Pharmaceutical Research Services

Pharmaceutical Research Services

Unveil opportunities with our highly secured, GDPR-compliant, and flexible pharmaceutical research services provided by seasoned researchers

The advancement of technology and access to data sources has unveiled unprecedented opportunities for pharmaceutical businesses in the field of research. This assists pharma facilities in collecting and draw valuable insights from vast data on diseases, patients, treatments, and medicines. However, the inherent issues of unprocessed data have also created an inevitable barrier for the pharmaceutical industry to take optimum advantage of the information at their disposal.

By partnering with an experienced and reliable pharmaceutical research service provider like us and leveraging the expertise of our qualified professionals, you can aid your clients with accurate pharmaceutical research insights. This can further help your client make informed decisions towards business goals.

Pharmaceutical Research Services We Offer

As an experienced pharmaceutical market research service provider in the industry, we offer a host of services that you can take advantage of. These include -

  1. Market Landscape and Analysis Services

    Market Landscape and Analysis Services

    Utilize our services to get a bird's eye view over your targeted market, including its sizing and segmentation, to identify potential market opportunities, threats, and key driver characterization to meet your clients' expectations.

  2. Competitive Intelligence Research Services

    Competitive Intelligence Research Services

    Provide information about your client's competitors, their product pipeline, R&D strategies, product life cycle management, and marketing channels via our competitive intelligence research services.

  3. Pharmaceutical Open Innovation Services

    Pharmaceutical Open Innovation Services

    Incorporate our innovative analysis services to help your clients establish and stay competitive in the dynamically progressing scientific, societal, and technological conditions.

  4. Market Forecast and Analysis Services

    Market Forecast and Analysis Services

    Collaborate with our services to provide a comprehensive, in-depth research and analysis solutions to your clients in the areas of baseline forecasting and consensus forecasting.

  5. Medical Writing Services

    Medical Writing Services

    Employ our comprehensive range of medical writing services for publication planning, drug brochures, clinical study reports, investigator's brochures, scientific information brochures, data presentations, scientific manuscripts, and risk assessment reports.

  6. Affinity Analysis

    Affinity Analysis

    We perform affinity analysis that helps you test the market's waters and get a fair foresight about trends and opportunities.

  7. Market Share Analysis

    Market Share Analysis

    Employ our market share research and analysis services to help your clients devise strategic plans to boost their market share with the best product combinations.

  8. Prescription Analysis

    Prescription Analysis

    Prescription cost analysis solutions will help you in offering your clients with micro perspective into their current positioning in the market.

  9. Branding Analysis

    Branding Analysis

    Take the assistance of our qualified professionals to review your existing branding and market positioning strategies.

  10. Physician/Medical Practitioners Research

    Physician/Medical Practitioners Research

    Access the accurate study of buying preferences and what influences customers to engage with market solutions to secure fool-proof decision-making for your clients.

Pharmaceutical Research Process We Follow

Our extensive experience in pharmaceutical research services equip us to understand the unique research requirements of our clients and allows our qualified data scientists to deliver customized research report solutions. We follow a streamlined process to ensure accurate pharmaceutical research and analysis solutions. It includes -


01. Determining the Scope

Define and outline the goals and objectives of the research


02. Establishing the Right Path

Define the most appropriate direction for the research


03. Doing Customized Research

Conduct the research and accumulate data for analysis


04. Organizing Gathered Information

Assembling of data as per the defined goals


05. Examining Data Objectively

Survey data to get the requisites


06. Developing Accurate Report

Create a streamlined and well-structured report based on goals


07. Delivering Processed Data

Deliver report to establish an actionable plan

Benefits of Using Contract Research Organization (CRO)

With the evolving number of CROs in the industry, it is becoming increasingly essential for pharmaceutical businesses to identify a CRO most appropriate to their facility's needs and requirements. Here are a few tasks that a reliable CRO/ pharmaceutical research services will help you accomplish -

  • Protocol Design and Analysis
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Regulatory Submissions and Approvals
  • Creation of Electronic case report form (eCRF) and Source Documentation Development
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring/Management
  • Compliance
  • Budget/Timeline Management

Why Choose Us as Your Pharmaceutical Research Company?

Being a leading pharmaceutical market research service-providing company, we understand the importance of quality, accuracy, and efficiency in pharmaceutical research. Read on to find out what you get by partnering with our services.

  • High-quality Services

    Being an ISO 9001: 2015 certified pharmaceutical market research firm, we incorporate multi-level quality checks and processes to ensure our clients deliver the most accurate research solutions.

  • Latest Infrastructure

    Our world-class infrastructure with stringent security features makes our pharmaceutical market research services a preferred choice of top-performing businesses in the industry.

  • Data Security

    Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified pharmaceutical market research firm, we follow a three-level security measure for our services: personnel security, network security, and software security.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our USP is to provide in-depth research and analysis at a schedule that complies with your project timelines.

  • Competitive Prices

    With our expert research services, you can raise your cost efficiency to 60% of your current.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Financial Research Services

Leverage the expertise of our professionals to help your clients get comprehensive visibility of their finances and make informed decisions.

Market Research Services

Help your clients maximize their ROI and achieve their business goals by utilizing our cutting-edge market research services to establish actionable strategies.

Scientific Research Support Services

Employ the expertise of our qualified professionals to get access to accurate scientific information to help your clients make streamlined business decisions.

Research Report Services

Partner with us to utilize our latest research and analysis tools and technologies to provide your clients with accurate reports on current market trends.

Business Research Services

Incorporate our accurate business research services to help your clients develop cutting-edge action plans for their businesses.

Business Plan Services

Develop ideal business plans for your clients by implementing our well-structured business plan services, including trend analysis and market research.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Pharmaceutical Research for Market Research Frim

We Collected Data from 17 Countries to Provide Pharmaceutical Research to a Swedish Market Research Firm

A Swedish marketing intelligence company contacted us to conduct detailed research on online healthcare from 17 countries chosen by the client. The research was requested for competitive situations, legal situations for medical consultation.

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Flatworld Developed a Patient Dashboard for a Pharmaceutical Company

We developed a Patient Dashboard for a Pharmaceutical Company

Our expert pharmaceutical researchers developed a highly efficient and operational patient dashboard for a leading Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical company.

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Outsource Pharmaceutical Research Services


Working with FWS has been wonderful. They quickly learned our procedures, adapted to our way of working, and consistently performed well.

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As an established offshore pharmaceutical research partner, we offer best-in-class research and analysis solutions to pharma industries beyond geographical boundaries. Our accurate, in-depth pharma research reports will help your clients develop a better overview of the opportunities for strategic breakthroughs associated with new products, ventures, and supply chains. Our team of qualified researchers can assist your pharmaceutical clients in analyzing competitors' pricing strategies and cost structures for pharma products. Outsource pharmaceutical research services to us to get accurate analysis about the following -

  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Key drive characterization
  • Baseline forecasting
  • Risk assessment

Leverage our expertise in pharmaceutical research development to harness some of the best talents to get your research work done.

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