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Pharmaceutical Research Services

Get access to highly secure, GDPR-compliant, timely, and flexible pharmaceutical research services provided by seasoned researchers at prices starting at $14/hour

Apart from the core R&D required for the pharmaceutical industry, there is quite a significant need for pharmaceutical market research. Outsourcing has opened up huge opportunities for pharmaceutical companies by providing significant research and development support with a considerable cost advantage. At Flatworld Solutions, we support your endeavors with in-depth pharmaceutical market research services and pharmaceutical clinical research services. We have a team of pharmaceutical research experts who come in with a strong educational background and experience in pharmaceutical market research.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading pharmaceutical market research company. The pharmaceutical team at Flatworld consists of PhDs, MBAs, chemists, and biologists who meticulously analyze and drill down into every minute detail of information that you require from the pharma research activity. We help pharmaceutical companies in their branding and market-related activities for increased selling and market reach.

Our Pharmaceutical Research Services

We are a leading pharmaceutical market research service provider and offer a host of services that you can take full advantage of. Our pharmaceutical market research services include -

  1. Pharmaceutical Market Landscape and Assessment Services

    Pharmaceutical Market Landscape and Assessment Services

    We provide a wide range of services to help businesses grow and thrive. our services include market sizing and segmentation services, identifying potential market opportunities findings and the ideal stakeholders, key driver characterization services, determining unmet needs and barriers for potential market entry analysis, and competitor analysis services.

  2. Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Research Services

    Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Research Services

    Our services include providing intelligence related to competitor R&D strategy, competitor product pipeline, competitor product life cycle management, competitor product launch time, competitor sales force assessment, competitor distribution and marketing channels, competitor key messaging, and competitor target identification.

  3. Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Services

    Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Services

    As a leading pharmaceutical market research company, we provide the research and analysis to help firms make better decisions to aid in business growth. Our services include technology landscape analysis, patent and technology benchmarking, and open innovation analysis.

  4. Market Forecast and Analysis Services

    Market Forecast and Analysis Services

    We provide detailed, high-level research and analysis to provide actionable solutions to our clients. Our services include baseline forecasting, market event analysis, and consensus forecasting, among others.

  5. Medical Writing Support Services

    Medical Writing Services

    We provide a comprehensive range of medical writing services. We can help write content for things like drug brochures, investigator's brochures, clinical study reports, data presentations, publication planning, scientific manuscripts, risk assessment reports, scientific information brochures, and executive summaries, among others.

  6. Key Opinion Leaders Database Services

    Key Opinion Leaders Services

    With these services, you can Find key opinion leaders for specific areas, integrate and validate KOL lists that you already possess, predict how a market will react in the future, and develop products that meet your customers' needs.

  7. Affinity Analysis

    Affinity Analysis

    We perform affinity analysis that helps you test the waters at the market and get a fair foresight about trends and opportunities. It is a highly cost-effective statistical research method that mainly finds the co-occurrence relationships between different activities.

  8. Market Basket Analysis

    Market Basket Analysis

    Being one of the widely used types of affinity analysis, market basket analysis deals with consumer behavior analysis. It studies the patterns of purchase behavior of consumers with regards to the combination of products that customers buy.

  9. Market Share Analysis

    Market Share Analysis

    Get a feel of where you stand in the market in terms of market share in comparison to your competitors. This research will help you devise strategic plans to increase your market share with the best product combinations.

  10. Prescription Analysis

    Prescription Analysis

    It is needless to speak about the significance of prescription analysis in a pharmaceutical company. Prescription cost analysis gives you a micro perspective of your market standing.

  11. Branding and Positioning Analysis

    Branding and Positioning Analysis

    Our team will help you review your existing branding and market positioning strategies. You can get the best insights into what is working and what is not with respect to your brand.

  12. Physician/Medical Practitioners Research

    Physician/Medical Practitioners Research

    Since your market share is directly related to the behavior of medical practitioners, it is important to know and package your products to target them. We study the preferences and influences that are critical for decision-making by physicians.

  13. Other Services

    Apart from the above, we also provide services related to -

    • Database Creation
    • Text Mining
    • Web Mining
    • Numerical Data Mining
    • Data Analysis

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Pharmaceutical Research Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld is a leading pharmaceutical market research service providing company and provides you with many reasons to choose its services. These include -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    With our services, you achieve cost savings of up to 60% of what you are currently incurring. You will also get access to the most meticulous research available.

  • High-quality Services

    We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified pharmaceutical market research firm and make use of multi-level quality checks and processes to ensure that you always receive the most accurate pharmaceutical market research services.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    Our pharmaceutical market research specialists work out of world-class offices, which enables them to provide world-class and accurate pharmaceutical market research outsourcing services.

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified pharmaceutical market research firm and take all steps to ensure that your data is only used by authorized personnel.

  • Turnaround Time

    We will always provide our pharmaceutical market research solutions well within the stipulated deadline since we take deadlines very seriously.

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld Provides Both Online and Offline Research Support

Our research analysts collected, analyzed, and reported on international marketing data, including manufacturer details, online store data, product images, and consumer benefits, collated from both online and offline sources.

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FWS Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to Private Air Travel Club

Flatworld Provides Primary and Secondary Research Services to Air Travel Club

A leading private air travel club based out of California approached us for online market research services. We provided the services quickly.

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Outsource Pharmaceutical Research Services to Flatworld Solutions


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