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Competitor Benchmarking Services

Optimize your business process with useful insights derived through our competitor benchmarking services. Prices start at $14/hour

Before entering a new market or launching a new product, it is important to monitor and analyze the top players in the field. Competitor benchmarking has become an essential activity for businesses to fabricate strategies, detect the opportunities and threats in the market, and gain in-depth knowledge about the industry and how it operates.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a market-leading competitor benchmarking service provider. Our reliable services offer our clients complete visibility of the industry scenario. Our experts conduct a thorough competitive benchmarking analysis to provide you with access to the strategies of the top players in the industry.

Our Competitive Benchmarking Services

Flatworld's competitor benchmarking services comprise multiple options that cater to the specific needs of clients. As a trusted competitive benchmarking services providing company, Flatworld touches every aspect of benchmarking so that every client can avail of all-inclusive services, including -

  1. Competitor Organizational Structure

    Competitor Organizational Structure

    Analyzing the structure of an organization provides essential insights on hierarchy, management, appraisal structure, etc. These internal competitive benchmarking services can enable you to prepare your own organizational structure.

  2. Financial Data and Ratio Benchmarking

    Financial Data and Ratio Benchmarking

    Gaining insights into your top competitors' financial data and ratios and analyzing them may help you detect market trends, competitive foothold, etc. Our competitor financial data and ratio benchmarking enable you to achieve a strong perspective about your financial strategies.

  3. Market Share Analysis

    Market Share Analysis

    Analyzing the market share of your competitors may provide you with excellent specifics about the target audience. Our competitor benchmarking services have greatly helped our clients in effective sales prospecting.

  4. SWOT Analysis

    SWOT Analysis

    Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat (SWOT) analysis in competitor benchmarking is one of the basic yet effective services for unveiling essential factors about the market as well as your competitors.

  5. Media Monitoring

    Media Monitoring

    Media management strategies are essential for brand awareness, brand promotion, and growth. Our competitor benchmarking services thoroughly analyze the competitors' media presence and essential strategies that help them enhance media engagement.

  6. Service and Product Data

    Service and Product Data

    We provide detailed insights about the strength and weaknesses associated with the product and services offered by your competitors. This service enables you to identify the gaps in your competitors' products which you may use as a strength for your product.

Our Competitor Benchmarking Process

Competitor benchmarking services help our clients in understanding all the threats and opportunities in the market. Our services are tailormade to satisfy the client's requirements to draw essential insights. Flatworld's work methodology involves the following steps -


01. Analyzing Client's Needs

Competitor benchmarking involves multiple areas of focus. Flatworld takes an effort in understanding the client's requirement to prepare the scope of our work


02. Drafting the Metrics

The first step of competitor benchmarking is identifying reliable metrics with the latest techniques and competitor benchmarking tools. We do in-depth research to detect the metrics essential for analysis and create the analysis framework


03. Client's Validation

Flatworld undertakes several internal reviews before presenting them to the client. Our experts incorporate any helpful feedback from the client. The plan of action is finalized only after the client's approval


04. Execution

Our team does thorough research for executing competitor benchmarking operations. We use the industry's best practices with the aid of the latest technology to build data-driven and verified reports about your top competitors.


05. Data Visualization

Flatworld offers quantification of valuable metrics to prepare charts and reports with the collected data. This step serves as an essential process in our competitor benchmarking. It involves using several tools, technology, and human expertise to draw meaningful insights about competitors, realize performance gaps within the company, identify untapped opportunities in the market, etc., and present it in an easy-to-understand report

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Competitor Benchmarking Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld is a leading competitor benchmarking services company with proven experience of more than 20 years. Several SMEs and large organizations have availed of our services to chalk out the best-fit strategies for their organizations. Outsource competitor benchmarking services to Flatworld to get the following advantages -

  • Dedicated Teams

    Flatworld has successfully hired top-tier talents in the market. Our team comprises top performers with a proven skill set to provide every client with the best-in-class competitor benchmarking services.

  • Top Quality Service

    Flatworld puts in relentless effort to provide consistently high-quality service for every client. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and thus we never compromise with service quality as a competitor benchmarking service provider.

  • Affordable Rates

    Every service package is designed to cater to the needs of organizations of all sizes. Our flexible pricing has made us the first choice for small and medium companies. Our packages represent value for money perfectly.

  • Commitment to Deadline

    With Flatworld, you can enjoy the fastest turnaround times in the market. We always ensure on-time delivery, even with a tighter deadline without compromising quality.

  • Data Protection

    During thorough competitor benchmarking analysis, Flatworld deals with a critical mass of data. We ensure complete security to maintain data confidentiality. Flatworld assures you of complete data security via highly developed security checks.

  • Infrastructure and Technology

    Flatworld provides its employees with suitable infrastructure and access to advanced technology so that they can outperform their skills. With the latest competitor benchmarking tools, our experts can work at their maximum potential.

  • Global Network

    With the global presence of offices, Flatworld is one of the most accessible companies from any corner of the world.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Financial Data Analysis Services to the Leading US-based Hedge Fund

FWS Provided Robust Financial Data Analysis Solutions to a Top-tier US-based Hedge Fund

A reputed US hedge fund operator contacted us to perform research and analysis to provide actionable insights to devise investment and trading strategies. We provided accurate services and enabled the client to make fruitful investment decisions.

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FWS Provided Financial Models for a US-based Management Advisory Firm

FWS Performed Financial Modeling for a US-based Management Advisory Company

An American management advisory provider contacted with a requirement for financial modeling services. We developed detailed financial models, helping the client to make informed financial decisions.

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Outsource Competitor Benchmarking Services to Flatworld Solutions

Competitor Benchmarking involves robust analysis and surveys to gain a competitive edge in the market. Outsourcing competitor benchmarking services to Flatworld ensures the use of the most advanced competitor benchmarking tools to drive critical insights and help your company develop strategies that succeed.

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