Outsource Property Risk Management Services

Property Risk Management Services

Get a customized risk management program for your real estate by choosing our team's services at prices starting at just $14 an hour

Regardless of the sector, you are operating in, every organization is exposed to several property risks and multiple hazards. You need to meet an array of legislations, statutory compliances, and risk management protocols to operate smoothly and mitigate any risks associated with your properties.

Flatworld has an integrated consulting, technical, and execution team to provide end-to-end real estate risk management and auditing services to enable your team to deploy safety improvements and get your properties all the necessary compliance certifications and approvals.

With a vast 20 years of experience in the field, we are equipped with innovative technologies to provide tailored risk management programs that serve as radical solutions and add value across your real estate portfolio.

Property Risk Management Services We Offer

We work with you to assess every area of the property and develop a tailored audit approach for identifying and assessing risks in real estate for their effective mitigation and management.

  1. Inspection for hazards

    Inspection for hazards

    There may be multiple hazards that our properties may be exposed to. Our property auditors help evaluate the varied hazards that could affect your property and operations.

  2. Validation of HVAC systems & other site improvements

    Validation of HVAC systems & other site improvements

    Our experts undertake an in-depth assessment of your property's cooling systems, water and ventilation systems, etc., to identify any potential risks and gaps to formulate a strategy for site improvement.

  3. Reviewing fire safety and contingency management

    Reviewing fire safety and contingency management

    In the event of any emergency of fire, are there proper safety systems in place to safeguard the building and the occupants? Fire safety, emergency exits, and contingency management plans and processes are an essential part of any property risk management. Our team carries out a thorough inspection and draws up maintenance plans along with compliance needs to ensure all safety, measures are in place to tackle contingency events.

  4. Valuation of the properties

    Valuation of the properties

    Our property auditors and valuation experts work together to develop a custom valuation model to accurately assess and estimate property replacement cost year after year based on a variety of property-specific modifiers such as ISO construction class, occupancy, certifications, ZIP code, lifeline facilities, etc.

  5. Appraisal and management of property insurance policies

    Appraisal and management of property insurance policies

    We undertake a comprehensive approach towards insurance policy management of the properties. We go through the entire policy history for each property in the portfolio and evaluate the insured value information for the same to validate the insurance policy covers and mitigate gaps if any to ensure appropriate risk management in property management.

Our Management Risk Assessment Process

As a leading property risk management service providing company, we take a disciplined approach towards assessing and managing your property risks.


01. Understanding project scope

Our team brainstorms with you to evaluate the project needs and expectations


02. Risk analysis

Our team reviews all the potential risks that your property may be exposed to


03. Onsite risk audit

The experts from our team conduct a regular onsite audit to identify and assess the security risks and hazards


04. Risk catalog creation

After proper assessment, we create a detailed report of your specific risks while also stating preventive and corrective actions to mitigate the risks


05. Contingency planning

Our team also extends consulting and plannings services to help manage emergencies and other operational risks to ensure the business continuity


06. Training

On-demand, we also extend risk management training to your team to help them identify, assess and manage property risks regularly after project delivery

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS As Your Property Risk Management Service Provider?

  • We offer tailored risk management solutions

    Our trusted experts custom design your property risk management program depending on your design, terms, structure, etc., helping you meet your business goals more effectively.

  • Our services are economical

    By proper analysis of your risk assessment needs, we offer more accurate services to ensure that you only pay for the services you need making our services capital efficient.

  • We have a strong team of experts

    At Flatworld, we boast of having some of the most talented people in the field working for us. Our subject-matter experts are dedicated to providing you with the best property risk assessment services.

  • We go a step further with expert advice and guidance to mitigate property risks

    We do not limit ourselves to just identifying and compiling property risks for you. We have a dedicated team that has expertise in drawing up contingency plans to mitigate risks along with specialization in training your in-house teams to manage the risks.

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I've been highly impressed with all the work that you have provided me over the past few months, Thank you for your flexibility, patience, attention to detail, and excellent communication throughout the project!

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