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Market Research Surveys

Grow your customer base with our market research surveys because we can help you understand your market and take advantage of hidden opportunities

Today, successful companies heavily rely on market research surveys in order to make sensible business decisions and pivot into new roles as per their market's needs. If you are contemplating market research to garner information which can be extremely critical for new processes that you are thinking of setting up while avoiding risks your search ends with us. We can help you identify new upcoming opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.

At Flatworld, our market research experts understand the pulse of the market and how it evolves. We understand your demographic concerns, and how shifting economies can change your goals in no time. As an experienced market survey company, we work with our partners to gain deeper insights into their target domain and guide them so that they can make the correct decisions leveraging our helpful survey reports.

Market Research Surveys We Offer

At FWS, we are proud of our market-centric delivery output framework which works like a well-oiled machine in order to get you timely survey results which are delivered as-is or in the form of detailed dashboards and reports. We specialize in both quantitative market surveys and qualitative market research surveys and have worked across verticals and industry spectrums. Over the years we have worked with multinational companies, research scholars, product developers, manufacturers, consulting firms, R&A departments belonging to large- and small-scale companies, etc. Our services include -

  1. Survey Design

    Survey Design

    Designing the right survey takes a lot of time and effort since each survey needs to be customized as per the needs of the client. Our team of survey designers follows industry-best practices and can help you draft accurate queries which can then be formatted into the survey. We can design surveys to understand consumer interest patterns, new business opportunities, competition details, market trends, etc.

  2. Questionnaire Survey Design

    Questionnaire Survey Design

    We can design comprehensive questionnaires as part of our market research surveys, and they are accurate to the point of being able to give definite insights into how your customers perceive your brand, products, or your competition. We have enough experience in drafting high-quality questionnaires for clients across industry verticals and ensure better responses by leveraging new engaging techniques for questionnaires.

  3. Survey Programming

    Survey Programming

    Most of our clients require surveys to be conducted within short turnaround times while taking answers from hundreds of respondents. As a leading market survey company, we can conduct large-scale surveys held over the internet, by telephone, or face-to-face simultaneously by programming the entire process in and out. We have specialized survey programming labs which can help stage the entire process and deliver results as soon as possible.

  4. Survey Hosting

    Survey Hosting

    Hosting surveys is a complicated process since it needs to be accessed by many users and needs to be extremely secure against data theft. We host our surveys on secure servers which ensure complete peace of mind while adding that extra layer of security for the respondents as well as our clients. We can host multiple surveys, however heavy in nature, and ensure all can be accessed in real time and be as cogent as offline surveys.

  5. Survey Quota Management

    Survey Quota Management

    Our team of market research analysts can create multiple samples for your surveys to fetch different data points for effective report generation. We design a self-explanatory questionnaire and survey samples designed from the ground up to deliver an expected output.

  6. Data Analysis and Statistical Services

    Data Analysis Statistical Services

    We leverage high-end tools such as the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to analyze the information generated in the surveys and create a concise report which leverages the information and helps you glean useful information. By creating these dashboards, we can help decipher critical data which can help you offer better services or products, as well as attract future customers with ease.

When working on a market research survey, some of the main issues that we help our clients address include -

  • Identifying unique features of a target market
  • Services or products which are most appealing to the target market
  • Correlation between purchasing intention and purchasing ability of the target market
  • Services or products which are important for the target market
  • Probability of success in communicating the value of the product/service to your consumers
  • Understanding whether consumers are using their products in the way they were intentioned to
  • Demographics, population, and buying characteristics of the target market

Our Market Research Survey Process

Correctly holding a market research survey can help you build a solid foundation and enable correct decision-making within your business executives. Over the years, the data gathered by Flatworld's market research surveys have proved invaluable to our clients who offer a diverse variety of services and products with multiple objectives. This is because of our standardized process, which involves the following steps -

Requirement Gathering  

01. Requirement Gathering

we will understand all the requirements of our client and the product or service they want the survey for. We will scoop the right data to implement a sound market research

Defining Survey  

02. Defining the Survey

We will finalize the timeline of the survey as well as the over-arching objectives. This ensures we can create a survey which covers all your requirements while determining survey targets

