than I needed the request. At times I felt that I was their only customer! They were always there when I needed them!

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Outsource Industry Profiling Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified industry profiling service providing company. When you outsource to us you would get international quality, professional services, in-depth analysis, and transparent delivery. Our reports would help you in making investment decisions with complete confidence and enable you in planning efficiently before entering into new markets. Having helped hundreds of businesses expand to new markets with increased success rates over the past 20 years, our team is more than capable to help you attain financial stability and bigger market base in a new industry.

Contact and let us create a comprehensive, insightful and accurate report about your targeted industry and ease your decision-making process.

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