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Want to get the best out of your business? Looking for an advantage over your competitors? Knowing the environment around you could give you just what you are looking for. Flatworld Solutions offers Call Center Surveys that give you an in-depth understanding of what you need to know.

Our Call Center Surveys include customer/employee satisfaction surveys, product penetration surveys, market research surveys, B2B surveys, tracking surveys, panel surveys, marketing surveys, investment focus surveys, customer service surveys and many more. Our team can handle CATI surveys as well and has successfully completed several projects already.

Outsource to Flatworld and reach a global marketplace and a larger target audience at minimum cost.

Steps Involved in Designing Call Center Surveys

  1. Data Collection

    This involves gathering all information required for call center surveys. The scope of the project and its objectives are clearly defined here. The target audience is kept in mind, the number of people and the number of interviews are defined. The various data collection methods are web surveys, telephone surveys, e-mail surveys, questionnaires, online programming, and other secondary data collection methods such as syndicated research and custom market studies.

  2. Data Integration

    Once the responses have been collected, they need to be understood and categorized into a form that is easy to analyze. Responses from all participants are grouped and organized. Data cleaning is undertaken to remove unwanted information from taking up important analysis time for the call center surveys.

  3. Data Representation

    The final ordered data is statistically analyzed using specific software. Different analyses such as cross-tabulation, significance testing, weighting, conjoint and regression analyses and correlation are performed depending on the types of call center surveys being undertaken.

    The results of the analysis are then tabulated, plotted and charted using SPSS software, EXCEL or tables as the survey demands. The results are made compatible with advanced research methods. The report documents are submitted in various formats such as pdf, html, XML, Word and PowerPoint files to complete the final step of our call center surveys.

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Why Flatworld?

Flatworld is your complete solutions partner. We have experience in conducting call center surveys for several of our customers all over the globe. We provide you ready access to the best in the business. Our experienced and high-efficient team generates suitable, optimal results with cost savings as high as 40-45%. Our call center surveys are automated and accurate results are available to you at incredibly low turnaround times. Avail of a competitive insight while saving your valuable time and money for other more important activities.

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Call Center Customer / Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Call Center Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Knowing exactly what your customers are looking for can help you streamline your business and improve productivity. Find out if your company is meeting and exceeding customer expectations and get an insight into the changes you need to incorporate. Being the most accurate measure of your company's success, Flatworld offers customer satisfaction surveys to give you useful, decisive information that give you better Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Outsource your employee satisfaction surveys to us.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Your Company is only as strong as its employees. The atmosphere in a company relates directly to productivity, attrition levels, teamwork and most importantly performance. Understanding your employee's satisfaction levels and taking the necessary steps to improve them could turn your company into a smooth and efficient machine. Flatworld offers employee satisfaction surveys to assist you in getting the best from your employees. Outsource your employee satisfaction surveys to us.

Whether you are targeting your customers or your employees, Flatworld's customer/employee satisfaction surveys give you a clear picture of your company's positioning in the minds of the people in view. Our call center surveys are comprehensive, detailed, in-depth and provide an analysis of your company's current standings with an eye on your next strategic step. Allow us to help you maximize profits for your company by outsourcing call center surveys to us.

For a precise understanding of your target audience, outsource Call Center Surveys to Flatworld Solutions now!

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