Outsource Healthcare Market Research Services

Healthcare Market Research Services

Flatworld Solutions offers high-quality and cost-effective healthcare market research services to global clients at prices starting from $14/hour

The healthcare sector today is seeing exponential growth almost rivalling that of the software industry in the past decade. The marketplace is now more aggressive as well as complex due to costs associated with treatment and operations, more competition, and a growing patient-base which likes to choose from multiple options to suit their needs as well as their pocket. As a healthcare provider, you need to operate smartly while making strategic decisions which can help you grow your business. That is where Flatworld's healthcare market research services come in and play an integral role in your growth strategy.

We do not just stick to the analysis of market trends or looking at cost analysis reports but go much deeper leveraging our experience and access to critical technology for a holistic approach towards healthcare marketing research. With our help, you can make informed decisions and ensure better market positioning within your targeted term.

Our Healthcare Market Research Services

As a premier healthcare market research service provider, our research expertise is backed by almost 20 years of experience and team of managers and market research experts with years of client relations under their belts. We have worked with global clients on projects varying from healthcare research design to healthcare insight harvest. As your consultation team we can bring in our expertise during different phases of planning and execution such as market feasibility study, sample frame design, data process, data delivery and market reporting. Our services include -

  1. Healthcare Brand Research

    Healthcare Brand Research

    Our brand research services can provide you with actionable insights directly gleaned from a customer's mindset. It allows you to not only position your brand better in terms of demographics, psychographics, and detailed competitor analysis. All this information ensures you can hit the ground running while attracting your customers purely based on your services and your ability to deliver when it matters.

  2. Physician Satisfaction Research

    Physician Satisfaction Research

    Most healthcare service providers believe their physicians are not adequately satisfied but are unsure about how to go about enhancing their experience. Staff satisfaction is important to the success of any business, and our in-depth profiling combined with our tried and tested employee interview questionnaires can help you with this. Our detailed physician satisfaction reports allow you to understand your in-house staff and create diversions or modifications to ally their experience.

  3. Patient Satisfaction Research

    Patient Satisfaction Research

    Patients experience and satisfaction is the best way to collate feedback and understand how your healthcare services are working. We help compile exhaustive patient feedback reports using a variety of different channels such as assessments, interviews, and questionnaires, etc. With our help, you can now utilize all your resources for better patient satisfaction, directly resulting in better business practices for you.

  4. New Product Research

    New Product Research

    If you have a new product idea but want to know how it will perform In your target market, we can help. informed and profit maximizing decisions. As part of our offshore healthcare market research services, we conduct feasibility studies, focus group studies, competition and market research, etc. to ensure you find success with your products whether you are launching in your home market or foreign.

  5. KOL Reach Services

    KOL Reach Services

    At FWS, we have a wide network of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) who can work with us on ad-hoc arrangements or client projects. Our KOLs are pillar of the healthcare industry in many parts of the world and can help you and your team understand healthcare industry opinion as well as direct thought processes on the same. As your chosen healthcare market research service providing company, we can help you improve product lifecycle management by helping you understand particular viewpoints, while producing expert information and product promotion in new territories.

  6. Rare Patient Group Research

    Rare Patient Group Research

    There are many hard-to-reaches, patient groups who are usually unavailable through traditional recruitment efforts. By leveraging a wide network of physicians who can pre-screen, recruit, and conduct necessary research, we can help you find the exact kind of respondents that you need, and ultimately the distribution of research. This type of approach enables us to find the most precise respondents, no matter how patients are difficult to reach.

Market Research for The Healthcare Industry - Our Key Differentiators

With our help, you receive access to the right insights which in turn lead to better positioning for your products in your customer base. Conducting an in-depth healthcare market study through us offers multiple advantages which include -

  • Help receive the latest list of core factors that drive decision-making in your industry for your healthcare competitors
  • Ability to analyze and record a patient's experience by engaging directly with them during their treatment, and use it to improve existing services
  • Understand how you stack up to the competition, with an in-depth view of the strategic advantages that you carry and the disadvantages that can be
  • Work with opinion leaders and experts who are hands-on with the pulse of the healthcare industry and drive useful opinion
  • Create realistic budgets and forecast your expansion with the help on articulated field insights
  • Understand the importance of primary caregivers and healthcare specialists within your healthcare chain and leverage it for better customer satisfaction
  • Perform deep dives into the cultural and environmental influences on your health care offerings which differ from market to market
  • Understand how the market can accept or reject offerings based on unique idiosyncrasies, something which only our healthcare market research consultants can deliver

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS For Healthcare Market Research Services?

At Flatworld, our offshore healthcare market research services are tailored to your specific business needs and requirements, and offer comprehensive benefits which include -

  • Custom Services and Affordable Rates

    No two healthcare providers are alike, and based upon market and demographics, your services can differ widely from location to location. Our full range of services include in-depth market research studies which can be customized to facilitate your end goals.

  • Experienced Team

    With a team comprised on high-level healthcare consultants and private practitioners, we know how to leverage channels to collect information on the perception of your brand, the factors contributing to its growth, and how to refine your operations and services down the line.

  • Enhanced Satisfaction

    With our help, you can work towards maximizing patient and staff satisfaction and put our dashboards, reports and expert analysis to good use.

  • Compliance

    We take compliance extremely seriously and go to great lengths to ensure all regulations are followed and the client is apprised of any breaches within his offerings at any time. By continually improving our existing procedures, and abiding rigorously to your specific requirements, we keep up to date with even the most confusing regulatory changes.

  • Highest Quality

    All our healthcare market research projects abide the rules of the country/state where your business is located. We are ISO certified and also undergo auditing and validation as well as accreditation from external organizations of repute.

  • Data Privacy

    We are GDPR-compliant, and our data privacy policy is routinely updated and reviewed to ensure we remain compliant with all external laws and statutes. Our privacy policy sticks to the basics while ensuring our clients and patients are always aware of which personal information we collect for our research studies; how we process and use said data; our internet and cookie policy, etc. while maintaining a proper database of the same and complying which subject data requests.

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Healthcare Market Research Services FAQs

  • What is healthcare market research?

    Like any industry, healthcare markets are vast and contain an ocean of extractable information on market sentiments, general opinion, recent advancements, and more affecting the present and future.

  • What is the importance of healthcare market research?

    Knowing where the market is today and where the market will be tomorrow could greatly improve the forecast data vital for budgeting. The data has environmental, cultural, & organizational impact.