Conducting Survey  

03. Conducting the Survey

We will identify methods, tools, and resources to leverage for your survey across multiple platforms or as requested by the client. We continuously analyze the survey objectives and whether they are being met or not

Creating Survey Report  

04. Creating Survey Reports

Our team will work on results to create a standardized format for complex andcomplex andsurvey results, however large or complex. The findings will be presented in an easy-to-understand manner with dashboards and charts to represent findings

Final Delivery  

05. Final Delivery

Once the survey results and reports meet our internal quality guidelines, we will deliver reports and results to you via your chosen medium

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Market Research Surveys to Flatworld Solutions?

At Flatworld, we are committed to meeting our client needs at every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience, we have the experience, and the team necessary to help carry out telephonic surveys, online surveys such as CAWI, OLAP, mail surveys, CATI, etc. By partnering with us you can benefit from our data analysis and statistical services in the following ways -

  • Certified Market Research Surveys

    Our market research surveys ISO 9001:2015 certified to help you tap into consumer opinions and unique perspectives. Using the feedback obtained through our surveys, you can more accurately identify the probability of purchase across demographics. Therefore, you can improve your market forecasting while leveraging the information acquired by us.

  • Data Security Measures Which Work

    We understand how valuable the data generated through surveys is for you, and therefore we employ the latest data security measures which help to keep all generated data safe from malware and hacks. Therefore, we are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited for our dedicated efforts in handling data with care.

  • Differentiate your Offerings and Products with Quality Services

    Sometimes, organizations may have a clear understanding of their differentiators from its competitors, but customers may not understand or identify them the same way. As a high-quality market survey company, we can help you to understand the very nature of your customers and differentiate your offerings based on your market.

  • Scalable Services

    Often, our market research surveys can reveal hard truths that you might have failed to acknowledge before. But these results also help you gauge your competition better, reveal fundamental flaws, and take back your market. Our services are flexible and allow you to scale up on demand.

  • Tweak your GTM Strategy in Quick TAT

    Based on the results generated from the survey, you can change your go-to-market strategy and revamp your line-up to offer services or products which make sense to your customers and consumers. Our team will work with agility to bring you reports in quick turnaround time.

  • Cost Savings

    Our market research surveys are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to understanding your target market and get your queries answered. With our help, you can save up to 60% on costs while receiving accurate results.

  • Dedicated Resources for Better Service Levels

    Our team of market survey analysts are extremely professional, experienced in this line of work, and understand how surveys work. Therefore, you can make the best use of our skills any day.

  • Leverage Better Brand Awareness from Experienced Team

    With the help of our dedicated market surveys and specialized professionals with decades of experience, you can position your brand and make a winning case for why your customers will choose you over the competition.

  • Superior Infrastructure

    We deploy the latest infrastructure that includes sophisticated hardware, software, and security systems that work in synchronization to help our market research survey professionals to deliver results faster.

  • 24/7 Support

    We provide round-the-clock support to our team so that we are highly available to handle your concerns irrespective of your time zone.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Primary and Secondary Market Research a Leading American IT Company

Provided Primary and Secondary Market Research a Leading American IT Company

We surveyed 165+ management executives on changing strategic theories in the post 9/11 context. Our primary and secondary research helped the client to make smart decisions.

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FWS Provided Survey Hosting and Database Development Support to a US IT Firm

FWS Provided Survey Hosting and Database Development Support to a US IT Firm

We carried out telephonic surveys to extract HR Financial information from target geography. Our questionnaire included 18 gender-specific questions that brought back interesting find for our client.

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Outsource Market Surveys to Flatworld Solutions - Market Research Experts

At Flatworld, we know exactly how to run a market research survey which can help you with your requirements. From establishing dedicated research objectives to targeting the right audience, deciding how margins of error can affect your results, and finally using the right tools to collect and analyze the result, we cover it all. You can explore the wide range of market research services we offer to keep you aligned with your marketing goal.

No matter how you plan to leverage your market research survey, contact us to help you create the perfect one and run it in the best way possible.

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