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Data Benchmarking Services

Amplify the quality, efficiency, and adaptability of your data. Outsource data benchmarking services to gain accurate data insights and improve your overall performance. Prices start at $14/hour

Data benchmarking has now become a central part of investment management globally. Organizations need to source, manage, and store an increasing volume of data benchmarks that keep growing in complexity. This data further needs to be validated, quality-assured, and transformed for further use in multiple operational systems. Companies that can perform this manually put their data quality at a greater risk. They further drain their precious resources on trivial tasks instead of focusing on core business functions and eventually waste a lot of time. Data benchmarking allows business owners and investment managers to maximize the operational efficiency and scalability of their data. Additionally, this also helps at limiting most of the regulatory and operational risks while sustaining full control over the data. It reduces internal data management costs and also helps to improve the quality of data.

Delegate all of your data requirements to a cloud-based data benchmarking service provider like us. Our unmatched expertise in providing qualitative data benchmarking services makes us different from others. Outsource data benchmarking services to FWS and enjoy efficient benchmark data services for IT benchmarking data, manufacturing benchmarking data, and benchmarking data in healthcare.

Data Benchmarking Services We Offer

We provide specialized data benchmarking services to global business owners and asset managers as well as banks. We provide cloud-based services for managing data and support our clients to reduce their operational costs and any other regulatory risks involved. With over two decades of experience as a data benchmarking services company, we have become a go-to data benchmarking service provider. Outsource data benchmarking services to FWS for various services, including -

  1. Fully Managed Data Feeds for Index and Data Benchmarks

    Fully Managed Data Feeds for Index and Data Benchmarks

    We are a fully managed data benchmarking services providing company and can source, validate, transform, distribute, and store the index and benchmark data as required. Our benchmark data services help to source and transform your data feeds. After sourcing and transforming the data, we further store the data index and benchmark data for you. Our fully managed data benchmarking service enables you to improve the quality of your data, maximize its efficiency while minimizing the costs related to data management as much as possible.

    Outsource data benchmarking services to Flatworld Solutions to avoid major challenges that you may face while managing the data. Unlike most other types of data, the benchmarked data can be quite different. Hence, its management demands specialized knowledge and proficiency. Index data and data benchmarks are being used by a wide range of functions and for different purposes within an organization. Data licensing terms differ among index vendors and across jurisdictions. You may also face many challenges while managing the data because of a lack of standards or best practices for managing the data. The Flatworld Solutions Data Benchmark Service (FWS BDS) helps to address this problem. It includes all the major components that are essential to process the data (data sourcing, data validation, data conversion, supply, and storage of data).

  2. Data Benchmarking Reports

    Data Benchmarking Reports

    Our data benchmark reports allow you to compare your performance with your competitors in the industry and evaluate your performance trends over time. It operates on the core parameters that are technologically independent for data comparison. Data benchmarking reports are also useful to identify the key areas required for improvements and evaluating the service issues that you may face when providing qualitative data.

Our Data Benchmarking Process

We follow a strict process flow at FWS to provide quality manufacturing benchmarking data. Firstly, we connect to understand your objectives to strategize a plan for data benchmarking. We collect your data and combine it with our proprietary research for market analysis and comparison. After careful compilation of all the necessary data, our data benchmark team generates a detailed data benchmark report for you. The data benchmarking service process followed at Flatworld Solutions is as follows -


01. Sourcing the Data

Data is sourced from over 450 data partners to provide you with on-demand access to an incomparable array of index and benchmark datasets


02. Transforming the Data

Your data is personalized for system requirements. We transform, cross-refer, and supplement benchmark datasets into system-ready feeds for rapid deployment


03. Data Validation and Remediation

Data is validated and remediated as per your requirements. We have over 20 years of experience and expertise in validating data with our data partners. The validation and remediation standards are customized according to end-user requirements


04. Data Distribution

Tailored feeds are delivered directly into systems. We, at Flatworld Solutions, a leading data benchmarking services company, support you to adapt the roadmap of each data feed to fulfill the desired objectives of your business


05. Storing the Data

We provide an option to store 'as sent' data files with the capacity to view your data on our portal. We also offer the option to store multiple copies of your data feeds within our FWS repository along with a range of options to access the data and meet the demands of your organization

We Offer Data Benchmarking Services for the Following Industries

Information TechnologyIT
Human ResourcesHuman Resource
Banking & FinanceBanking & Finance
Real EstateReal Estate
Tax and InsuranceTax and Insurance
Media and TelecommunicationsMedia &

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions to Outsource Data Benchmarking Services?

Our data benchmarking approach evaluates not only quantitative measures but also qualitative ones for managing your data. We compare your performance with those in the industry to come up with an effective action plan. Furthermore, when you outsource data benchmarking services to us, you get access to a plethora of advantages such as -

  • Cost-efficient Services

    As a data benchmarking services providing company, we help you reduce overhead costs in your business. Avoid hiring additional staff or buying new equipment to perform various tasks of managing data and simply outsource it to a cost-efficient data benchmarking service provider like FWS.

  • Dedicated Experts

    We aim to enhance business productivity by providing accurate, reliable research and data. We provide suitable data solutions for data management challenges.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Our robust infrastructure enables the systematic completion of the data benchmarking tasks.

  • Faster Deliverables

    We provide freshly updated data sources for immediate use.

  • All-inclusive Data Coverage

    With as high as 4 million data indices and over 450 data partners; we assure a fully managed data benchmarking service.

  • Unified Integration

    Be it any format or system, we have vast experience in various fields, and we provide the highest level of data benchmarking services. We leverage business best practices and use the latest tools/technologies that result in higher efficiency with improved productivity.

  • Risk-free Trials

    You can start with a sample trial and make sure that we understand your requirements resulting in desired outcomes for your data requirements. We provide you with an objective-based evaluation of your project that includes defined deliverables. Roughly 90% of our trials have been converted into a project.

  • High Data Security

    Our data analysts run each data point through a rigorous, multi-step validation process that includes logical and statistical tests before adding it to our database.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    With over 20 years of experience in providing budget-friendly data benchmarking services for our clients, we provide dedicated project managers for your project requirements. Our objective is to ensure smooth and timely deliverables for your project.

  • ISO Certified Data Benchmarking Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited data benchmarking services providing company. We are committed to providing the best quality data benchmarking services to our clients. We pay great attention to the quality of the services and data security of our deliverables. Our approach to continual improvement is fulfilled by our professionals who are trained to meet quality standards for your business performance.

  • Focus on Core Business Activities

    Many organizations face quite a difficult time with supplementary business activities. Outsourcing non-core business tasks to an outsourcing partner like us gives you the extra time you need to focus on your core business activities.

  • Round-the-clock Customer Support

    We are here for you 24/7 to provide qualitative data benchmarking services. Our outsourcing team at FWS synchronizes with your in-house team by being available for your specific time zone. Be rest assured that you will receive timely deliverables by outsourcing data benchmarking services to us and having us as a part of your extended team.

  • Largest Storehouse of Databases

    Our data benchmarking tools are driven by an Open Standards database consisting of roughly 4 million data points that are provided by establishments all around the world.

  • Additional Benefits

    Other benefits you can enjoy if you outsource data benchmarking services to us include -

    • Reduced operational costs
    • Data feeds directly into the system to supplement core business functions
    • Qualitative and timely deliverables for immediate use
    • Simplified internal processes
    • Reduced regulatory risks
    • Data transparency
    • Enhanced control
    • Improved data quality

Client Success Stories

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FWS Provided Accurate Data Research and Analysis to a Leading Hedge Fund

A leading American hedge fund operator required meticulous research and analysis services, which we provided, enabling them to act on sound investment and trading strategies.

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FWS Provided Financial Models for a US-based Management Advisory Firm

FWS Performed Financial Modeling for a US-based Management Consulting Company

A US-based management consulting firm required advanced financial modeling services. We researched and created comprehensive financial models, much to the client's satisfaction.

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Outsource Data Benchmarking Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Flatworld Solutions is one of the world's foremost data benchmarking services providing company that offers performance and process improvements, best business practices, and knowledge management. We provide accurate data insights for organizations to support their decision-making process and improve internal skills. Outsource data benchmarking services to us if you wish to master your benchmark data and solve your data management challenges. We also provide best-in-class benchmark data services for IT benchmarking data and benchmarking data in healthcare. So, for reliable, cost-efficient, and trustworthy data benchmarking services, contact us now.

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